Deadbolt Won’t Turn From Inside – The Reasons And Solutions

Uh, those reluctant locks in your home!

You must have changed or repaired or a deadlock in your home at least once in your life. There are problems like the deadbolt won’t turn from inside and even from the outside sometimes.

You get to know about such an issue suddenly, then all you have to do is to repair or alter it without further delay.

The Deadlock Problem

deadbolt won't turn from inside

This is nothing new.

I am just gradually getting okay with dealing with this issue. Though, the process of solving it hasn’t got any easier.

Even today, several door locks in my home are not working properly. There is a difficulty very common that I keep facing very regularly. 

That is, not being able to turn these deadbolts. 

My First-Time Reaction To It

When I faced it for the first time, I was really worried.

I literally had no idea about what to do about it.

But then I talked with some of my neighbors and tried to know how to solve it. I also had some research on the internet to get rid of this problem.

This is actually a very common issue faced by the majority of the household. It is not very difficult to solve either.

You must be wondering why it happens in the first place, right?

Well, let’s get to know about it.

Why Do Deadbolts Stop Turning?

Truth is, it happens when you are in the most unprepared state. Having such a problem is something that you least expect.

However, even if we don’t notice always such incidents happen for a few reasons. All these reasons work as a catalyst.

  • Manufacturing Issue

When you get to identify the issue in the lock just after installation, then it could be a manufacturing defect of the lock.

You may get to see the deadbolt stuck in an unlocked position just after installation.

In such a case, you may need to alter the lock.

  • Poor work while installing the lock

The installation process is not everyone’s job.

Someone requires to be truly an expert while doing this process. Locks may also face issues while turning due to poor workmanship during the installation process. 

So, there is no way to make the installation process lightly at all!

  • Changes in alignment of the door

This could be another very vital reason. Doors are always exposed to movements.

So, there is a possibility the alignment of the door may get misaligned at some point. It also creates issues while turning the lock.

  • Jam in the metal keeper plate

You must have noticed the small opening in the metal keeper place, and it is attached to the door. 

Somehow, if it gets jammed, then it is highly likely that the lock will get stuck. So, you need to examine the lock thoroughly for that.

There might be this issue or a combination of multiple issues behind the problem regarding the lock.

Now we know the possible reasons behind the deadlock turning problem. Don’t be surprised if Deadbolt is stuck in an unlocked position suddenly from now on.

Time to get to know how you can overcome this.

The Deadlock Turning Problem Solution

Deadbolt stuck in unlocked position
  • Reach Out To A Professional Locksmith

When you figure out the deadlock turning problem, that is a huge concern for the safety of your house.

So, without any further delay, you can call a professional locksmith to guide you through solving this issue. For years of expertise, they will be able to understand the reason and solve it right away.

  • Use Lubrication

If the deadbolt is not turning with the door when it is open, then there could be another reason that it is happening due to rust in it.

In cases like this, you can lubricate the key and keyhole of the deadlock. This way, you may get rid of the rust that may be creating hurdles for the lock to turn.

Watch this video, to learn more ways to fix this problem.

  • Try Warm Key If The Lock Is Frozen

You could be living in a colder area, where most of the time of the year is covered with ice. In such weather, it is quite normal to find the deadlock turning issue.

As the keyhole gets jammed due to the cold weather.

The easiest solution to getting rid of this problem is to warm the key and then you can turn the deadlock. It will definitely solve the problem if there is no other issue involved.

  • Fix Alignment Of The Door

It is already discussed earlier that due to the misalignment of the door, the deadlock may have some functional concerns like not turning according to need.

So, pay close attention to figure out, if there is any misalignment in the door. After identifying it you can repair it. Hopefully, the deadlock will work just fine after that. 

  • Repair Lock

When there is a manufacturing defect on the lock, you can hire a locksmith to repair the lock to make it usable again.

Once the work is done, the lock will work properly.

  • Remove The Lock

If repairing the lock is not recommended by the locksmith or to save time you can decide to remove the lock and then replace it eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you lubricate a deadbolt lock?

Before applying lubricant to the lock, make sure all the parts of it are dry. Then you can use a lubricant to the lock.
For that, graphite lubricant can serve the purpose really well to your deadbolt. You can spray it to the keyhole, key, and other moving parts of the deadbolt.

Can you use WD40 on a deadbolt?

It would be better not to use WD40 as a substitute for the lubricants on your deadbolt. Over time, it may jam the deadbolt even more if you decide to use this.

Why won’t my key turn in the lock?

If your key can not turn in the lock then the issue might be dust or dirt in the cylinder. It is making the key get stuck inside the keyhole.
To get rid of this problem you can spray lubricant inside the keyhole. If the issue remains unsolved then you can call a professional locksmith for it.


Still wondering about that particular deadbolt that won’t turn from inside your home?

Well, now you know that there are plenty of ways to get rid of these issues without getting into much hassle.

If this is bothering you much then you can simply seek the help of a professional locksmith to help you solve this problem.

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