10 Best Commercial Zero Turn Mower Reviews [Professionals Vetted]

You need a professional grade zero turn mower to run your business successfully. Only that way you can achieve the best result within the shortest possible time.

It has to be powerful and smooth to mow larger lawns comfortably. Luckily, plenty of brands offer such industrial zero turn mowers. And people are buying such stuff online too.

Commercial Zero Turn Mowers Comparison Table

Ariens 915223 IKON-X
  • Engine: Kawasaki
  • HP: 23
  • Deck: 52″
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Husqvarna MZ61 27HP
  • Engine: Briggs & Stratton
  • HP: 27
  • Deck: 61″
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Craftsman Z525
  • Engine: MTD twin engine
  • HP: 679cc
  • Deck: 46″
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Husqvarna MZ61 24HP
  • Engine: Kawasaki
  • HP: 24
  • Deck: 61″
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Husqvarna Z254F
  • Engine: Kohler
  • HP: 26
  • Deck: 54″
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Professional Grade Zero Turn Mower Reviews 2021

Based on popularity among fellow lawn caring business owners, I have short-listed 10 of such models. I hope you take some time to read each of these reviews before you make up your mind.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X

Many people call it the ‘Porsche’ of a commercial-grade lawnmower. I have put this first because so far it has made an impact among the professional communities.

Ariens 915223 industrial grade mower
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With 23 HP Kawasaki FR V-Twin Engine, this 52” lawnmower is the one you can trust with your money.

Plenty of power and it cuts grass like a champ! You can cover several acres of lawn, horse ranch, etc. within just hours!

From rough terrain to high hills, the steering is great! But as per manufacturer recommendations, don’t mow higher than a 15-degree slope.

The design of the deck is great to cut the edge of the curve easily.

Not just the Kawasaki engine, the sturdiness and amazing build quality of the mower have made it a commercial-grade mower to run a successful business.

You can trust the brand Ariens because it has already made its name delivering some fine products like high-quality zero-turn mowers, snowblowers, and so on.

You don’t need to run the mower at its maximum speed for some jobs. And the cool thing about the Kawasaki engine is that even at slower speeds, the torque is very high.

Many have compared it with Gravely & Toro mowers, and they are quite happy about its fast and efficient performance and its price set.

The tough machine is probably the longest lasting zero turn mower as well. So, you will be making a great investment having this.

Features & Benefits

  • You will have it fully assembled. Other than attaching the battery cable, you don’t have to do anything.
  • 5 inches deep 52 inches fabricated deck for sturdy and long-lasting performance.
  • 7 mph max speed. But the lowest speed will give you awesome torque.
  • Adjustable steering wheels for great maneuver.
  • With armrests and a padded seat, mowing will be fun!
  • Great performance on bumpy terrain.
  • Of course, it depends on a number of obstacles on the lawn but on average it takes 1.75 hours to mow 2.5 acres of land.
  • Wide range of dealer bases for after-sales service.
  • Get any mulching kit and a sweeper for this to have a complete package.
  • The shed should have 60 inches wide door for the mower.


Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP (The Money Maker!)

Let’s compare it with John Deer D140 to understand why you should have this. Let’s see why it’s superior to other brands in terms of cut time, service years, and value.

Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP professional lawnmower
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Whereas John Deer D140 used to take around 8 hours, Husqvarna MZ61 takes only 1.5 hours to cover the same area! And the blades stay sharpen for several cuts.

Even before getting used to it, it would take only 4 hours to mow 6 acres of land which normally would take 8 to 10 hours with other mowers.

Don’t worry, you will master the steering and speed controlling very FAST.

That’s the power of the 27 Horse Power Briggs Endurance engine. Just for the Briggs engine, it’s a better one than Kohler, Toro, and other brands. Now, you can spend all this spare time to get more clients!

No matter how taller grasses (4.5 inches +) you have to cut, it will take care of it. Use the highest position while mowing the unknown territory and you are not sure of rocks or large stumps in the lawn grass.

