How to Change Batteries in Honeywell Thermostat | The Easiest Ways

Do you want to replace the batteries in your Honeywell thermostat? Do you find it difficult to take the cover off from your thermostat? 

Well, you don’t have to be an expert to change them. If you follow our today’s article, you can change them with no hassle. 

In this article, we will discuss how to change batteries in the Honeywell thermostat. I have covered all of their models in this in-depth step by step guide.

Requirements For Honeywell Battery Replacement

how to change batteries in Honeywell thermostat

With dead batteries, your Honeywell thermostat won’t work. To replace the batteries from your Honeywell Thermostat you need to know the model first.

Different models come with different types of batteries. Some models have AA alkaline batteries and others have AAA batteries. 

Therefore, you should check the model first. You can either search for the model number in the user manual or on the backside of your thermostat. 

Also, some Honeywell thermostats have model numbers on the front side. Now, you have to open the cover of the battery compartment.

In some models, you need to unscrew a small screw to separate the cover from the battery compartment. 

Hence, you will need a screwdriver to proceed. Some models do not have any screws pinned. 

So, you can uncover the batteries by gentle push or little wiggle. 

Honeywell Thermostat Battery Replacement Instructions

As you may know, Honeywell offers a wide range of models and series. We’ll go over most of them in-depth here. 

I believe I did not miss any of their series. If I did, let me know in the comment box.

Honeywell Thermostat 1000 & 2000 series 

Honeywell Thermostat 1000 series

In multi-family homes, Honeywell’s 100 and 2000 series are highly popular. They provide excellent service for apartment complexes. 

Also, they are affordable options. 

They make it simple to adjust and turn on your air conditioner or gas furnace. Both of these models have a controllable LED display. 

So, if you’re looking for a low-cost thermostat, they might be the greatest option.

The Honeywell 1000 series thermostat has three models. They are TH1100DV, TH1110DV, and TH1210DV. 

On the other hand, the 200 series have only 2 models which are TH2110DV, and TH2210DV. Both of these models come with 2 AA batteries. 

Time needed: 30 minutes

Here is how you can change them:

  1. Switch Off The Thermostat

    First of all, you need to turn off your thermostat and isolate the circuit. It is for precaution.

    So, do not forget to turn off the switch before going to the next step.

  2. Pull The Cover-Plate Off

    Now, to open the batteries from your thermostat you need to take the cover plate off from the base.

    Do not rush or shake just hold it and gently wiggle straight out.

  3. Replace The Batteries

    Now, you need to replace the old batteries with 2 AA new batteries. Make sure you have inserted the batteries with matching polarity.

    You can see the polarity markings on the battery compartment.

  4. Place the cover-plate back

    Now you need to put the cover plate back. Hold the cover plate and slide it onto the base of your thermostat.

    Push the cover gently until it is firmly fixed.

  5. Turn On Your Thermostat

    You have just installed new batteries in your thermostat. You can turn Your thermostat on now and enjoy a comfortable temperature.

Honeywell Thermostat 3000 Series

3000 Series

This series has a unique feature that made this series stand out from the others. 

It has included built-in compressor protection, which is a significant improvement over the prior model. 

Additionally, these series come with a display and control system. Thus, you can easily make the adjustments if needed. 

Also, this series can face any fluctuation in the AC power supply with the help of its own batteries. 

Once a year, you may need to replace the batteries. Before the batteries run out, you’ll get a notification that it’s time to replace them, otherwise, it won’t be able to turn on the furnace or the cooling system.

There are two modes on the Honeywell Thermostat 3000 series. These are TH3110D1008 and TH3210D1004. 

Let’s see how to change their batteries. 

  • Switch Off The Thermostat

First and foremost, you must switch off the thermostat. It’s purely precautionary. 

So, before moving on to the next step, remember to turn off the switch.

  • Pull Off The Cover-Plate 

Once you have turned off the thermostat now you have to take the cover off. 

So, now you have to pull the cover at the bottom of the thermostat. The cover plate and the base plate can be separated with a simple pull.

  • Replace The Batteries

Now it’s time to swap out the old batteries with new ones. Make sure the batteries have the same polarity when you put them in. 

On the battery compartment, you can observe the polarity marks.

  • Slide The Cover-Plate Back 

Now, you have to place the cover plate back on the base. You need to put the cover on the top first. 

Then just put some pressure by your fingers all over it. If you put the cover in the right areas it should perfectly fit with its base. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

You’ve finally replaced the batteries in your thermostat. Now is the time to turn on your thermostat and enjoy a pleasant temperature.

Honeywell Thermostat 4000 Series

Honeywell Thermostat 4000 Series

Honeywell came with better control and built-in compressor protection in this series. 

With these thermostats, you can control the heating system and your fan easily. 

This series has LED displays which are better than any other previous versions. You can see your battery status, current room temperatures, date, and time along with current system status. 

