Why Fiberglass Windows Are Not Popular And Are They Worth It?

Fiberglass windows have many benefits. But they are not so popular among average homeowners for many practical reasons.

The labor-intensive manufacturing process that leads to higher cost, limited options, discoloration, higher maintenance, etc. are some of the reasons why fiberglass windows are not popular among homeowners. 

But it takes an in-depth explanation to understand the whole picture. Stay with me for a while.

What Are The Disadvantages of Fiberglass Windows?

disadvantages of fiberglass windows

Let’s talk about the downsides of this particular window type to understand why it’s not the homeowners’ first choice.

  • Expensive

The higher cost has made it less popular than vinyl windows. Depending on the brand, it can cost you 10% to 30% more than other window types. 

Manufacturing fiberglass windows is a labor-intensive task. So, brands can’t lower the cost. Also, higher shipping cost is a major concern.

For multiple windows replacement, this can add the cost up way higher than the budget for many homeowners.

But don’t forget – when it comes to durability and strength, fiberglass windows are way better than vinyl windows. Besides, they are still less expensive than wood windows. 

  • Limited Options

Fiberglass windows are still a new concept and manufacturers are still refining their process. And not so many manufacturers are producing it like vinyl windows.

So, as a homeowner, you don’t have many options to choose your brand. Even wood windows have many brands.

Apart from limited brands, there are limited color options as well. So, if you want to match the color of your home with the windows, it will be a little bit difficult.

It has a limited customization issue as well. If you need unique shapes and profiles, fiberglass windows may not be your option.

  • Fading Problem

Fiberglass windows are susceptible to UV light. Meaning, when exposed to UV rays, they become chalky. They will fade over time unless they are properly powder-coated. 

This happens a lot to darker-colored fiberglass windows.

Once they are faded, they need to be repainted to maintain the consistency of the appearance. 

One can easily avoid this issue if he/she can ensure the windows are already powder-coated by the manufacturer!

Besides, whereas, you can always repaint fiberglass windows; repainting is not possible for vinyl windows. 

  • Not So Sure About Durability

Fiberglass windows are believed and estimated to be durable than vinyl and other types of windows. 

But no one has experienced that in their life since this is new in the marketplace.

  • Not So Easy To Find

When you compare them with vinyl windows, fiberglass windows are harder to find. Not every store sells them considering the less demand. 

If you need them right away, fiberglass windows may not be the right choice. Because there is a longer lead time for ordering such windows.

  • Professional Installation Required

Due to the required precision, DIY installation is very challenging when it comes to fiberglass windows installation. 

You need to hire a professional for professional installation. 

Are Fiberglass Windows Worth It?

man displaying fiberglass windows

Now, that you are aware of some of the common disadvantages of fiberglass windows, how do you feel about it?

I know some homeowners won’t agree but I would say fiberglass windows totally worth it. Look, no window type is free of downsides.

Deciding which type of windows you should have for your house solely depends on how you feel about the style, durability, and cost of that window type. 

With superior strength, energy efficiency, and customization options, fiberglass windows are a popular choice among lots of homeowners. 

Yes, they are expensive but they are still more affordable than wooden windows. And they do a great job insulating your home.

With fiberglass windows, you don’t have to worry about corrosion, swelling, shrinking, or mold. Extreme weather can’t hurt such windows either.

And if you are worried about fading color, you can still get the porous-proof finish that is resistant to UV rays. Not so many, but you can trust brands like Ultrex and so on.

Lastly, I recommend fiberglass windows because they sure increase the resale value of your house. Potential buyers are perfectly aware of the durability of those windows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is wrong with fiberglass windows?

Higher cost and maintenance requirements, not having many options, fading/discoloration, etc. are some of the downsides of fiberglass windows.

Which window is better vinyl or fiberglass?

Fiberglass windows last longer than vinyl windows but they are more expensive and fade faster. Besides, fiberglass requires a lot more maintenance to keep its appearance. On the other hand, vinyl windows are literally maintenance-free!

Do fiberglass windows need maintenance?

A lot! To keep the appearance and avoid discoloration, fiberglass windows need regular maintenance.

How long will fiberglass windows last?

Fiberglass windows can last at least 30 years. From trusted brands, they can last 50+ years!

Do fiberglass windows crack?

They don’t crack a lot but scratch like crazy. Besides, the paint will fade over time.

Are fiberglass windows safe?

Well, there is an insulation issue but they are safe when proper safety procedures are used.

Closing Remarks

Yes, there are some problems with fiberglass windows and that’s why they are not so popular among homeowners. Vinyl windows have definitely made it even less popular.

But that does not mean they are out of the market.

People are still getting fiberglass windows for their homes who don’t mind regular maintenance. Don’t forget, it increases the resale value of your home more than vinyl windows.

So, assess your situation and decide for yourself. Share your experience with fiberglass windows below in the comment box. 

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