John Deere E120 Reviews 2021 For Lawn Enthusiasts

Without any doubt, John Deere is the market leader when it comes to lawnmowers. It just keeps offering newer models with better features almost every year!

E120 is one of its best lawn mowers with 30-second gas change system and a gasless start system. As it’s tremendously popular, it’s just makes sense to write a complete John Deere E120 reviews for my readers.

So, in this article, I will talk about why it’s so popular among professionals with its features. Stay with me for a while.

Review On John Deere E120 Lawn Mower

John Deere E120 reviews

Before I start, let me clear something first. It’s a little expensive than models but the great features have made it really worth it. And it’s not a zero-turn.

Deal breaker?

I still don’t think so. If you are not so sure about lawn mowers made in China, E120 should get your attention. It’s made in Tennessee, USA.

It has an 18” turning radius which is great. When you make any tight turns, the deck won’t dig in and won’t create any unevenness.

People have bought this to make their lawn looks good but instead it has made their lawns look immaculate! And the comfortable ride will make you to hate your older mower!

As the seat sits higher and it is much improved than the previous models, the days of mowing and having serious back pain is gone!

To keep it smooth, the seat features two coil springs and there is a storage compartments to keep your things and beverage holder to keep you hydrated under the scorching sun.

The powerful mower can go through some really thick stuff and won’t create any big noise to disturb your neighbors. Thanks to its 2-cylinder engine. It’s powerful and quiet!

Of course, you should go gentle while going through thick grass with any lawn mower.

What most of the proud owner has confirmed that it cuts better than they used to get from their older mowers. Even from the first cut!

As it does not require choking before the start, starting the mower is a lot easier and immediate. Apart from that, you will notice a lot more improvements.

There is a lever on the left side of the seat to adjust the deck height and it’s insanely easy to move the deck up and down.

Instead of the right side, the brake has been moved to the left side. So, you may need some time to get used to that. But that change has made it a lot more effective!

Technical Specification of JD E120

  • Engine: 20 HP V-Twin.
  • Power Source: Gasoline.
  • Capacity of Fuel Tank: 9.1 liters.
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic.
  • Forward Speed: 5.5 mph.
  • Reverse speed: 3.2 mph.
  • Cutting Width & Height: 42-inches & 4-inches respectively.
  • Turning Radius: 18-inches
  • Front & Rear Tires: 15 X 6-6 & 20 X 8-8 respectively.
  • Lifting System: Wing lever.
  • Warranty: 2 years bumper to bumper limited warranty.

Why E120 Lawn Mower Is So Popular?

JD E120 Engine Under Hood

Let’s talk about why E120 has become so popular. After reading several reviews from forum and eCommerce platform, I have categorized its key strength in some categories mentioned below:

  • For Everyone

It really does not matter if you are old or young, male or female as long as you have the JD E120 mower. It’s just plain and simple to operate the mower and mow from uphill to flat surfaces.

You don’t need any mowing experience either. Everything is very intuitive and you can easily learn how to mow your lawn with it.

  • For Small To Medium Lawn

Let me clear something first. If you have a really large lawn or yard, this is not for you. You need a commercial-grade top-notch mower for that.

But if you have a lawn with less than one acre or a medium-sized lawn, this is an ideal mower for you.

  • Quicker Oil Change

We have all experienced the messiness of lawn mower oil change. Now you can change the oil yourself. The 30-second oil change feature has made it so special among lawnmowers.

And whenever you need to check the engine, you can do so easily. The hood covering the engine is very easy to open.

  • Quality of Cut

It takes some time to get used whenever you buy a new lawn mower. And it’s nearly impossible to get a good cut quality from the first try.

But my understanding from reading several feedbacks is that you can get a higher cut quality from your first try with a E120.

Due to easier climbing and smaller turning radius, the efficient operation of the mower delivers even cut from day one.

And as the deep deck design can lift the grass, you can always have a superior cut to make your lawn look outstanding.

  • Acceleration

To have a better mowing experience, the speed change and acceleration of the mower should be smooth. Thanks to the hydrostatic transmission of the E120 mower!

