How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally With Homemade Treatment?

Before it’s too late, you need to take action to avoid a full-fledge termites’ infestation. It becomes easy if you know how to get rid of termites naturally.

Using homemade termite killers is not only a time and money saver but also perfectly safe for your children and pets.

In this article, I will show you some natural termite treatments that actually WORKS!

12 Homemade Termite Killers

how to get rid of termites

If the infestation is already widespread, you should call a professional pest controller to get an immediate result. Natural termite home remedies take some time to work.

So, if you have just detected the early signs of termite infestation and it’s not widespread already, you can try the following natural solutions:

  1. Nematodes

If you are wondering what kills termites naturally, I will put nematodes first. These tiny worms don’t damage your woods and they are safe for both humans and pets.

If you allow them some time, they will get rid of termites by eating them! Yes, nematodes are tiny worms that munch on termites and you can get from online.

This is what you should do…

Get a large bucket of water and mix the worms. Blend them gently. Get a spray bottle and pour the mixture.

Identify all the termite-infested areas or your suspected areas and spray the mixture there. The water will sink in the woods quickly and spread the nematodes.

The nematodes will go to work and keep eating them as their lunch.

The beauty of releasing this natural termite killer is that they will reproduce and continue to seek out termites until all of them are eaten!

Lastly, they will die as soon as all the termites are gone.

However, there are various types of nematodes and each type is perfect for specific insects. You should study more about them first. Watch this video to learn how to use nematodes to kill termites.

  1. Exterminate Termites With Vinegar

Vinegar has multiple applications to solve various household problems. You can use it to clean your kitchen, shower, even toilet.

I am sure I know a few of such usages. But how does vinegar kill termites?

Well, all you need to do is to mix the juice of two lemons with only half a cup of vinegar. It’s your deadly termite killer now full of acidic substance!

Put the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it around all the termite-infested areas. The termites will keep dying in contact with the mixture.

You can also distribute this mixture onto your wooden fences, furniture, corners, etc. where termites have already infested.

You should repeat the vinegar application for a few days until the termites don’t show up.

  1. Cayenne Pepper To Exterminate Termites

It’s not just a great spice, it’s the worst nightmare for the termites as well. Cayenne pepper is enriched with capsaicin (a strong chemical agent) which makes the pepper hot and spicy.

So, it’s a great organic terminates treatment because it can severely damage their nervous system and ultimately kill them.

making cayenne pepper powder

You should sprinkle the cayenne pepper generously to all the infected areas with termite problems. Repeatedly sprinkle the same until all of them are entirely eliminated.

Another way to kill termites with cayenne pepper is the mix it with vegetable oil and applying the paste to all affected spots.

Leave it there for 4 to 5 days until they are dead.

  1. Borates (Borax Powder)

Does borax kill termites?

The sodium borates can wash your laundry as well as kill termites just like the vinegar. In fact, you can use Borax to kill hookworms in yard too! You can use it to kill termites either in powder form or mix it with water.

Sprinkle the Borax powder around the termites’ infested areas. Or mix the powder with water and put it into a spray bottle. Now spray the solution around the termites’ affected areas.

The problem with this method is that you need to reapply this solution several times until you reach all the colonies of termites.

  1. Exterminating Termites With Neem Oil

Neem oil can disrupt the reproductive system of termites and other insects. So, it’s a great homemade remedy for termites.

When termites eat neem oil, it changes the hormonal balance of termites. More interestingly, neem oil makes the termites forget eating and mating!

As they can’t reproduce, the older termites die naturally and there is no new generation of termites to keep the infestation going on. Sounds interesting, right?

You can spread the neem oil everywhere inside your house including in the affected wall and on the furniture.

I could show you how to make the neem oil from crude neem oil. But they are widely available in the market. So, don’t bother trying to make it yourself.

The beauty of using neem oil is that termites don’t like the smell of it. So, it prevents them from entering your home as well. It’s highly effective to eliminate insects like bed bugs too!

  1. Use Orange Oil to Kill Termites

The reason orange oil is deadly to termites is the presence of d-limonene in the oil. It kills them by dissolving the exoskeletons of termites.

This oil is derived from orange peels and it’s a wonderful natural termite treatment that’s safe for your kids and pets. Go to any garden store to buy it or you can get it from the online store as well.

This is how it works….

When the termites come in contact with the orange oil, their exoskeletons begin to dissolve. Which in turn causes them to loose moisture and proteins. Ultimately, they die.

Spray the oil directly on termites or around the affected areas. It won’t just kill them; it will prevent them from coming back again.

So, even if you don’t have a termite infestation, you should spray the oil around your house to keep them away.

