John Deere E100 Reviews 2021 For Serious Lawn Tractor Enthusiasts

If you are already familiar with the D100 series of the same brand, the E100 series is the logical profession of that! It has very good features of the D100 series with some real improvement. 

For lawnmower enthusiasts, I think this John Deere E100 reviews will come in handy to learn everything about it. I noticed some people have complained about the John Deere E100 transmission problems.

I will talk about this issue as well. Stay with me!

John Deere E100 Series Reviews 2021

john deere e100 reviews

Apart from being a well-designed lawn tractor, it’s as dependable and affordable as the D100 series. But John Deere has upgraded the controls and operator area a lot.

Before I talk about its features, I like to share some feedback from the proud E100 owners first. In short, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Nothing runs like the John Deere!

Not just because it’s the U.S. made and plenty of dealers here and there, it’s a real gem for any sized yard. Highly recommended to get your yard done sweat-free. 

The engine and transmission work flawlessly and you will have a smooth ride like every commercial mower of this brand. Not just drives well, it cuts evenly and it cuts well. It’s just perfect to mow your lawn and field. No trouble to cut heavy weeds at all. 

And there won’t be any grass stuck underside of the deck. That’s something you won’t find in many lawn tractors from other brands.

But probably you will find it reassuring knowing the gas tank is under the seat and NOT next to the engine right under the hood. Plenty of people love that design.

Yes, it takes a little bit of time to get used to the automatic speed control but once you get a hang of it, it’s a dream come true! 

Spend some time to smoothen your skill to move from forward to reverse. You will love the reverse mow feature as well.

Out of so many good things, some E100 owners have expressed their disappointments saying the seat does not provide much support for their backs. 

Features of John Deere E100 Series

features of john deere e100

Let’s see why everyone is calling it a massive improvement that its predecessor D100. You will understand why it’s one of its kind.

  • Insanely Powerful Engine

It comes with 17.5 HP. It’s so powerful that enduring touch mowing and mulching is super easy for it. It features an electrical ignition to start the mower within seconds!

Yes, it’s a powerful engine but it’s environmentally friendly as well. In fact, California Air Resources Board (CARB) has certified it for minimum air pollution.

But what’s so unique about the E100 series is that it features a spring-return mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the throttle is never left to the choke position.

With a strong valve, it ensures sufficient power to the engine and maintains efficient fuel consumption. The engine needs clean fuel and to ensure that, it features a large fuel filter to supply full-pressure lubrication only.

For the durability of the engine, there are cast iron along the cylinder lining. For greater comfortability, the engine has an anti-vibration system. 

  • Large & Smart Fuel Tank

The fuel capacity of the tractor is 2.4 gallons. And the tank is intelligently placed to allow refueling efficiently. You don’t have to leave your seat frequently to refuel it.

And you can’t miss the quantity of fuel in the tank. Thanks to its visible gauge! Also, because of the smart design of the fuel tank, there won’t be any spillage of fuel.

To keep the vapors inside and to make sure the vapors don’t leave the tank, it features a sealed and tethered fuel cap too!

  • Easy Auto Transmission

Ease of operation is everything when it comes to mowing your lawn. To make it even better, John Deere has featured auto transmission to allow the operator to move forward or reverse easily.

Just press the foot pedal and you can move it forward or mow reverse whatever seems convenient to you. 

More so, you can take advantage of the quick speed option for open mowing or slow speed for trimming purposes. 

  • Comfortable Seating

When it comes to mowing for hours, comfortable seating for the operator does matter! And the seat of the E100 series is designed to give the operator maximum comfort and easy access.

That’s not all…

With an easy-to-access control panel, E100 features an angled 3-spoke steering wheel. The tilted and cushioned back will ensure your maximum comfort for prolonged mowing.

And I must talk about its debris-removing channels on the footrest panel. It’s pretty handy to keep the footrest dry and clean always.

For your quality seating, it has non-slip and anti-vibration floor mats. The beverage holder is just another nice addition.

  • Reliable Equipment

The robotically welded steel frame of the E100 series is made of 12 gauge 0.105 inches’ steel. And its front axle is made from iron. Both are reliable and ensures the durable operation of the tractor.

