Staub Vs. Le Creuset: The Great Fiasco Ends NOW!

Whether you’re currently arguing or considering the notorious Staub vs. Le Creuset fiasco, we can assure you that this tug of war will end right here.

Spending your hard-earned bucks on a Dutch oven should serve you for a lifetime.

As you drown into this battle of who to splurge on, let us clear all your confusions and get right into it. Our facts will lead you astray into finally deciding which is better.

Yes, we’re emphasizing the ‘finally.’

Differences Between The Le Creuset And Staub

Staub vs. Le Creuset

In this section, we will demonstrate the primary variations between the two. We will consider their overall look, weight, and other features. Keep reading to get these insights.

  • The Lids

If you believe that the lid’s fit can reverse your cooking from good to great, you’re absolutely correct. In reality, the Staub’s top has a more snug and tight fit than the Le Creuset ones. What does this mean?

As the lid is fit in tightly, there will be lesser or no cracks for the liquid steams to escape and lower chances of boilovers.

On the one hand, if you’re preparing stews or soups, this is an excellent addition to the specifications as it will restrict from losing needed moisture.

On the other hand, if you’re cooking dishes such as braised short ribs, you will require the excess steam to blow out.

And yes, apart from braising, there are plenty of Dutch oven usages.

  • Weight

The size of the vessel you need is all in your court. First, however, we must reveal that Staubs ovens are a tad lighter than the Le Creuset ones.

Even though you can distinctly tell the difference as you carry them, the variations aren’t too broad to make a dent for Staub.

As Staub is on the heavier side, they can withhold temperature much longer and thus, maintain evenness during cooking.

Whereas Le Creuset’s weight is lighter, you can pick it up and move around the kitchen without breaking into a sweat about dropping your signature beef stew.

  • Interior

The insides of Le Creuset’s oven are designed with a simple cream white color. In contrast, the Staub ovens have opted for a dark grey hue.

Needless to say, they’re both extremely aesthetic, based on your preferred color palette.

However, as the Le Creuset sets have a lighter tone, it makes the process of browning easier as during this method hitting the right timing is crucial.

Moreover, as the color is more vivid, cleaning is more accessible as you can spot all the stained spots and leftover food bits.

  • Handles

Le Creuset handles are constructed with a realistic, ergonomic design. They’re highly spacious, wide, and round. So much so that you can even wear oven mitts to carry them around, and your hands would still glide in seamlessly.

staub dutch oven

This intentional extra spacing doesn’t only make carrying around the pots more convenient but safer too.

Imagine the horror if you had to spill every time you were in a hurry because of poor ergonomic handles. Ugh, no thanks.

The good news is that Staub handles are decent too. Indeed, they’re not as roomy as those mentioned above.

However, users believe that maneuvering with these isn’t totally out of the question. While utilizing oven mitts, you might have to ensure a steadier grip, but that’s about it.

  • Colors

Let’s put it straight to our fellow readers. Le Creuset presents the most awestruck, vast line of colors.

So, if you’re a fan of grabbing cutleries and kitchenware that would only suit and match your kitchen’s theme, then you’re in good hands.

The trendy and classic color scheme was possible through the renowned Williams Sonoma partnership.

Luckily, Le Creuset continuously divulges into more colors and broadens their already comprehensive color line. So, don’t worry if you’re opting for an online purchase.

Their color-coordinating guide online can lead you right through their palette. Unfortunately, one demerit to this widespread line has to be that other than their beloved orange color; all the others seem to have been discontinued.

In retrospect, Staub has an array of colors, too but, not quite close to the Le Creuset spread. However, a good bargain is that their collection rarely ever cuts off production, even with their scantier color selection.

So, you can acquire most of your needed kitchenware of the same colors without the anxiety of facing a stock out.

  • Enamel

Yes, both the brands utilize grade-A enamel coatings for their ovens, but get this – there’s a huge difference. It might trick the bare eyes, but there’s so much more that goes into creating these ideal essential tools.

We’ve seen earlier that Staub swears by their pitch-black and darker undertone insides while Le Creuset sticks to the classic cream white finish.

