Jeld-Wen Vs. Pella Windows: Which One Is Worthy For Your House?

There’s a saying that “window brings the perfection of a house”. A set of stylish or classic windows will give your house an even more elegant look. 

Similarly, cheap, or below-standard windows will make your life hell by creating a lot of problems.

To avoid those inconveniences, we’ve come up with the two latest and feature-packed window brands, Jeld-Wen Vs. Pella windows. 

By analyzing their key features, we’ll help you decide which one will be suitable for your house among the two.

Quick Comparison Between Jeld-Wen And Pella Windows 

Take a quick look at this table to know the differences between these two companies.

SpecificationJeld-WenPella windows
MaterialLaminated Engineered SoftwoodExtruded Aluminum Exterior
QualityBetter than averageExcellent
Product VariationVast Color VariationVast Designs and type Variation 
DurabilityAverage durabilitySuper Durable
Service GoodBetter
Cost InexpensiveExpensive
Availability MediumHigh

Key Differences Between Pella And Jeld-Wen Windows

pell vs. jeld-wen windows

You can’t find out the difference without knowing the main aspects of these two window producers. 

Here we’ve exhibited the most important features like durability, service, a cost that creates the margin between them.

  • Build Material 

You’ve to understand that materials play the most important role in this kind of house element, especially in windows. There’re so many things that depend only on the materials of the products.

Durability, affordability, cost, and service are indirectly sometimes directly affected by the materials. The product lasts for long for those who apply better materials; otherwise, it doesn’t go well.

Jeld-Wen uses ‘Laminated Engineered Softwood’ to their windows frame and body. It’s a great material in terms of durability and defense. 

The laminated softwood is easily protected from moisture so that it’s not damaged during the rainy season.

Besides, the windows are pretty safe from insects and decay. Overall, it’s a rigid material for the windows.

On the other hand, Pella windows use ‘Extruded Aluminum Exterior.’ Although they use wood in some other products, mostly they prefer aluminum to their window frame and body.

Extruded aluminum is outstanding due to its watery properties, which can fight against moist damages without a hitch. 

Besides, its energy efficiency, lower maintenance cost, and higher-end properties make this a stunning and powerful window.

And, again, extruded aluminum is a far suitable material for windows compared to basic wood. 

  • Design & Quality
JELD-WEN Energy Efficient Windows
JELD-WEN Energy Efficient Windows

Both companies produce extraordinary high-quality windows. Frankly, these two companies introduce windows from authentic materials that resist high impact, heat, cold, moist, and many others.

However, in the design and color section, Jeld-Wen is doing quite well. They’re providing outstanding products at a reasonable price. 

The designs of their windows are sassy and authentic as they’ve been using some great wood materials like clad, vinyl, or sideline.

In addition, they’re offering all other features like moist defiance and insect avert to keep the look shiny for years.

What about Pella windows? They imply aluminum to offer even more durable and tough characteristics than those who use wooden windows. 

And the Pella Windows have already declared that their windows are sound and impact-resistant because of high-end glass.

Additionally, you’ll find a great minimalistic design with impressive colors from Pella Windows.

  • Product Variation

In this segment, Pella windows offer more product variations than Jeld-Wen because Pella Window has 3 series of wooden windows, 1 series of fiberglass windows, and 4 vinyl series windows. 

Along with other common window types, you also have the option to get all other special types like casement, bay and bow, sliding windows.

If you look at Jeld-Wen, you’ll find that they have vast window styles but less window variation. 

They’re mostly wooden-based rather than fiberglass or other types. However, the brand has a great collection of vinyl windows too.

  • Durability

Both the windows have done a great job in product strength and longevity, and that’s no joke.

From the user’s perspective, Pella is super tough because of its high rugged glass material. Plus, the aluminum and vinyl bodies leave a tremendous sturdy finish to their product.

Jeld-Wen also has a pretty decent durability. Due to its wooden materials, it looks glorious and howls for a long run.