  1. Salt To Kill Termites

termite infestation

Just like the DE, salt can destroy termites by dehydrating them. And they hate salt a lot!

With warm water, mix salt into a big jar. The more salt the more effectiveness. After mixing, shake it until you get an even mixture.

Once the solution is ready, fill any standard syringe with the solution and squirt it directly onto the entry or exit points of all termite colonies.

When you are done dealing with the colonies, do the same inside your house as well where you see termite spots.

Sadly, this method is not perfect for a larger infestation. Also, if the salt misses any termites, it won’t be able to kill them. Still, it’s a good home remedy for a smaller infestation.

  1. Use Boric Acid To Prevent Termites

It’s a great wood preservative and natural pesticide.

The boric acid won’t kill the termites but will keep them away from your furniture and other valuable belongings.

As soon as the termites taste the presence of boric acid, they won’t bother to invade your home. The good thing about using boric acid is that you don’t need to apply it inside your home.

Also, you can use the powder form of the liquid form. If you want to use the liquid form, mix 1 tablespoon of boric acid with 1 cup of warm water and put it in a spray bottle.

Now, shake it up until the mixture is fully dissolved. Wear a mask and spray the boric acid around your home outside.

Use this method for 1 week and check how well it is protecting your home from termites.

  1. Wet Cardboard (The Ultimate Bait)

Termites love to munch on cellulose and water. So, providing them wet cardboards is just like providing them free buffets.

Do this sound counterproductive to you?

Well, I am talking about setting up traps for them. Setting up such wet cardboards will lure them out of their colonies to a specific location.

When all the termites have settled into munch on the wet cardboard, take it away and burn it. That will burn a significant amount of termites momentarily.

To increase the effectiveness of this trapping system and if you don’t want to involve fire, you can also use any poison treatment with the cardboard.

But make sure to talk with a professional for the poison recommendation.

Repeat this every now and then until they stop coming out and you fully get rid of them.

Does this sound evil to you?

Well, I guess it is.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

It’s a true wonder for every household. It kills and exterminates literally all the insects and pests including the termites.

It’s the ultimate organic termite killer (made of fossilized algae) but safe for both humans and pets. And you can apply it both indoor and outdoor.

They are laser-sharp particles and cut the outer layer of any insects including the termites when they come in contact with diatomaceous earth. The result is imminent death.

This is how it works…

As soon as the termites touch the DE, the moisture of the termites leaves their body. Because it has insane absorptive capabilities that can draw out all the moisture.

Due to the delicate water balance of the termites, they don’t survive for a long time.

  1. Sunlight

Termites not only hate sunlight, but they will also actually die if exposed to too much sunlight and heat. I recommend trying this method during the summertime.

Drag out all of your termite-infested furniture and other stuff into your yard. Within hours, all of your stuff should be free of termites due to the immense heat from the sun.

But what about the rest of the house. You can’t drag out the structures of your house. Instead, you can set up UV lamps to shine those affected areas.

  1. Perimeter Barrier

You should have installed such a perimeter barrier when your house was being built. It prevents termites and other digging pests from making tunnels to your home.

If it’s not already installed, you can still dig a small trench around your home and install such a perimeter barrier.

It will be a labor-intensive task but to keep the subterranean termites away from your home, it’s just great! Now, watch the video to learn some more natural solutions.

Preventive Measures Against Termites

I don’t need to remind you how hard and expensive it is to exterminate termites once infested. Also, termites are harmful to both humans and pets.

So, it’s always better to take termite preventive measures than to find a natural cure against them. But when we talk about termite prevention, we need to think about both indoor and outdoor.

Because no matter how well you get rid of them, they will come back again if your yard has termites. Here are some both indoor and outdoor termite’s prevention tips you should follow:

  1. Indoor Termite Prevention

You do not want those pesky insects re-infest your home again. The stake is too high!

The best way to prevent termites from infesting your indoor is by making everything inside inhospitable for the termites. Here are some things you can do:

  • Declutter Your House

A decluttering drive is a must to keep your house bug-free and tidy. Remove all the useless and old magazines, newspapers, papers, cardboards, etc. from your house.

Termites won’t find a good environment to live and thrive if you keep your house decluttered.

  • Inspecting Wooden Floors & Furniture Regularly

Termites much on anything made of wood. That includes hardwood floors and deck furniture as well. Keep that wooden stuff including the joists under your regular inspection.

  • Say No to Piles of Clothes

Termites feed on cellulose available in wood. But in case you don’t know, they can find the cellulose in fibers too!

So, tidy up all the piles of clothes and get rid of really old clothes. Bury or burn them. Better give these old clothes to homeless people.

