Schlage Lock Troubleshooting To Solve All The Problems You Face!

Schlage is a technologically advanced door lock, providing the most robust security service across America since its inception. It’s been over 100 years now for Schlage to be on the market.

Schlage protects at crucial moments–when property and personal protection are on the line–with everything from durable mechanical locks to advanced electronic access control systems and biometrics.

However, some users can have difficulty performing certain functions or getting around problems that would typically require only minorSchlage lock troubleshooting.

If you’re having trouble with your Schlage keypad lock, here are some guidelines to help you overcome some of the most prevalent problems.

Schlage Lock Not Working After Changing the Batteries

schlage lock troubleshooting

You might find that your Schlage lock is not working even after you changed it a few days ago. This might have different reasons and different explanations.

You can accidentally disconnect the battery connector during a battery shift, and your lock will not work unless the battery connector is attached correctly.

That is why you need to make sure that your battery connection is all right. If it isn’t connected, add it and then test your luck to see if it works.

Again, you have to choose the suitable batteries for your lock. Schlage locks require non-rechargeable or alkaline batteries.

Instead of getting alkaline batteries, if you replace them with lithium batteries, your locks might not work.

If you still can’t get your lock to work, you might want to go for the Factory Resetting option.

Sometimes your lock can not function properly due to internal glitches. You can fix these minor glitches by Factory Reset Option.

Why Does My Schlage Lock Not Open After Blinking Green?

In a usual scenario, your door is supposed to open when you enter your code. If your lock blinks green light but still does not open, there might be some technical issues.

According to Schlage, an incomplete or incorrect installation may cause your lock to not open even after entering a valid code.

That is why the first thing for you to do in this situation is to check or verify if your lock is installed correctly or not.

Make sure the batteries are all in good working order. If the batteries in your Schlage lock are low, they cannot work correctly. Sometimes the batteries get old, and you forget to change them.

That is why you should try changing your batteries.

The Factory Reset is an option here as well. As we mentioned earlier, you might have some internal glitches; a factory reset is an option for you to try out.

Here is a factory resetting video for you.

Why is My Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?

The turn-lock feature in Schlage locks lets you lock your door from outside just by pressing the Schlage button.

No code is needed here. If you don’t turn it on, you must enter your security code to lock your door from outside.

If you see that your turn lock feature is not working, try to reboot it as soon as possible. Sometimes you might forget to update the functions of your lock.

As Schlage is advancing with modern technology, you can get various updates of them. Nowadays, you can also update your locks using your smartphone.

If the updates and rebooting do not work, then reset your lock. The process of resetting would not work if not done correctly. So, make sure to know the right way of doing it.

Your last option for fixing the turn-lock feature would be, replacing your lock or taking it to a repair shop.

Why is My Schlage Encode Lock Jammed During Operation?

Through Schlage Encode, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere without the need for additional accessories. If your Schlage Encode is not functioning correctly, it must be jammed somewhere.

You can take it to any professional, or you can try to reset it. Another thing you can do is disassemble the whole lock and try to fix the problem.

Here is a YouTube video explaining exactly what to do to unjam the lock.

Maintaining the Schlage Locks

schlage lock blinks green but won't open

Schlage locks are very much easy and convenient to use. It will also provide you with much more security compared to any regular locks with keys.

But it needs a little effort to maintain the Schlage locks. Let us give you some tips on how to well-maintain your Schlage Locks –

How Often Do I Need to Update My Lock Code?

There is no such hard and fast rule as to which situation you need to change your lock codes. Some conditions can necessitate it.

So, you only change your lock codes whenever you feel that it is necessary.

Say, for example, you have given someone access to your house for a short period of time, then you can change your code.

Or if your roommate moves out, then you can change it. It is entirely up to you.

How Often Should I Change the Batteries of My Lock?

The changing of batteries would depend on different factors. Firstly, your battery life is a significant factor here. That is why you should make sure to use new batteries for your lock.

Sometimes, you may face some technical glitches like the keypad of your lock is not lighting up, you can’t access your door even when the light turns green, etc.

These glitches can sometimes be fixed through changing batteries.

While changing your batteries, make sure to choose the right ones. Schlage Locks usually use Alkaline batteries.

A common mistake that many of us make is replacing the batteries with lithium batteries. Lithium batteries won’t work in these locks.

You can change the batteries from any repair shop, or you can do it by yourself at home.

How Can I Change the Batteries of My Schlage Lock?

Some simple steps are needed to follow for replacing the batteries of your Schlage Lock:

  1. Remove the screws and the inside cover of the lock using a screwdriver.
  2. Take out the old batteries and lightly clean the inside of the battery holder using any piece of cloth or tissue.
  3. Take the new pair of batteries and install them carefully.
  4. Now take back the screws and re-attach the cover part of the battery compartment.

How Often Should I Update the Features of My Schlage Lock?

As Schlage is constantly updating its data since its inception, you will find various updates available for the locks.

The updates enable your Schlage Lock to perform more efficiently than before.

But you might be running on the budget already or might be thinking that more than enough security is provided by the current Schlage lock you have.

In these cases, it is not that necessary for you to purchase all the updates. We would suggest you to buy the updates when you actually need certain features.

But it is not a must for you to purchase them.

What do the Different Lights and Icons Mean in Schlage?

Before going to some standard troubleshooting, let us brief you about the icons and lights of Schlage.

After entering a code, if the Schlage button appears green, you entered the code correctly. To unlock the door, you must enter your 4-digit code or password and rotate the thumb turn toward the door’s hinges.

