Are Termites Harmful To Humans Babies And Dogs or Any Pets?

Sadly, yes if you are allergic or asthmatic. Apart from damages to your home, there are some potential adverse effects on human health, not directly though.

In this brief article, let’s explore some potential effects of termites on humans, babies, and even on your pets!

Effects Of Termites On Humans

are termites harmful to humans

They do bite and sting. But the good news is termites don’t carry any diseases to affect humans. Also, their bites and stings are not toxic as well.

So, is it dangerous to live in a house with termites?

I would definitely say so. They harm you financially, physically, and mentally increasing your stress level. So, it’s better to detect the signs of termites and act accordingly. But for now, let’s check some of those damages.

  • Impacts of Termites & Its Nest

Yes, you may suffer from allergic reactions or asthma attacks if you live in a termites-infested house.

The ventilation system or the heating system of your home helps to spread the dust from the termites’ nest and other irritating particles.

Some people even show allergic reactions to termites’ droppings!

Preventing termites won’t solve these personal health problems, but it will lower the chances of some unwanted health problems.

But preventing is better to lower damages than using pesticides to get rid of termites.

  • Pesticides For Termites

You see, the greatest health risks don’t come from the termites directly but from the pesticides used to get rid of them.

Almost all those pesticides to kill or repel them are made of chemicals.

When not applied by a professional pest controller, most people can’t isolate the affected area from the rest of the home or can’t allow the chemicals enough time to dissipate before re-living in the house.

If those pesticides are not applied safely, they may leave some devastative health hazards. Learn more about the impact of pesticides for termites on humans.

  • Contacting Dermatitis

When fully infested, you will see termite colonies. These colonies generate pellets. These pellets are also known as frass or poop that looks like wood-colored sawdust.

Among other allergic reactions, you can contact dermatitis when those frass touch your skin.

It’s a skin reaction when your skin is contacted with allergens like frass that may lead to itching and subsequently the development of dermatitis.

  • Mold Spores

They love any wooden structures you have and cause those structures to decompose. Just like the ideal environment of molds, termites like damp and humid conditions.

So, termites can spread such molds while crawling or chewing through your wooden structures.

They may even spread mold when they bite or sting. This is where things get problematic…

house with termites

You see, mold is a special kind of fungus that generates spores. With the help of the termites, those mold spores get mixed with the indoor air.

When inhaled, it can lead to some health problems.

So, what are those potential dangers of mold spores spread by termites?

Well, you may suffer from a sore throat, migraine headaches, runny nose, burning eyes, cough, weakness, etc. Sounds not so dangerous, right?

Well, I don’t mean to spook you, but it will lead to more serious problems if you or any family members of yours already have asthma or other health conditions.

Besides, there are different types of molds and some of them are more dangerous to humans and pets than others.

Such molds even release toxic compounds and exposure to such may lead to even memory loss!

So, are termites dangerous to humans? You tell me!

To make the situation even worse, molds can cause serious problems for children with compromised immunity.

But let me assure you again if you are not asthmatic or allergic, there are virtually no serious health effects.

  • Potential Electrocution Hazard

Apart from the health hazards mentioned-above, they can have other negative impacts on humans in many other ways. And its electrocution!

Termites that chew on damp woods have strong jaws. Such termites can damage the electrical wiring of your home and lead to short-circuiting in your home.

With their powerful jaws, they chew and bite through the cables or your electrical wiring. They can even damage the insulation around the wiring as well.

It’s not like they prefer the electrical wire to eat, but they damage them to look for digestible cellulose.

Doing so will lead the whole family yours at risk! It’s a serious potential fire hazard as well. Fix your electrical wiring first even before you do something about the termites!

  • Structural Damages

The most obvious damage to termites’ infestation is the structural damages to your properties. They can seriously damage the structural integrity of your home.

Termites feed on the cellulose available in the wood; so they attack any structures made out of wood.

The entire support structure of your building or house like the beams, foundations, etc. can be considerably damaged.

How damaged?

Well, once they are done going through all the wooden structures and there is nothing left to chew, they become extremely weak. They will move on to feed on books, papers, even the drywall.

As the solid wood structures become weak and brittle, you have a serious safety issue. Your home will be unsafe to live in if it’s made of wood.

And that’s the reason I consider it’s dangerous to live in a house with termites. So, get rid of termites ASAP!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When should I worry about termites?

Answer: They damage the structural integrity of the house. Also, they may contribute to asthma and allergies.

Can termites eat through concrete?

Answer: No. They can’t damage any foundation made of concrete. But they can certainly damage anything made of wood as they love chewing wood!

Can termites in your house make you sick?

Answer: Yes, by releasing and spreading mold & mildew spores in the air, they can trigger asthma and worsen allergies.

Can Termites cause illness?

Answer: Yes, but not like the mosquitoes, mice, or rats. Nothing deadly, but they help to spread some allergens in the air responsible for asthma.

Can termites get in your skin?

Answer: No, but they can bite you!

Can you sleep in a room with termites?

Answer: No. They are not like bed bugs that keep biting while you are asleep, but still, termites bite and sting if disturbed. So, I would not recommend sleeping in a termites-infested room.

Bottom Line

So, are termites harmful to humans, babies, or pets? As you have seen already, they are dangerous to us in many ways.  Nothing good comes out of them!

I strongly recommend hiring a professional pest controller as they are hard to get rid of once your house is infested.

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