  • Seal The Entry Points

Seal all of your properties; especially the doors and windows. If they don’t find the entry points and gain access to the wood skeleton, they won’t be able to invade in the first place.

Find and seal all the cracks in the rooftops and siding. You should not leave the access points of the house foundations too. Keep every entry point seal shut.

  • Fix All Leaks

Leaking taps and pipes happen a lot. You need to keep such leaks repaired all the time to seal the potential entry points.

Repairing all those leaks will ensure reduced moisture level. So, the subterranean termites won’t find your home attractive.

  • Don’t Keep The Vents to Subfloor Areas Closed

If you keep them blocked, it will increase the humidity and moisture level due to the poor ventilation which the termites love a lot.

Ensure proper ventilation and install enough extraction fans wherever necessary to reduce the invasion risk of subterranean termites.

  • Ensure A Soil & Wood Distance

No wooden stuff inside your home or garage should make any direct contact with the soil. There should be at least an 8-inch distance between the two.

One easy way to ensure this distance is using cement or stones between the soil and wood. That’s a great physical barrier!

  • Ensure Ample Air & Keep Dry

Termite colonies thrive on moisture. Without the presence of ample air and dampness, they won’t have anything to thrive.

  • Keep air conditioning overflows and hot water services away from the side of your house. Also, make sure all the downspouts are connected well.
  • Develop a habit of regularly inspecting for the termites. Make sure no preventive measures are not breached.
  1. Outdoor Termite Prevention

Once you have exterminated all the termites inside your house and ensured preventive measures, it’s time to take outdoor termite preventive measures.

This is how you can ensure the safety and preventive measures of your home exterior:

  • Keep Your Garden Neat

Using the overgrowths of your lawn or garden, termites gain access to your home. So, keep the overgrowths away from your home, keep your grass trimmed, regularly tend your garden or lawn.

  • Fix Your Broken Roof Tiles

That’s easy access for termites to gain entry to your house. Never leave the broken roof tiles unattended.

  • Beware of Untreated Timber

For your garden beds or fence posts, always use only termite-treated timber. If you use untreated timber to form garden beds or retaining walls, they will attract termites to your house eventually.

  • Ensure Distance Between Timber & Soil

For every support post and timber fence, always maintain a 2-inch distance between the soil and the timber. And you can easily ensure that getting galvanized post shoes from your local store to create that distance from the soil.

  • Beware of Spa Bath

It has wood, water, and everything else for ideal termites’ environment. Without ensuring adequate drainage and precautions, do not install our spa bath within the timber decks. Learn how to dig a better drainage system if you have to.

Also, never install your spa bath up against the side of your property.

  • Remove Woodpiles

The woodpiles alone are the great sources of food for the termites. So, never ever store wood stacks against your house. Remove all the damp or rotten logs & tree trunks from the yard.

  • Beware of Climbing Plants

Never let the climbing plants or bushy gardens grow against the structure or foundations of your house. That’s how termites get undetected entry to your house.

Also, beware of plants that can send their roots too close to your property under the slabs of your foundations.

  • Use Only Termite Resistant Mulch

You should only use a certain type of mulch that is termite-resistant. So, before ordering them, ask your landscape supplier what type of mulch they are providing.

  • Being Vigilant

At regular intervals, do an inspection to check your outside termite prevention mechanism is still working or not. Follow-up is very important when it comes to termite prevention!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the fastest way to get rid of termites?

Answer: Call a pest control expert. They have access to certain chemicals and specialized equipment that you will never have to quickly exterminate termites.

How to prevent termites from spreading?

Answer: Sealing up the cracks and holes of your home exterior will help a lot. Also, keep everything made of wood off the soil.

Does salt kill termites?

Answer: Yes, salt kills termites by dehydrating them. Make a solution of salt and warm water in equal amounts and fill a syringe. Now squirt it into the entry and exit points of the termite colonies.

What do termites hate?

Answer: Among many things, they hate the sunlight most. Exposure to sunlight with heat can kill them!

Can you get rid of termites permanently?

Answer: Yes, but it requires taking intensive preventive measures after you get rid of them. Only then you can expect they won’t re-infest again.

Which oil helps in preventing the spread of termites?

Answer: Both neem and orange oil can kill and prevent termites.

Does borax kill termites?

Answer: Yes, it disrupts the digestion of termites and ultimately kills them. Also, it reduces the reproductive capabilities of termites. So, when the adult dies, there won’t be any future generation.

Sum Up

You have already learned many methods on how to get rid of termites naturally with homemade remedies. Depending on whatever method suits your situation best, try one.

I am confident you will get your desired result. But if the infestation goes beyond your control, call a commercial pest controller ASAP.

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