Husqvarna MZ61 is an industrial zero turn mower and a moneymaker for whoever runs a lawn care business.

The Briggs engine will never let you down and let you embarrass you in front of your clients.

For many of such business owners, it’s still kicking like a champ and making money for them after 7+ years of continuous usages.

And you don’t need much maintenance for its years of service. Grease the spindles and replace the belts and blades when worn, other sorts of regular mower maintenance like hydraulic fluid replacements are all you need to do.

Benefits & Features

  • 61 inches cutting wide with 11-gauge steel cutting deck.
  • Gas powered 27 HP Briggs engine for commercial-grade performance.
  • For quick and easy adjustments from the operator’s seat, the ergonomically designed deck lifting system is just great!
  • Triple bag collection system for increased productivity.
  • Comfortable mowing hours after hours without any fatigue. Thanks to its rubber isolators that keep the operator separate from the steel frame. The seat is great for extended shifts as well.
  • No need for a turning radius, the precise maneuvering from the hydraulic wheel-drive lets the mower rotate around its own axis.
  • On-the-go adjustments and controlling the steering wheel is what you need for your business.
  • Pretty good for inclines as well.
  • No guesswork for regular maintenance. The servicing reminder and hour meter will tell you exactly when you need to service it.


Craftsman Z525 (Semi-commercial Mower)

With a powerful 679cc twin MTD engine, Craftsman Z525 is another professional grade zero turn mower that you can check.

Craftsman Z525 semi-commercial mower
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And yes, it’s great as a residential mower as well if you have a large lawn to mow. You can attach a bagger and other accessories as well.

With the auto choke system for a quick and efficient start, you can get to mow momentarily! And irrespective of your low or high blade settings, it cuts the lawn grass beautifully.

In one sweep, it can cut, trim, and clip grass like a champ. Thanks to its 46 inches cutting stamped deck! The included deck wash feature is great to save a lot of time as well.

What’s more interesting is that it can mow on reverse-mode as well. The 360-degree turning radius lets you change direction instantly. So, no need to pause at all.

The adjustable handles and other controls are easy to master and you will love those controls! It already delivered fully assembled.

Just install the seat and connect the safety harness, and you are ready to mow! It has every feature to ensure your safety and comfort including a cup holder!

It’s backed by the manufacture and has an extended service offer. So, I would definitely recommend this for your small lawn care business to make money consistently.

Husqvarna MZ61 24 HP

I have already written another review about this industrial zero turn mower above but that was 27 horsepower. It’s 24 HP but still a good one for your small business.

Husqvarna MZ61 24 HPWith just 24 HP, it has enough power to gut through the thickest yard you will ever come by in your lawn care business.

It takes less than 45 minutes to cut a 1.5-acre yard like a champ! It cuts the cutting time by almost half than other brands!

Less drive time means more money at a lower cost.

After using other commercial mowers like TSC BadBoy, many professionals have concluded that Husqvarna MZ61 24 HP is a well-designed and well-built mower.

With an undisputed Kawasaki engine, it starts easily and runs smoothly. Plenty of features to mow lawn professionally including easy deck adjustment.

And the deck is just perfect for the uneven ground around the yard.

You will love its ergonomics. Bumpy terrain including the hills is not a problem. Thanks to its excellent tires. Dampers on the control sticks are great to have a smooth speed transition.

With no scalping, the cut is extremely good. You will get a smooth cut with each pass. So, they call it a workhorse!

A reliable and tough commercial mower with huge power and good maneuvers is all you need to run your business successfully.

MZ61 with 24 HP is exactly that mower you need and the cost is just right!

