Hot Water Is Dripping Through A Coffeemaker: Reasons And Solutions

One day, you’re brewing your coffee but notice hot water is dripping through a coffeemaker. What could be the reason? Do you need to fix it or replace your whole coffeemaker?  

Hot water generally drips through the coffee machine due to leakage issues from the bottom. There could be several reasons behind it.

In this post, we’ll talk about the probable causes of water dripping and how to fix it. Let’s jump in!

Why Is Coffee Maker Dripping Hot Water When Pouring

dripping coffee makers

It’s a tiresome task to figure out the primary cause of hot water dripping. 

  • Leakage from Water Reservoir

One of the typical causes can be leakage from the water reservoir. When the coffee machine has an excessive quantity of coffee, hot water may drip through the bottom area.

  • Not Descaling The Coffee Maker

It’s a good rule of thumb to descale your coffee machine once every 3-4 months. This’ll prevent clogging up issues.

Generally, minerals and other substances will accumulate inside the machine over time. If you don’t regularly clean the coffee maker, the efficiency of the device will be compromised.  

  • Clogged Valve Pump

Another reason can be a clogged valve pump. This mainly happens from coffee beans and other mineral substances.

When this occurs, water won’t flow smoothly. You can figure out this issue easily. First, you’ll switch off the coffee machine. Then, notice whether the water is flowing or not.

If it’s not flowing water, the valve might be clogged up. Unclogging the valve is crucial. However, hiring professional service is necessary to fix this problem as you can’t do it on your own.

  • Faulty Water Hose 

The water hose located at the base part of the coffeemaker might be damaged, which will cause leakage issues in the future.

Generally, water hoses become faulty if they’re loose or need replacement. Additionally, excessive heat from internal or external sources can also weaken the standard functionality of the hose. 

Water hoses for coffeemakers are readily available in nearby shops and online platforms. Confirm you pick the compatible water hose. Tighten it properly with all the required screws.

How To Fix Coffee Maker That Drips When Pouring?

cuisinart coffee maker troubleshooting

So, you’ve now learned all the possible causes, which can result in the dripping of hot water through your coffeemaker.

Now, you should fix this problem. Solving this issue requires you to choose a particular approach based on the situation. Below are all the possible solutions you can apply to solve this hassle:

  • Fixing Faulty Valve Pump

Generally, the valve pump clogged up due to excessive accumulation of coffee beans and mineral substances. Most valves are fixed with coffeemakers. You’ll have to either repair the valve pump or replace the whole part.

  • Leakage From Bottom Of Coffeemaker

Instead of hot water, we keep cold water inside the water reservoir. While processing and making the coffee, the water becomes hot.

If you notice water coming from the base portion of your coffeemaker, inspect the source of the water. It’s likely to come from the cold water tank.

To become 100% sure about it, take out the water tank, and fill it with the full amount of water. Now check if any hot water is dripping or leakage issues. If yes, get a new water tank for the coffeemaker to fix this problem.

  • Clogged Coffee Maker

One of the most straightforward solutions we often overlook is descaling the coffee machine. This’ll remove all the mineral substances and other residues stored inside the coffeemaker over time.

But the question is what to use to descale your coffee machine. Various descaling solutions are available in the market. In fact, you may have a particular product sold by your coffeemaker brand.

Alternatively, you can use vinegar if no other options are found. However, you should take suggestions from the customer representative of your coffeemaker company.

Vinegar has an increased amount of acidity. It may damage internal heating components. Watching this video might help!

How To Descale A Coffeemaker With Vinegar?

coffeemaker dripping hot water

If you practice descaling your coffee machine regularly, it’ll ensure smooth functioning. Also, no mineral substances will build up.

Ultimately, no hot water dripping will be incurred.

Apart from that, your coffeemaker will be free from germs, bacteria, and other harmful things. This’ll ensure a healthy atmosphere inside the coffeemaker.

Vinegar is one of the most effective and easy solutions you can apply to descale your coffeemaker. But as we mentioned earlier, you must be 100% sure whether your machine will be safe using it.

Here are the steps to descale a coffeemaker with vinegar:

  1. At first, you want to pour an equal level of fresh water and white vinegar inside the water tank. But if the coffee machine is highly clogged up, you can raise the vinegar proportion a little bit. But don’t overdo it.
  2. Now, keep an empty coffee filter inside the water tank. Switch on the machine. Let it continue brewing until half of the container is full.  
  3. Next, keep the container in a soaking condition with water and vinegar. Wait for an hour. Let it take off minerals substances. After that, do a final brewing.
  4. Once one hour passes, you want to remove all the vinegar solution from the container. Do flushing with normal water. It’ll remove all the vinegar. If you notice any vinegar smell is still coming out from the coffeemaker, do several brew cycles.  
  5. Let the machine cool down. Take a fresh rag. Wipe out the external parts with it. Get rid of all the debris from the surface.

Tips For Coffee Maker That Drips When Pouring

Whether it’s a coffeemaker or other machines, following a standard to use it is crucial. This’ll ensure a longer lifespan.

  • Avoid Overfilling

Never overfill your coffeemaker. Keeping the amount at a certain level is a decent practice. This’ll prevent leakage issues. Also, no harm will come to the coffee machine and the counter.

The valve pump and connectors of a coffeemaker will receive excessive stress if you don’t descale the machine regularly. Practice descaling once every two months.

  • Use Filtered Water

 Instead of using regular water, use filtered water for brewing. They include merely any mineral substances. This’ll prevent clogging up issues.

  • Don’t Keep Water When Not Needed It

Don’t keep water in the coffeemaker for too long when you don’t need it. Otherwise, it’ll invite excessive moisture. This results in the development of molds, bacteria, and fungus.

  • Regularly Use It

Don’t keep your coffeemaker too long idle. Its functionality might be compromised. You should use your coffeemaker at least once every couple of weeks. This’ll prevent the growth of bacteria.


In order to enjoy tasty coffee, you need to ensure that your coffeemaker is working smoothly. When hot water is dripping through a coffeemaker, there might sometime wrong with it. Early fixing is necessary.

Otherwise, it’ll lead to several issues.

If you’re not good at handling technical things, it’s better to get a professional service. It’s especially necessary when your coffeemaker still has a warranty period.

Hopefully, you got a clear overview of how to fix water dripping issues from your coffeemaker.

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