Husqvarna Chainsaw 455 Rancher Problems And Complaints Explained

Despite having the most powerful Husqvarna chainsaw 455, you may experience some common problems while using this.

The reason is it doesn’t matter how powerful they are. They always need a high level of regular maintenance.

Otherwise, with poor maintenance, your chainsaw rancher will start to reveal problems. That’s why; we’ve come up with this helpful guide to find out Husqvarna chainsaw 455 rancher problems.

So, you can avoid these problems and keep it in good working condition.

Problems With Husqvarna Chainsaw 455 Rancher

Husqvarna chainsaw 455 rancher problems

Here is a list of it’s common complaints:

  • Won’t start.
  • Air filter gets clogged
  • Compression problem.
  • Oil adjustment issue
  • Huge vibrations, etc.

Now, let’s talk about those above-mentioned common Husqvarna chainsaw issues in more detail:

  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher Won’t Start

One of the most common problems you will face is that it won’t start. It happens due to some troubleshooting of this Husqvarna 455 rancher. It is associated with some of the following problems-

  • Dirty And Clogged Air Filter

If your chainsaw doesn’t start, you should check your rancher’s airflow. This is probably because of having dirty as well as a clogged air filter.

It draws more gas without drawing air. So, there isn’t enough air to reach its combustion chamber, which will start the rancher’s engine. As a result, when you turn it on, it fails to start.

  • Too High Or Low Compression

Another fact that leads your chainsaw completely shut down is having compression problems. So, if the chainsaw won’t start, you need to check if the piston ring is damaged.

These rings hold cycle pressure which ensures that they take enough power from the combustion chamber.

However, the problems will happen if the crankcase is leaked due to leaking of cycle pressure. It will cause a loss of engine power.

And, ultimately, this will lead your chainsaw’s engine to stop working.

  • Damaged And Faulty Spark Plug

To ignite the fuel, a responsive spark plug is essential. However, the spark plug becomes damaged and faulty because of getting corroded for a longer time.

That’s why it can’t ignite the fuel combustion, and your chainsaw rancher will not be able to run.

 So, if you are experiencing a starting problem, you should check for a spark.

  • Cold Climatic Conditions With Stubborn Starters

It’s a common problem, especially in those areas with cold weather. You will face difficulties while starting your chainsaw in extremely cold conditions.

Besides, the stubborn starters of this Husqvarna 455 chainsaw model also cause starting problems. It’s, however, because it requires a high level of pulling energy by its starter cord tension.

  1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Oil Adjustment

You will also experience problems associated with Husqvarna 455 because of its oil adjustment. We will explain the related problems.

  • Excess air-fuel ratio

One of the most significant problems related to oil adjustments of this chainsaw model is excess fuel. If there is a high level of air-fuel mixture ratio, its engine will stop working.

This is because this excess fuel mixture overheats the engine. As a result, it can’t load so much pressure and shuts down.

  • Empty Tank And Bad Fuel

If your Husqvarna chainsaw isn’t working, you should check if the fuel tank is empty or has a bad fuel mixture.

Bad quality such as ethane or methane gas combined fuel mixture erodes your engine. This is because they are corrosive in nature.

So, ensure that you refill your tank with a new and good-quality fuel mixture. And also, before infilling the fuel, clean the fuel filter with the help of a fuel system cleaner.

  • Clogged Oil Portals

Usually, your chainsaw comes with two oil portals. When they are getting clogged, you will face lubrication problems.

And, due to lack of sufficient lubrication, it will result in chain and bar wear.

  • Clogged Carburetor
Husqvarna 455 rancher botton side

You will also experience problems if there is a clogged carburetor. This happens if you leave your filled fuel tank for a long time.

The light components of this fuel mixture will be evaporated while it leaves its thicker and heavy elements.

These thick components clog the carburetor, so the chainsaw doesn’t get enough fuel to run. So, if the carburetor is clogged, you should clean it with the help of a carburetor cleaner.

  • Husqvarna 455 Rancher Loses Tensions And Vibrates More

The Husqvarna 455 rancher also has some issues as its chain loses tension and causes high vibration. As you may know, most Husqvarna chains become loose over time.

And, if that happens, you need to adjust the chain’s bar tension to tighten it and to get the right chain direction of the chainsaw. Well, before doing that, you have to know-

What Size Chain Does A Husqvarna 455 Chainsaw Rancher Take?

Usually, most Husqvarna 455 chainsaw ranchers take two sizes of bar length chains- 18-inches and 20-inches.

This chain size is perfect to use in a high-production environment. Besides, it is also a low-vibration chain.

However, as it tends to loosen, it requires bar tension adjustment. It will assist in tightening the chain and let it work smoothly.

Besides, you should take the appropriate chain size for your Husqvarna Chainsaw 455 rancher.

Final Verdicts

Hopefully, now you know in detail about the problems associated with the Husqvarna 455 rancher. Most Husqvarna chainsaw models share these common problems.

However, every problem comes with a solution. And, the Husqvarna chainsaw 455 rancher problems are no exception.

You can avert these problems by maintaining simple and easy maintenance tips. Yet, if you can’t fix these problems independently, you should go to a professional to solve them.

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7 thoughts on “Husqvarna Chainsaw 455 Rancher Problems And Complaints Explained”

  1. My new 450 Rancher has blown out the pull start side of the case and broke the cord after 20 hrs. Can’t get a Repair center to call me back for warranty repairs

  2. 18 inch bad on mine bought saw second hand my local chainsaw shop tells me it is the correct bar and chain but I think the bar is getting very hot after 5 minutes of cutting you would not be able to touch the bar any suggestions

  3. bought a 455 rancher with 16″ bar, it threw the chain and destroyed the bar and chain, bought a new husquvarna bar and x cut chain got two cuts into a log the same thing threw the chain and ruined all, will be getting rid of this piece of junk and getting a stihl….

  4. Bought a 455 rancher. What a mistake! Melted within 2.5 hours using their bar oil and gas mix. Do not buy. They will not cover the warranty!! $700 saw good for nothing!
    Even the repair techs at bay fundy tractor repair( where saw was taken to be diagnosed) , say. ‘“ husqvarna is not even a good residential saw anymore”.
    Greatly disappointed !
    Bought a Gthan. on Amazon for $320.. great saw! Less than half the price of a husqvarna, and kicks a??.
    The gthan, looks like a knock off of the husqvarna, but, it’s a way bette saw! 1/2 way through five cords and running great!
    Husqvarna is just not worth it!

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