With the brighter finish, it’s more comfortable to check the contents inside, more relaxed to clean, and makes a wonderful tool to brown your meat in.

But, in hindsight, the lighter tone might prevent an even spread of temperatures, leading to jagged cooking results.

On the other hand, as Staub serves you for decades, they will refrain from showing signs of aging such as marks, scuffs, or scratches due to the rich, darker tint.

Since the enamel structure isn’t the smoothest, it brings in more durability as well. The darker interior also regulates even heating, even while you’re slow cooking.

However, the tone might interrupt a tad bit with your judgment on the contents’ progress.

Furthermore, the slightly rugged surface on the Staub oven will not be the most manageable to clean. Getting around those ridges and textures will need a bit more effort on your part.

Pros & Cons of Staub vs. Le Creuset

Le Creuset vs. Staub
Le Creuset Vs. Staub

Think about it – every product that you buy has specific pros and cons to it. If not, at least there’s an opportunity cost for giving up your second best option.

With these meticulously constructed Dutch ovens, the scenario is no different.

They’re incredibly shiny and adds just the pop of color that every kitchen need. But it’s tricky to choose one because they do cost us quite a whole.

Now then, since that’s out of the way, let’s take you on a ride where we establish a few pros and cons for each of these ovens in the hopes of making your decision-making process manageable.

Staub Oven Dutch Oven Pros

  • Le Creuset ovens come with impressive warranties.
  • The handles are extremely broad and roomy, hence carrying and transport are handier.
  • The knobs are insulated with plastic so they don’t get hot during cooking.
  • Enameled bright, white interior lets you observe the progress of the cooking and have a spotless rinse.
  • You can pick any shape and size, starting from a quart to even 13 quarts. The figures include shallow brasiers, ovals, rounds, and much more.
  • Take your pick from their extended 17, vibrant color scheme.
  • Intricately handmade in France, with top-notch quality control.

Staub Oven Dutch Oven Cons

  • The plastic knobs have metal replacements which are sold for around $20. If you’re relying on your oven to finish up most of your dishes, this extra addition is a must as the plastic knobs aren’t oven-proof.
  • As the interiors are painted white, it might need regular deep cleaning to remove stains. Scratches from metal cutleries will be pretty evident too.
  • It costs an arm and a leg.

Le Creuset Dutch Oven Pros

  • Handmade with strict quality oversight in France.
  • Comes with long lifetime warranties.
  • The fit is budge-proof and the tightest, which helps in maintaining precise heat circulation and restricts evaporation.
  • Self-basting food can now be another easy-peasy cooking skill to take on, as there’s a pretty noticeable bump in the lid, making the condensation process effortless.
  • The knobs come in the cutest shapes mimicking various animals. They’re all made of metal instead of plastic.
  • Compared to Le Creuset ovens, these are cheaper and can be found on sale.
  • Best for browning meat as the interior comes in a darker matte enameled tone. This also means that the pots don’t stain and great if you want to buildup seasoning with time.
  • Comes in various earthy tones, perfect for a monotone kitchen.

Le Creuset Oven Cons

  • The oven pots are heavier than the Le Creuset models.
  • The handles aren’t as spacious as its competitor.
  • If you want a more concentrated flavor in some of your dishes, you will have to utilize minimized liquid contents or reduce their measurements.
  • There may be an occurrence of spikes beneath the lid, which makes it tougher to clean.
  • It needs your utmost attention during the browning process as the interiors are tainted with a dark enamel.
  • Doesn’t possess an extended color line like the Le Creuset brand.
  • Even though we mentioned that it’s cheaper than Le Creuset, they still cost a hefty amount.

Staub Or Le Creuset?

Le Creuset Models

To boil down the results even more, we need to talk more about Staub and Le Creuset’s cooking. If we take some of the most-loved and regular cooking bases, it would finally divide our readers into two pools.

We’re not here to separate you from your friends. But, sometimes, a few of us love to slow cook while others love to brown their meat more often.

Besides these cooking kickoffs, we will also discuss some other key features, extra services, and more. So, skim through to know it all.