For precise and speedy cutting, the blades are just next-level stuff!

The steel frame is bolted firmly to the frame’s surface and maximum strength and support. The front axle gives you a car-like steering wheel experience. 

For a tight-turning steering system, the single drag link is paired with tie rod. 

  • Safety & Warranty 

E100 comes with every safety feature including top-notch incandescent headlights for night-time mowing. It meets every safety standard set by regulators and authorities like ANSI and OPEI.

And you will get a 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for your safe investment in this amazing lawn tractor.

John Deere E100 Winter Hibernation Tips

maintenance for john deere e100 series

Following the right maintenance tips is crucial to keep your John Deere going years after years. Once crucial maintenance tip is storing it the right way during the winter hibernation time.

This is what you should do…

First of all, there are some clear instructions in the manual on exactly what you should do for the winter hibernation. So, go through the manual and stick to the instruction.

But in gist, you should put in some gasoline additive simply because of the ethanol factor. And each month, you should run it for at least 15 minutes. 

John Deere E100 Series Problems & Solutions

You will come across some problems with your John Deere E100 lawn tractor. Let’s check them one by one and I will share some troubleshooting tips too:

  • Engine Won’t Start
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Faulty safety switchReplace
Defective spark plugInspect and replace if needed.
Clogged Fuel SystemRepair/replace.
Clogged fuel filterReplace
Defective plug connectionInstall new spark plug wires.
  • Engine Running Rough/Stalling
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Clogged cooling fansClean the fans thoroughly.
Defective ignition settingDouble-check spark plug & ignition
Clogged air filterReplace
Damaged electric connectionsReplace connections.
Sticking throttle cableInspect & replace.
  • Engine Overheats
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Overloaded engineReduce load.
Blocked cooling finsClean fins.
Too much/too little oilCheck oil pressure.
Wrong oil viscosityReplace engine oil.
Idle speedAdjust the carburetor.
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Pulled out bypass valveDeactivate the valve.
Insufficient transmission oilInspect transmission oil level.
Loose bladeFasten blades as required.
Blocking parking brakesRelease the parking the brake.
  • Excessive Vibration
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Worn-out driven beltReplace damaged belt.
Damaged traction drive beltReplace worn belt.
Dirty drive sheavesInstall new pulley.
  • Discharge Chute Plugged
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Too high speedUse a slower speed.
Loose beltInstall belt correctly.
Airflow lossEnsure high revs.
Wet grassLet the grass dry first.
  • Uncut Patches of Grass
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Clogged cutting deckClean the cutting deck.
Too low deckLevel the deck.
Dull/defective bladeGet new blade if needed.
Full baggerEmpty the bagger.
Too high speedSlower the speed.
  • Uneven Grass Cutting
Probable ReasonsRecommended Solution
Dull bladesSharpen or install new blades.
Low mower deckLevel the deck as required.
Uneven tire pressureInflate the tires again.
Wrong position of rollersRe-adjust deck wheels.

Yes, there are some concerns about the John Deere E100 transmission problems. Follow the linked article, and you will be good to go!

Now, watch a virtual tour of the John Deere E100 series lawn tractor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will a John Deere E100 last?

That depends on how you use it. But for normal use, it should last up to 500 to 1000 hours with regular maintenance.

Is the John Deere 100 Series any good?

It provides the best cut in every way possible and these series last very long. In fact, Consumer Reports have rated this series very high.

What’s the difference between the John Deere D Series and E Series?

In terms of size, E series lawn tractors are large than the D series. E series is suitable for heavy-duty lifting and heavy agricultural applications while D series are suitable for optimal agricultural activities.

Can you cut in reverse with E series?

Yes, you can.

Do you have to hold the pedal down continuously to cut or is there another way?

Yes, you need to keep pressing the pedal the entire time.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of this John Deere E100 review is to inform you everything about this lawn tractor. And I believe I have disclosed everything you need to know. 

If you had a D100 series, I don’t need to encourage you to get the E100 series. It’s just a better version of that.

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