Features & Benefits

  • FR Kawasaki engine.
  • 61-inches cut with 11-gauge steel made fabricated deck.
  • It features max 4.5 inches cutting height.
  • Perfectly safe to operate in all conditions. Thanks to its Roll-over protection system (ROPS) feature!
  • 9-bushel bag collection feature to discharge, mulch, and bag clippings conveniently. You need to buy the attachment kits separately.
  • It features hydraulic wheels to precise maneuvering and rotation. The pneumatic tires are great to provide cushioning against bumpy terrains.
  • Comfortable to mow large yards for hours. It has everything to ensure your comforts like seat with armrests, padded handgrips, and vibration dampeners.
  • Adjustable seats.
  • The tank can hold over 5 gallons of fuel.
  • It features a ZT-3100 transmission.

Husqvarna Z254F 26HP

With more horsepower, Z254F is a professional zero turn mower to take your business to the next level. With a solid 26 HP Kohler V-Twin engine, it’s nothing but a beast!

Husqvarna Z254F 26HPIn case you are worried about the engine, let me tell you something—it’s a brut machine and it can ensure the harshest situations you will ever encounter!

I know the engine is not a Kawasaki or Briggs, but the engine alone has impressed a lot professionally. The ergonomic mower design is just priceless!

With lots of features and insane power, you can use it easily. It cuts evenly & phenomenal (cuts like nothing!) and it takes significantly less cut time to mow a large yard.

Whereas it would take around 3 to 4 hours to mow a particular yard, it takes now only 1.8 hours.

For some, it reduced the time from 3 hrs. to 1 hour. Less time equals less fuel consumption and more clients!

Unlike other non-professional mowers, it clears the grass pretty well and there won’t be any grass to bunch up underneath its deck.

It’s just perfect to mow clients’ lawn season after season with minimal maintenance. A great longest-lasting professional zero-turn mower indeed for great value!

I short, the mower for hills runs great and no matter how large the yard to mow, it will stand up and get the job done.

But what most important is that you will save tons of money having this model instead of buying other models from the same brand or other brands.

More Features & Benefits

  • 747cc/26HP 7000 Series enduring engine with hydrostat drive has made it a workhorse.
  • Well-built construction with ergonomic design Kudus to the engineers!
  • 3 blades to cut like nothing!
  • 54 inches fabricated steel-made deck and it features electric clutch deck management. The lever is on the left side to raise or lower the deck.
  • It has every safety feature like a unique brake system, anti-slip foot area, ergonomic control panel, etc.
  • Completely maintenance-free transmission.
  • You can attach several kits like a bag catcher.

Ariens 915213 (Zoom Series)

Ariens have plenty of commercial zero-turn mowers, and it’s another one that’s making a noise in the professional world.

Ariens 915213 (Zoom Series)Yes, only 19 HP may seem like a lot less, but it’s still a beast because of the professional-grade Kohler engine!

With lower maintenance requirements, you can add this to your business arsenal without worrying too much.

Many people call it a roadrunner and it can mow yards or lawns like a snap and smooth! Your lawn mowing experience will be much more pleasant from now on.

If you compare it with a John Deere E100 tractor (which is great) but it’s nothing like a professional zero-turn lawnmower. Ariens will take half the time of any tractor of any brand!

Let’s say it would take 5 hours to mow a 3 acres’ yard with all the obstacles, trees, and backing up. Now, it will take half that time!

You don’t need to slow down when the grasses are thick, just plow right through any thickest grass and you will still get a clean cut. The triple-blade deck will never let you down.

More so, it can plow through grasses full of moisture and the bagger won’t plug up at all.

I don’t recommend doing it but you can keep mowing while it’s raining without the blower keeping plugged up!

The comfortable seat where you can lean back on to mow for longer hours. Manicure your client’s lawn faster and offer them beautiful lawns.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact but powerful 19HP Kohler 6000 series engine. It can travel up to 6 MPH forward and 3 MPH backward.
  • 12-gauge stamped deck.
  • 42-inch cutting wide with 3 blades. It takes only a few pass to reduce cutting time significantly.
  • 18-inch high seat to support your upper back.
  • It has the mulching capacity for great mulching but you need to buy the kit.