After entering a code, if the Schlage button flashes red, the code entered was incorrect. You could have entered too many wrong codes if it does not light up at all. Try again after 30 seconds.

The battery is low if the red Schlage button continues to blink green. In this situation, you might need to change the battery.

To ensure the smooth, uninterrupted functioning of your smart lock, we suggest replacing your batteries each year.

Schlage Locks Vs. Traditional Locks

The debate in finding the best lock for your home would never end. The type of lock you should have depends not only on the locks’ durability but also on the structure and framework of your house.schlage lock

Both smart locks like Schlage locks and traditional locks have their pros and cons.

Schlage may offer many key advantages over regular traditional locks, including better control over who can unlock individual doors, some form of activity monitoring, and the ability to restrict access to specific areas at specific times.

Similarly, it has a few drawbacks that are absent in traditional locks, such as the possibility of a power outage or a depleted battery momentarily cutting off access.

In terms of physical protection, there is no particular difference between Schlage locks and traditional locks.

As a result, evaluating the strength of the deadbolt and lock body is the only way to determine the degree of physical protection it offers against picking or forced entry.

So, how do you know which electronic lock is best for your company or home? Budget, utilization requirements, protection requirements, and other variables will all influence the response.

Finally, whether you choose a conventional electronic lock system or upgrade to a smart technology-enabled one, the comfort and protection provided to your company and employees will make the investment worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Schlage Locks will provide you with the best quality security system. It has been working on improving its quality using advanced technologies ever since its inception.

But with the advancement of technologies, many of us face different problems coping with the new systems.

Again, some might not find it fruitful to invest such a significant amount in putting smart locks like Schlage.

Although there are some drawbacks of these locks, they add efficient security to your house or office and maintain a style if you just learn some Schlage lock troubleshooting discussed above.

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18 thoughts on “Schlage Lock Troubleshooting To Solve All The Problems You Face!”

  1. Well, if the lock get jammed, the door is OPEN. That’sa big problem, the other day, my lock was jammed, I.e. the door was open, it got windy at night and the door was physically wide open. My kind neighbor found that my door was wide open Abd called the police who arrived at 1 am and got in my house and called, their loud voice woke me up.
    I thanked them and thanked my neighbor.

    I would like that “jammed lock” status be reported as a message so that Alexa can take an action.
    I called Schlage and they said they’ll fix the software, that was 6 months ago.
    Please help

  2. My problem is that the door once locked can be opened by just pressing the Schlage button. In effect, the door is not locked because anyone who presses the Schlage button can open the door.

    Thank you for your assistance.

  3. I’m having to replace my batteries in my Schlage home door lock within a week’s time. I’ve had to do this at least three times in the last two months. The last time I was on the phone with a tech, and she had me cancel out of my app, and reinstall it. I thought it solved the problem, but it’s still killing the batteriesin a short time. What do you suggest I do to fix this issue?

  4. My app keeps saying the lock is being locked and unlocked at random times. The lock it self seems to be fine, it is not locking and unlocking at random times.

  5. Once I turn the inside button to keep the door unlocked for multiple entries, then turn it back to lock, the door does not lock, unless I turn the outside handle at least 3 times usually on the 3rd time the door will lock, I changed the battery with the same kind as original battery.
    This has resulted in leaving the door unlocked unknown to the operator. Do you have a fix for this situation?
    Thank you
    Jim Crayton

  6. My lock will not physically unlock the door after the code is put in. I can hear the mechanics working but it won’t unlock. I opened the lock and found the spring and lever were not working correctly. I reinstalled the spring and lever and it works for a few weeks and then gets missed aligned and won’t work. This is a recurring problem. How do I fix for good.

  7. I am trying to put a new user code. Following directions we get the flashings but no beeps and when we get to the end the light turns red not green. Does anyone know what the issue is ?

  8. I also have spring lever/ Cam malfunction with two locks. Once it happens the unit is trash. you can open the lock and reset the cam, and it will work for a few days buyt it will jam again. i have been lockedout twice. The lock is useless and unreliable after it works for about 2 years… sigh. Does anyonre know if the new generations are more long lasting. doesanyone know a better brand. time to call the lock smith.

  9. My lock appears to be set up correctly. It locks and unlocks with the key or from the inside. However, when trying to remote lock it from my phone, it locks and automatically reopens and beeps that an error has occurred. I tested it while the door was open in case it was being obstructed y something in the door jamb, but the same error occurs. I have done a factory reset and it is still happening.

  10. Why are my batteries going dead in a months time. I got it in march and changed them a month ago and now I have to changes them again.

  11. KIMBERLY A Wallace

    Our keyless deadbolt works sometimes. If we go outside and try to lock it when leaving the house, sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. It is very frustrating? Do you have to turn the tumbler a certain way before it will work?

  12. Why is my Schlage lock not working? is a common question from users. According on your circumstances, it could be caused by a dead battery or any number of batteries, faulty wiring, or bug problems.

  13. Same here. It worked good for about 2 years. It worked both from app and keypad, but now, every time, it fails to lock/unlock. When you check history from app, Schlage states “lock jammed”. It is not jammed. It states the same with door open, so no obstructions. The locking mechanism feels loose, so it seems to be poor quality and it fails. Problem is that we never use keys, so we have no way to lock/unlock front door.

  14. I have a problem with my lock. It unlocks but shortly after unlocking it automatically locks again. How do I stop that from happening?

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