Mr. Glass Windows Complaints And Common Problems

Thinking about what could change the entire look of your home and office space radically?

Yes, you are right!

It is the type of windows and doors you are about to pick. Renowned brand Mr. Glass could save you big time regarding this. You may find a few Mr. Glass windows complaints from the earlier buyers.

But it is undoubtedly worth a try!

Mr. Glass Windows Problems & Complaints From Customers

Mr. Glass windows complaints

No matter how much better reputation you have in the market, there will be always a few customers who would complain against you. 

Maybe there will be a certain aspect of your product they didn’t like. 

It is a blessing in disguise as well. You get to know where you have improvement opportunities regarding the product and services you offer.

Mr. Glass is also no exception in this regard!

Some customers have some significant complaints against their product. Let’s get to know about these complaints that made them unhappy regarding the products of Mr. Glass.

  • Glass And Door Installation Issue

If you surf through the internet regarding the complaints against Mr. Glass, this is what you will find the most.

There are several disappointed customers. And the issue is common. It is about the installation issue.

For a customer, various teams failed to complete the task of installation and ended up leaving the job unfinished.

That must be very disappointing, right?

  • Customer Service

When your business is customer-centric. You try your best to serve the customers well.

But, there are a few complaints regarding the customer service of Mr. Glass company.

They might take a longer time than expected, which could irritate the customer. Also, the customer may get late when he has some other appointments.

Such a service may naturally make them compare a company with other competitors in the market.

  • Late Response

There are a few complaints like a late response.

After informing the requirement of the customers, there are a few who got a significantly late response. By the time they responded, the customers had to move on to the other suppliers.

  • Not Having Attention To Detail

Some complaints were regarding not having attention to detail. A few teams served the customers without the needed sincerity.

So, the result was poor.

Obviously, it made the customers disappointed.

  • Skipping Deep Cleaning

This is another complaint from a customer about not cleaning up the mess once the job is done.

The guys from Mr. Glass didn’t clean the windows before leaving. It would have been better if they made the job a bit easier for the customer. 

He might be more satisfied regarding the service of Mr. Glass.

About Mr. Glass Windows

Mr. Glass windows

Now, it’s time to get to know a bit more about Mr. Glass.

Mr. Glass Manufacturing is a very well-known company which is specialized in the design and manufacturing of doors and windows. They create these both for the homes and office spaces.

According to the company, its sole mission is to supply products and unique systems to its customers to improve performance.

Also, they want to ensure that the products provide value to the customers during the entire lifetime of the product.

The longevity of the products is also one of the biggest concerns.

What They Offer?

You must know by now what they offer to their customers.

Yes, they provide specially designed doors and windows to the customers. These doors and windows are highly resistant to any adverse weather conditions.

The company is based in Miami, Florida.

So, the company had to pay attention to providing residential and commercial windows and windows strong enough to withstand the impact of high-impact wind and storms like a hurricane.

About Customers Satisfactions

It is a matter of concern, how much the customers are satisfied with the products of Mr. Glass.

Well, it is a renowned and trusted supplier in the Miami, Florida locality. It can provide windows and doors of any size before the schedule.

It serves nearby cities in Florida as well.

To some people, Mr. Glass is a brand that can be replaced with the word quality and strength.

This is the reason; this is the ultimate choice for most people living in that locality.

How Can This Brand Overcome The Complaints?

Well, Mr. Glass requires considering the following points to overcome the complaints of the customers and to retain them for a longer-term.

  • Training The Staff

All the installation teams require training and an evaluation system before getting into the actual job. This is essential to ensure top-notch services and keep the reputation of the brand intact.

  • Better customer service

All the employees dealing with customer service need to take their services sincerely and prioritize customer satisfaction ahead of anything else.

  • Quick Response

There shouldn’t be any delay when it comes to responding to the customers.

  • Detailed And Clean Work

The work has to be detailed and the place needs to be clean before declaring the completion of the job to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Mr. glass a good brand?

The brand ensures quality to the target market of Miami, Florida. People trust it well without any dispute. There is no way that someone in that area can call it a mediocre brand.
It can serve so many purposes well and save the commercial and residential windows from adverse weather conditions.

Who is the owner of Mr. glass?

Ulises Senaris is the owner as of now.

Are impact windows worth the money?

Definitely, it is!
When you change single-pane windows with double-pane high-impact windows, then you are saving a significant amount of money by saving energy.
Also, the lifespan of the product remains the longer amount of time.

Where are Mr. glass windows made?

The company is based in Miami, Florida. So, Mr. Glass windows are made in South Florida. The company has a manufacturing facility in that area.


While digging down the complaints about Mr. Glass windows, one thing is significantly noticeable. There are no considerable complaints when it comes to the products. 

So, there is room for improvement for the associated services. I am sure the brand is paying attention to it to maintain the brand it has created over the years.

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  1. The worst customer service in Florida, I have tried to contact for a product technical question aI was waiting 1 hour!!! to find someone to talk!! this happens everyday. The worst service.
    Stelios Sak

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