The below-mentioned incidents happen for a few owners. If that happens to you, contact the dealer or manufacturer ASAP!

  • Quite often, the gas cap vibrates.
  • On wet grass, the tires don’t have good traction.
  • Sometimes, the exhaust gets hot.

Husqvarna Z142 17 HP

Husqvarna never stops when it comes to industrial zero-turn mowers. They just keep bringing newer models with various specifications.

Husqvarna Z142 17 HPThe Kohler engine is a beast and the mower’s max speed is 6.5 MPH which is great to run a business. The no-maintenance zero-turn transmission is great to mow under any cutting conditions.

For maximum durability, the stamped cutting deck is made of heavy-duty flat-stock steel.

A powerful engine and sturdy deck have made it one of the longest-lasting professional zero-turn lawnmowers that you should own.

The maneuverability is great for smooth turf cutting. It discharges the cut grass on the right side and all you need is a bagger. More so, you can add a snowblower attachment too.

It takes surprisingly less time to get hang of it. And it comes fully assembled; ready to mow anytime!

With amazing cut and smooth drive, this is all you need for your yard. It draws air from the bottom and of the deck for superior cut and to improve gas.

That’s why people call it the choice of the Pros!

Ariens 991151 Apex 60”

It’s another money maker for your business as it can cut large yards of clients fast and it’s a breeze. What a mower that never bogs down with great maneuverability!

Ariens 991151 Apex industrial mowerAnd the intuitive design of the Ariens 991151 is almost the same as the commercial ZT. Everything about this is built to last for a seriously long time as well.

With a 24 HP Kawasaki engine, it’s a beast. It will never overheat and the 3100 hydros are solid and smooth. Many have finished mowing 100+ acre yard without any trouble.

It’s so sturdy and powerful that no matter how many obstacles like the turtle or cattle holes you hit, there won’t be a single scratch on the mower!

The thick steel-made body, unparalleled engine, great hydros, etc. are mandatory in your mower to run your business. And this is exactly that!

The 60-inches wide heavyweight deck is easy to raise and lower with your right foot and there are many cut-level positions that you will love dearly.

The auto belt tensioner has made it a true commercial-grade zero turn mower where continuous long hours mowing is a breeze. But how fast it can mow?

Well, to give you an idea, it can cut the mow time by more than half! Let’s say it used to take more than 4 hours to mow a 5-acre yard, it will take now only 1.5 hours max!

When you need precision to deliver awesome results to your clients, this is what you need and you can get it for a reasonable price.

More Features & Benefits

  • A true combination of power and smooth control.
  • It comes with all the commercial-grade features with an insanely powerful V-Twin Kawasaki engine (FR Series).
  • Commercial-grade 10-gauge steel welded fabricated deck is the backbone of this machine.
  • 3-blade cutting deck to cut more grass with fewer passes.
  • It features a Hydro-gear ZT-3100 for increased torque with fewer vibrations.
  • Forward max speed is 8 MPH and reverses mowing speed is 4 MPH.
  • It features the constant belt tension system (CBT) to safeguard against overheating and wearing. And you get an enhanced belt life where the adjustments will be minimal.
  • Plenty of positive feedback from various users across multiple eCommerce platforms.
  • Reasonable price for a tough mower.


  • If you mow fast and the yard is bumpy, you will feel it due to the suspension or seat.

Ariens IKON XD-52

Let me compare it with the Scag Turf Tiger. It can reach its top seed faster than the Scag! And it cuts grass faster than most of its commercial mower counterparts.

Ariens IKON XDDon’t worry about complicated yards anymore. It does a great job mowing hills too.

The whole build quality is insanely powerful and I don’t need to convince you about the Kohler engine.

The 4 points commercial style deck design is great. Many lawn care professionals have already recommended it for its impressive combination of power, durability, and efficiency.

