Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker Start Button Not Working: Causes & Fixes

When Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker start button not working, most of the time, the cord is not plugged right, the power is not set to ON, or you have a problematic outlet.

Trust me, it happens a lot no matter how silly it sounds!

It won’t start even if there is no water in the reservoir. Besides, it needs to get warm a little first. So, yeah…. lots of things might go wrong.

I will be talking about those issues and hopefully, you will be able to make it work again!

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Fixing Mr. Iced Coffee Maker Start Button

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker won't turn on
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Of course, it’s frustrating when you follow the instructions, and yet it won’t work. Apparently, a lot of people have faced this problem.

So, let’s talk about why Your Mr. coffee iced coffee maker won’t start or turn on and you will find solutions as well:

  • Check The Obvious First

As I mentioned at the very first, you need to check the basics first. The start button is usually fine, the problem may be somewhere else.

Turn your power switch on and off to check whether the coffee maker is getting the necessary power. The start button will never work if it’s not getting any power. So, double-check the power switch.

To be sure about that whether the coffee maker is getting power or not, try plugging it in somewhere else inside your home where you are sure it will get power.

Plenty of people got it working by plugging it in a different outlet!

It’s a good time to check the circuit breaker as well. Make sure the circuit is ON and working fine. A simple reset to the circuit breaker will do just fine if you find it turned off.

If the power supply is okay but it’s still not working, there could be something wrong with the plug. If the plug is okay, maybe the power cord of the coffee maker is damaged.

It may sound boring, but complete the basic steps first and move to the next troubleshooting steps.

  • You Didn’t Press The ‘Brew Now’ Button

When I faced this problem, I was furious! Everything seems right. The power cord was plugged in, it was set to ON, and so on.

I don’t know why I just pressed the ‘Brew Now’ button and it turned the ‘ON light’ on!

From what I have gathered, the coffee maker will turn on only when it’s brewing. I am not sure if this is the case for you, but it’s worth a try!

  • No Enough Water In Reservoir

Yep, Mr. iced coffee maker can sense whether the reservoir has enough water to turn it on. It won’t turn on if there is not the required water level just as a safety check.

You can but you don’t have to open the lid to check the water. There is a water-level gauge in front of the coffee maker to check the water.

If there is no water, add some and try brew again! Also, don’t overuse coffee in the filter.

  • Off-centered Filter

The filter that holds the coffee needs to be balanced so that Mr. Coffee maker can work. If it’s off-centered, it won’t work.

So, open the lid and reposition the filter again. Also, check whether the filter looks misshapen or not. If it’s misshapen, you need to replace it.

Still not working?

Well, now something is seriously wrong with the coffee maker itself. If it’s plugged in and reset the outlet but the button is not still working, your unit is defective.

In that case, I would recommend returning it to the dealer or manufacturer if it’s still within the warranty period. They will send you a replacement.

Don’t try the following steps if your coffee maker is still within the warranty period.

However, if the warranty period is expired, you are welcome to figure out the problems further as mentioned below:

  • Clogged By Dirt

It happens to really old coffee makers or any other similar home appliances when you use tap water. You see… tap water contains minerals and minerals can clog the coffee maker over time.

When it’s clogged, it won’t turn on. You can use white vinegar with warm water to unclog your old coffee maker first. You can clean the filter with vinegar as well.

When dry, try the coffee maker again and see if it works.  

  • Faulty Thermostats
flip-side of Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker

Yep, a faulty thermostat won’t let the coffee maker turn on. You need to check this after you are done with the above steps I just mentioned.

The thermostat is kept in place with a metal clip and it looks like a small white part.

If you are handy, you can use a multi-meter to test the thermostat terminals.

If there is no continuity to the terminals, the coffee maker has a faulty thermostat. Don’t try to replace it yourself. Take it to your local repair shop for that.

  • Damaged Control Board

It does not happen a lot but if Mr. Coffee Maker is too old or there was a major electrical disruption, there is a chance the control board of the coffee maker got damaged.

With a damaged control board, not just the start button of Mr. Coffee Maker, nothing will work at all.

Both assembly and re-assembly of the control board are complex work. So, I would not recommend you to replace the control board if you don’t have the necessary technical knowledge in this regard.

Rather, you can take it to the repair center of the manufacturer. You need to pay but they will replace it with a new and original control board.

Lastly, I find this troubleshooting video very useful to turn on troubled Mr. Coffee!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why isn’t my Mr. coffee maker brewing?

Maybe the reservoir is not full of water. Besides, make sure it’s properly plugged in and getting electricity from the outlet.

How long do Mr. coffee makers last?

It should be serving you for at least 2 to 3 years. With the right care and maintenance, it can last up to 4 to 5 years.

How much water do you put in a Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker?

About one and a half cups.

Is there a reset button on Mr. Coffee?


How do you clean a Mr. Coffee 3 qt iced tea maker?

Fill the pitcher with warm white vinegar and let the solution sit for around 30 minutes. After that, use clean water to clean it. Don’t use any abrasive cleaners!

Closing Remarks

So, there could be plenty of reasons why is your Mr. coffee iced coffee maker start button not working, right?

And I believe I have covered all those reasons. Now, if no troubleshooting tips work for you, you have to contact the manufacturer. Do it even if the warranty period expired.

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  1. I love the Mr Coffee iced coffee maker. I use it daily. However my first one lasted 3 months, bought another immediately. This one I purchased in July. It is now only February and this one is dead. The power will not turn on, same as what happened with the first one.

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