You can program the temperature for the coming days. 

The 4000 series has two models which are TH4210D and TH4110D. You will need two AA batteries to replace the previous ones. 

We have discussed how to change their batteries below. 

  • Turn Off The Thermostat

Just like changing the batteries of all the other thermostats, you need to switch them off first. 

It will prevent your thermostat from sudden power shortage. 

  • Pull Off The Cover Plate 

To pull off the cover plate you have to use your fingers efficiently. Put your fingers at the bottom of the thermostat. 

Now pull the cover with your fingers to take the cover off. 

  • Replace The Batteries

Once you have taken off the cover it is time to replace the batteries. Now, change the old batteries and insert 2 AA batteries. 

Make sure you have inserted them with the correct polarity. 

  • Slide The Cover-Plate Back 

Once you have replaced the barriers you can slide back the cover plate on the base. 

Just set the cover plate on the base and gently slide it all over it. You should press the cover plate until it firmly fixes with the base. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

Now turn on your thermostat and set any temperature you like. It should work fine for another year now. 

Honeywell Thermostat 5000 Series 

5000 Series

“Modern problems require modern answers,” a wise man once stated. We think Honeywell knows it well. 

They have come up with a sliding battery compartment slot for their 5000 series. So, you do not have to hassle to replace the batteries anymore. 

Additionally, they have introduced the Auto Changeover feature with this thermostat series. So, from now on, you can change air conditioning and heating on the same day with this feature. 

Once you have set the temperature your thermostat will automatically adjust the room temperature by heating or cooling on its own.

This series has 4 different models. It includes Focus Pro, TH5110D, TH5320U & TH5220D. Let’s see how to change their batteries below. 

  • Switch Off Your Thermostat

While changing batteries you need to turn off the thermostat. You know how to turn it off, right? We bet you know!

  • Remove The Battery Holder

This series has a unique battery holder. It’s in the upper right corner of your thermostat. 

To remove the battery compartment, simply press and pull the cover plate.

  • Replace The Batteries

It’s time to change the batteries after you’ve removed the cover. Replace the old batteries with two AA batteries. 

Make sure the polarity is correct before inserting them.

  • Put The Battery Holder Back 

Now, once you have changed the batteries you should put the battery holder back to the base. Put them properly back on the base to get the desired service again.

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

Congratulation! You have now replaced your thermostat’s battery. Set your own program again and have a comfy temperature in your room. 

Honeywell Thermostat 6000 series 

Along with hardware changes, this series comes with a program upgrade. So, now you can have better control over your thermostat. 

Also, this series offers better services than previous all models. 

You will find a program schedule feature in these models. You can easily set different settings for different days. 

Besides, Honeywell introduced four pre-set settings with this series. So, it can save your energy cost. 

There are three models in this series. They are TH6110D, TH6220D, and TH6320U. 

All of them are very efficient to keep your room temperature suitable for you and your family. Let’s go below and find how to change their batteries. 

  • Switch Off Your Thermostat

This is the first thing you have to do when replacing a thermostat’s battery. Turn off your thermostat to proceed to the next step. 

  • Remove The Battery Holder

This series has the same battery holder as the previous series. It’s on your thermostat’s upper right corner. 

Simply press and pull the cover plate to remove the battery compartment.

  • Replace The Batteries

After you remove the cover, it’s time to replace the batteries. Two AA batteries should be used in place of the previous ones. 

Also, before inserting them, double-check the polarity.

  • Put The Battery Holder Back 

When you’ve finished changing the batteries, reinstall the battery holder in the base. 

You should do this step carefully. Make sure you have placed it correctly. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

So, now in the final step, you should switch on your thermostat. As you know Honeywell 6000 series has different pre-set settings. 

You can choose any of them.  

Honeywell Thermostat 8000 Series

Honeywell Thermostat 8000 Series

The 8000 series comes with two unique features which made them stand out from its predecessors. 

These smart Honeywell Thermostats have total touchscreen control and Wi-Fi compatibility. These two outstanding features will change your experience forever. 

You can now use your smartphone to control ventilation, program schedule, humidity, and other features. 

As a result, you won’t have to walk near your thermostat to adjust the temperature in your room.

Additionally, this series is compatible with the “My Total Connect Comfort” web portal. 

Besides., you can also use the built-in app to control your thermostat. This series has three models which are TH8110U, TH8320U, and TH8321U. 

Let’s see how to change their batteries. 

  • Turn Off Your Thermostat

When it comes to replacing a thermostat’s battery, this is the first thing you have to do. To move on to the following stage, turn off your thermostat.

  • Remove The Cover Plate

The cover plate is very easy to remove. Simply grasp the cover plate and pull it away from the base.

  • Replace The Batteries

Unlike the previous models, these series require three AAA batteries. Replace the old batteries with new three AAA batteries. 

Carefully check the polarity before interesting them. 