Speed changes have never been so smoother! Besides, to simplify the oil change for routine maintenance, it features an integrated EZ under-hood oil change system.

Also, commissioning the mower from the winter storage can takes time. But the 300CC battery of E120 has made it very simple!

  • A Perfect Engineering

Starting the mower is just like starting a car. That’s what you can do with JD E120. Just turn the key and start the mower without accelerating.

More so, you can adjust the cutting height up or down at 1 to 4 increments easily with a single lift arm because of its redesigned cutting deck.

And to control the speed and direction of the mower, you will find the adjacent pedals very intuitive and convenient. The LED lights will let you mow when its already dark as well.

Yes, it does not matter much but I should talk about its finishing touch as well.

The powder-paint finish and durable primer will keep the rust for a really long time. The hood is made of JD Loy that is ultra-violet resistant. So, the color fade in near future!

  • Long-lasting Performance

Affordable lawn mowers usually don’t last long. But that’s not true for JD E120. This 42-inch affordable lawnmower is highly durable as reported by several owners.

Lots of factors have contributed to its durable performance. First, it has a 11-inch 12-gauge welded steel frame with a rugged cast-iron front axle. And the corrosion-resistant composite hood is both lightweight and durable.

The powerful V-Twin engine is suitable for cutting thick grass, shredding, and transportation.

  • Attachment & Accessories

To keep the engine noise at minimal, it features side vents and the speed control features let you cut a large area of your lawn quickly and smoothly.

To make it comfortable, you can use the cup holder as well. The ergonomic backrest can be adjusted up to 10 positions for your maximum comfort.

Among other optional accessories, you can separately buy mulch kits, snow blowers, aerators, excavators, etc.

So, not just as a mower, you can use it as an equipment for snow removal as well. But for using it as a mower, you should have a dump cart with this mower as well.

To protect yourself from the extreme heat of the sun, get a sun canopy with this mower as well. No need to get up early in the morning the escape the heat of the sun!

Expert Recommendation
For potential buyers of this mower, please keep in mind that you will damage the green and shiny body of the mower when bumping it into posts, trees, or fences. So, buy a front bumper attachment to keep the beauty of the mower intact. Apart from that, you should get the mulcher and bagger attachment as well. Those are just essential add-ons!

John Deere E120 Complaints

Name me one lawn mower without any trouble. Literally no one can do that.

However, to make this review complete, I want to share some complaints from the owners as well. Here is a list of such complaints:

  • The seat is great for the backrest. But it does not have any armrest.
  • It does not come with a pre-set cut height that can be a little problematic for inexperienced lawn owners.
  • It can’t get the grass in one pass. Need more than one pass.
  • For some people, the 9-liter fuel capacity is not enough.
  • The deck does not float much that may result in scalped spots in the lawn.
  • A few people wished it should have come with the mulch cover and the front bumper from the factory.

Here is a virtual tour of the JD E120 mower for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes the engine for the John Deere E120?

Engine from Briggs & Stratton is used in John Deere E120 lawnmower.

How much does a John Deere E120 cost?

You can have it at a cost of less than $2,000.

How fast does a John Deere E120 go?

Forward, it can go as fast as 5.5 miles per hour. Reverse, it can go as fast as 3.2 miles per hour.

Final Thoughts

As you have now the most in-depth John Deere E120 reviews, what do you think of it? To me, it’s impressive and the huge popularity is perfectly justified with its awesome features and performance.

And remember, when it comes to professional lawn care business, performance is all that counts!

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2 thoughts on “John Deere E120 Reviews 2021 For Lawn Enthusiasts”

  1. Best mower I have ever had! Comfortable, smooth and easy! I’m kinda small so I built up the clutch/break pedal about 2″ . Changing the blades is relatively easy but you need some way to lift the front end; I use an old set of short auto ramps. I’m 76.

  2. I’ve owned and used lots of mowers and the john deere e120 was by far the best mower I’ve ever used. Easy to use, comfortable seat and a great cut. Very pleased with it. Love mowing with it.

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