  • Moisture Retention

The heavy and snug-fit Staub takes the winning cup when all that you require exclusively is to retain moisture while cooking.

Don’t get us wrong. Le Creuset lids are fair and standard built, too, with their 500 degrees reliable phenolic handle knobs.

Although the fit is quite decent and acceptable, you can visibly see the steam departing from the edges and all around the pot. In this regard, Staub has left no cervices untouched.

Beneath or inside the top cover, you will find tiny nubs intricately aligned. These nubs collect all the condensation, which gradually drips back down into the food contents.

Moreover, due to its incredibly stubborn fit, all the moisture is accumulated as condensation and dripped back down rather than escaping.

  • Browning

This one’s a tough fight. Some say Le Creuset does a fantastic job in perfectly browning meat, while others slack on that statement. In all honesty, it also depends on your preference.

Le Creuset

However, while browning vegetables or meats, you can easily track the development in Le Creuset’s white interior finish.

Again, too much difference; judging the course just by looking at it is ten times more straining with the Staub darker enamel finish.

Due to the light-toned enamel finish on the insides, experts also believe that the heat distribution might be slightly off, too, for the Staub oven.

  • Are They Dishwasher Safe?

Cleaning off browning and burnt stains are definitely the most elementary to pinpoint if you’re committed to a Le Creuset pot oven. However, as you see a stain forming, you can get right to it and avoid any discoloration in the future.

However, people who commit to deep cleaning know the struggles of overnight soaking. But, will its dimensions allow such progressive cleaning?

The Le Creuset sets are dishwasher safe with appropriate sizing. Thus, you can shove them in, set a timer and get your pot renewed with a few hours of deep scrubbing. Yay!

The Staub oven, on the other deal, can be a bit sneaky in this matter. How would you dedicate yourself to a day of deep cleaning if you can’t spot the stains right?

Unfortunately, experts say that Staub ovens shouldn’t be jostled into dishwashers now and then either as the interior is lined with porous enamel coatings, which have a tendency to degrade when they come in contact with the dishwashing detergent’s chemicals. Yikes!

  • Storage

Upon coming head-on with their storing and maneuverability convenience, we had to conclude that neither of them is superior to one another.

They’re both equally hefty and bulky, and that ‘one savior’ pot that every kitchen and households need.

With that out of the way, we also need to highlight that the Le Creuset pot oven is a tad bit lighter than the Staub ones. Nevertheless, will you be able to identify the weight discrepancy in a blink? No.

If you love to stock up your cookware in the storage, out of everyone’s way, when not in use – we’re with you.

In case you seem to face difficulty in storing this big boy, try the Matryoshka doll technique. Simply stock up tinier cookware inside the big boys as you go.

Don’t panic about the infrastructure.   These are extremely strong and heavy-built; hence, they can nest your smaller cookware with ease.

The enamel coatings are top-tier and will never chip away from genuine contacts as such. Those characteristics are for the flimsies, and we don’t have that here.

  • Lid Accessories

The Staub lids will arrive in standard metal handles. This is a big hit as the plastic insulator handles do not correspond well to the oven heat.

Thus you might have to change the Le Creuset handles every time you want to slide in the pots in an oven.

Moreover, with Staub, the ranges, styles, and designs of these handles are excellent. You can choose between numerous animal shapes, varying colors, and other beautiful contrasted editions.

The plastic handles in a Le Creuset model have a 390 degrees Fahrenheit heat limitation. Meaning, you will have to switch the handles with metal replacements; in any case, if the temperature shoots higher.

But hey, don’t panic as the handles don’t get hot.

The few drawbacks are that the style ranges of the replacement handles aren’t as expansive as the Staub ones, and it restricts your way around cooking in an oven.

Learn some quick differences between the two brand from this video.

What Are They Best For?

Le Creuset usages

We know your confusion meter is on an all-time high now. So before you chip off your nails from anxiety, let us ease off some of that steam.

To be precise, we will clearly state which of these ovens is perfect at, their top features and the reasons for their best-selling capacities.