Anyways, Pella will be the winner in the durability section because they pay major attention to durability without sacrificing other essential features.

  • Service 

It’s essential to have great maintenance support and service from the brand because the windows can easily get damaged, so it requires proper servicing.

Jeld-Wen promises to provide the warranty, service, and parts inquiries to their customers, but the process can be lengthy. 

However, the brand doesn’t have many service points and options in each state of the USA. 

Similar to Jeld-Wen, Pelle Windows also provides the same services. The company offers great warranty options and part inquiries. 

Most importantly, they’ve expanded most of the area, and they’re very welcoming to offer customer support and service.

  • Cost Variation

Honestly, like other aspects, the cost is another critical factor to focus on. 

Why is it important? 

Well, you must count the installation fact. Some windows are inexpensive, but the installation charge is high. The situation can vary depending on multiple aspects.

Jeld-Wen Window starts from $175. At this price, you’ll get the Vinyl Builders V-2500. The medium Vinyl product’s price is $220 to $850. 

But wooden windows are a little costly. You’ve to spend more than $2,300 to get the highest quality windows.

Though the price depends on the product type, the average price isn’t more than $300, so it’s affordable.

Similarly, Pella windows prices are also affordable. The starting price is $110 for 250 Vinyl windows. But the average price is more than $300. 

Moreover, Pella wooden windows cost $1000. But their most famous 350 vinyl series range is $310 to $400

  • Availability 

Compared to Jeld-Wen, the availability rate of Pella Windows is higher. Frankly, Pella came first in the business, so they’ve got more time and other advantages to expand. 

On the other hand, Pella came late, but they’ve also done a great job in expanding.

The brand, Pella, has already expanded to all the leading countries. For example, they have showrooms in almost all states in the USA.

And not to forget, Jeld-Wen isn’t far from Pella, honestly. They’re also expeditiously increasing their business. 

Which One Will Be The Best Fit For Your House?

Since we’ve discussed all the major points between Jeld-Wen and Pella, now it all boils down to your choice.

Both companies have a huge collection of windows with different types, sizes, and colors. Most importantly, the cost of windows from both brands is just a tad different.

Now, if your priority is a good-looking product at an affordable price, you can go for Jeld-Wen but if you don’t have any problem with the budget and want to get the best aluminum or wooden windows in the market, then go for Pella Windows. 

Additionally, considering customer review, Pella Windows will provide a better warranty option, customer service, and other additional supports, compared to Jeld-Wen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jeld-Wen costlier than Pella windows?

It depends on the product honestly, some Jeld-Wen’s products are super costly, but on average, Pella is more expensive than Jeld-Wen.

How much does it cost to install a set of windows?

Normal installation costs usually start from $200 and end at below $1000. Still, it depends on the size of the house, the number of windows, and the type of serviceman you’ll hire. Anyway, the installation price can go up to $2,500 or more than that.

Which one looks more elegant between Jeld-Wen and Pella Window?

Jeld-Wen is way more hyped than Pella because of their stunning outlook. They work so hard on their colors and design to shine a more elegant finish on the final piece.

Therefore, Jeld-Wen is able to provide a more elegant look. But, it doesn’t mean Pella is falling behind. They also have some signature collections.

Which window is the toughest among Jeld-Wen & Pella windows?

Jeld-Wen mostly uses wood for their windows on the other hand Pella uses Aluminum. According to that sense, Pella is tougher than Jeld-Wen. But both the companies are doing great in-built quality section so don’t worry about the durability.

Final Words

By now, you must have selected your go-to-window-brand after our thorough breakdown on Jeld-Wen vs. Pella Windows. Congratulations, if you did!

However, though they might be similar in terms of product variation, costing, and availability, there’re some other aspects that will push one brand further ached than another.

A token of tip – don’t fall into the salesman trap; they’ll convince you to buy the products by any means, but always follow your instincts and go through the comparison again if you feel you missed anything. We had it all pointed. 


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