The seat is comfortable enough to mow for hours and the operating position is comfortable as well. The fabricated and tough deck is awesome.

It comes fully assembled and requires minimal assembly from your part. Just put the handlebars up and move the seat, and you are done!

You will get familiar with its various controls fairly soon. The ease of maneuverability and ability to cut around trees and inclined areas is a breeze.

Just like its previous models, it will take half the time to complete a massive yard.

After mowing several client yards, many have expressed their satisfaction with its performance. No regrets at all!

For the grass clippings, get a mulching kit and a trailer hitch. You will be all set then. I also recommend getting a mower lift for basic servicing and deck cleaning if you already don’t have it.

Benefits and More Features

  • 24 horsepower/ 725cc Kohler V-Twin engine used to make it super powerful. If you are looking for a fast zero-turn mower, this is it.
  • The engine never bogs down on tough spots. You can keep whipping around trees and obstacles like it’s nothing.
  • 3-blade 52-inches fabricated deck for professional cut FAST!
  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable seat.
  • It cuts grass FAST and I am pretty sure it will take less half time than your old machines.
  • Highly recommended by the PROS to give your client’s lawn a professional cut every time.
  • 20-inch bar for impressive mowing experience.
  • For increased torque, it features hydrostatic EZT transmission.
  • A decently powerful mower for a decent cost.
  • Easy adjustment for all controls.

Snapper 560Z

How does it sound when you can change the direction and speed of grass cutting while are mowing your client’s yards? That’s the beauty of Hydro-Gear ZT-3200 hydrostatic transaxles!

Snapper 560ZAnd yes, it features a Kawasaki FR730V engine which is a true Commercial Series engine for any mower.

You can take any tough jobs or demanding terrain where you need to trust your mower fully.

To handle any tough mowing situations, every component of Snapper 560Z is commercial grade like a wrap-around steep bumper, rugged steel front axles, and high-end transaxles.

I have included this in my reviews for a lot of other reasons. The 61-inches fabricated deck is made from thick 10-gauge steel and it can mow as fast as 9 MPH!

And the deck can be easily lifted and you can set the cut height from 1.5” to 4.5-inches high. Beautiful cut grass repeatedly for many years to come!

Very easy to operate and handle all the controls. The wide-mouth gas fill is a nice touch to fill gasoline easily without any spilling.

More so, it comes with a fuel-level indicator with 5.25 gallons of fuel capacity. So, no matter how large yards you have to mow, just take the job!

It comes with an optional cargo bed for easy dirt-hauling, flower-delivering, and tool-totting. In fact, it’s full of enhanced features of all industrial-grade mowers.

But all controls are very intuitive and they are there to make your mowing business pleasant and profitable.

Most of the time, it comes assembled. But it mostly depends on the dealer. You should ask the dealer about it first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

commercial zero turn mower

Do commercial mowers cut better?

For a professional cut and better-looking lawn, these mowers are second to none.

Who makes the best zero turn commercial mower?

Ariens and Husqvarna have some top-notch industrial-grade mowers.

Why do commercial mowers cut better?

Higher HP to push through the thick stuff and other better parts than the residential mowers are the reasons why they cut better.

How much does a commercial lawn mower cost?

Depending on the brand and features, it may cost between $2500 to $25k.

Why is a fabricated deck better?

For superior rigidity, the fabricated decks are made of heavier steel plates to have a stronger look.

How many hours should a commercial mower last?

On average, the run time of any such mower should be 1500 hours.

Are Toro commercial mowers any good?

To many lawn care professionals, it’s still good. But many prefer Husqvarna and Ariens now over Toro.

Bottom Line

These are high-end expensive commercial zero turn mowers. Not everyone feels confident to buy such stuff online.

But I want you to believe the recommendations of your other fellow lawn care professionals. To me, having such a heavyweight product delivered at my doorstep is a big win!

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