Top Features For Le Creuset Ovens

  • Colors – Le Creuset has the best color range, as we know of. Moreover, they also offer matching pie pans, pepper mills, and so much more to maintain your kitchen’s aesthetics.
  • Style – They have an enormous line of sorts for their pots and pans. Starting from their sizes to shapes, you can find your ultimate kitchen goals right here to match the color scheme and your cooing style.
  • Enamel Coating – If you need the most lightweight pot ovens, this is it. Le Creuset is renowned for being at the top for their fantastic weight maintenance per quart.
The Le Creuset Ovens Are Best For?

So, in your absolute must-have list, you desire to have the best color coordinated kitchen.

Of course, you can be spending your entire life in search of just that, but we can assure you that at the end of the day, you’ll always have to rely on Le Creuset to get this job done.

Go ahead, and revamp your kitchen with the best color-centric Dutch oven.

Top Features For Staub Ovens

use of Staub
  • The Interior

Are you a touch sly when it comes to obscuring evident mistakes in the kitchen, like me? If you are, let me present your best friend.

The Staub ovens are exemplary if all you’ve ever wanted is to hide the scratches and scuffs that shine through on white and smoother enamels.

Contradictory to that, the black matte interior is perfect for building up the seasoning and a more non-sticky finish.

  • Sizes And Shapes

So, you like a dash of funk in your kitchen. We love it too!

Starting from crazy fruits and vegetables to even animals, Staub pots and pans offer unconventional designs and shapes that can be shown off as decorative masterpieces but can pay off well while cooking too.

  • Self-Basting

Your food will never come out crusty and dry or even too soggy. The tiny spike on the lid makes sure that the condensation process is executed seamlessly, letting the droplets fall back into the food contents without drying them out.

The Staub Ovens Are Best For?

Staub is the leading brand for chefs and cooking aficionados. Professional cooks love that the Staub ovens are astonishingly diverse.

The matte black finish, the seasonable cast irons, and the self-basting lids – all of these combined can elevate your cooking skills and present the most succulent dishes that your taste buds have never savored before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Staub better than Le Creuset?

In terms of the ability to cook, Staub is bettern than Le Creuset. The self-blasting feature of the lid is just awesome!

Do chefs prefer Staub or Le Creuset?

Chefs prefer Staub over Le Creuset because of the self-blasting feature under the hood feature.

Is Staub more expensive than Le Creuset?

No. It’s actually cheaper than Le Creuset.

What’s the difference between Staub and Le Creuset?

Among many things, Staub is thicker and heavier than Le Creuset. Also, Staub performs better but holds less lequid.

Are the rims of a cast iron pot coated with enamel?

To put it straight, the answer is no. You can affirm this suspicion with the Staub editions. There’s a tactical reason for not doing so. If both the pots and the lids were coated with enamel, they would fuse upon receiving heat.

When enamel receives heat, it can soften out an enamel layering, so the cast iron pots are meticulously coated with a matte enamel layer on the rims.

If, however, you notice rust forming on the rim, you can sand it down and utilize oil to prevent it from happening again.

How can you wash these oven pots?

You can use any renowned dish soap like Dawn to get spotless results. For deep cleaning, you can also opt for dishwashers to run a cycle.

However, experts recommend hand washing them often and only occasionally relying on a dishwasher for heavy cycles.

A heavy cycle can effectively eliminate the seasoned coating that may have taken quite some time to build up. Sticking to non-abrasive dish soaps and soft dish rags is a recipe for a long-lasting oven pot.

What are a few “don’ts” for enameled cast irons?

1. Refrain from using abrasive ingredients on the enamel pots, like scrubbing sponges and cleaning agents.
2. You should always avoid submerging the hot ovens in cold water.
3. Never opt for metal spoons or cutleries to be used atop the pot oven’s surface.
4. Only rarely wash them in a dishwasher.


All disputes revolve around these two bad boys because they’ve always been at the top, trying to claw each other down with their enamel layered, eye-catchy color schemes and incredibly diverse features.

Alas, human nature is weak when it comes to confining decisions based on French alluring. But, now you know better.

As we break all stereotypes regarding the Staub vs. Le Creuset contest, now you know which oven will win over you and your guests with finger-licking-good dishes.

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