  • Put The Battery Holder Back 

Now, it is time to put the cover plate back on the base. This step is also very easy. 

You just have to put the cover plate on the base and gently push it until it gets fixed. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

Now you can turn back your thermostat. Reset all the settings according to your need again. 

You do not have to change the batteries again till the next year.

Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat

Honeywell introduced this model back in 2014. Now, this model comes with a large stylish glass display. 

Also, it has control wheels and several buttons for controlling the thermostat easily.

This model has geofencing technology. Therefore, you can get the exact temperature status and adjust it accordingly. 

So, now you can have a better experience with your thermostat. 

Besides, you can connect this thermostat with Samsung Smart Things, Apple Watch, and Apple HomeKit along with other third-party products. 

You can learn Honeywell Lyric battery replacement below. 

  • Turn Off The Thermostat

Like any other device, you have to turn off it first to replace its battery. So, turn off your device to go to the next step.

  • Remove The Thermostat From The Base

Now, you have to remove the thermostat from its base. You can do it very easily. Just hold the thermostat and pull gently. 

  • Change The Batteries

You need one AAA Lithium Battery to replace the old one. Before inserting the battery make sure you have matched the polarity. 

You can see the polarity sign in the battery compartment.  

  • Put The Thermostat Back On The Base

Once you have replaced the battery now you have to install the thermostat back on the base. Place the thermostat over the base and then slowly apply pressure to fix it to the base. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

It’s time to turn on your thermostat again. Simply press the power button and select your desired temperature. Now enjoy!

Honeywell HCW80 Thermostat 

This Honeywell thermostat is not like the others. It works as a room unit with HC60NG. Both of these are known as Y6630D1007. 

They exchange information with wireless technology and change the room temperature. 

Although this thermostat adjusts the temperature of the room automatically, it can also be adjusted manually. 

To set the room temperature suitable for you, you have to use the adjustment dial.

The lifespan of this thermostat battery is normally two years. After this time, you have to replace them. 

The following instructions will show you how to replace the batteries in this thermostat.

  • Turn Off Your Thermostat

One thing that is a must while changing batteries in the thermostat is you have to turn it off. 

This will save your device from a sudden power shortage.  

  • Remove It From The Base

Once you have turned off the thermostat you need to remove it from its base. Just slowly pull the thermostat from the base. 

Apply a little more pressure if needed. However, do not wriggle it too hard. 

  • Change The Batteries

This thermostat needs 2 AA batteries. Replace the old batteries with two brand new AA batteries to stay tension-free for the next two years. 

Before installing the battery check the polarity markings on the battery compartment.

  • Put The Thermostat Back On The Base

Now you need to place the thermostat on top of the base. Put it on the base and gently press it to fix the on the base. 

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

It’s over! Now just have to switch on your thermostat to adjust your room temperature. 

You can either choose the automatic temperature control option or you can set it manually.

Honeywell RTH110B Thermostat 

This thermostat is quite different from the others. This model is not programmable or heat pump compatible. 

You can, however, use it to turn on your air conditioning, central heating, and hot water systems, as well as fuel furnaces and other appliances.

It contains a built-in thermometer that measures the temperature of your space. As a result, this thermostat could keep your room at the perfect temperature for you.

In addition, this thermostat will give you an alert when you have to change the battery. 

To replace the old AA batteries, you’ll need to purchase two new ones.

Here’s how you can replace them below.

  • Turn Off Your Thermostat

When changing the batteries in the thermostat, one thing you must do is turn it off. 

This will prevent your device from experiencing a power outage. 

  • Remove The Thermostat From The Base

Remove the thermostat from its base after it has been turned off. Simply remove the thermostat away from the base gently. 

If necessary, apply a little extra pressure. However, avoid wriggling it too much.

  • Change The Batteries

Two AA batteries are required for this thermostat. Replace the old batteries with two AA batteries that are brand new. 

Check the polarity markings on the battery compartment before installing the battery.

  • Put The Thermostat Back On The Base

The thermostat should now be inserted on top of the base. Set it on the base and gently press it down to seal it.

  • Turn On Your Thermostat 

Here we go! It’s time to reactivate your thermostat. After turning it on, adjust the temperature in your room and relax.

Watch this battery replacement video!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What kind of battery goes in a Honeywell thermostat?

Most of the Honeywell thermostat series take 2 AA batteries.

How do I know if my thermostat needs a new battery?

Apart from the low battery indicator on the thermostat, you can hear a beep sound from it. Besides, you may have a  blank thermostat screen situation.

Will low batteries affect thermostat?

Low batteres will lead to poor or no functioning of your thermostat. So, your heating and cooling system won’t work properly too.

How can I know when my thermostat battery is low

There are some ways to know when you need to change the old batteries of your thermostat.

Modern thermostat show sign on the display while it has a drained battery. In some thermostats, displays will lose brightness if the battery is low.

How do you take the cover off a Honeywell thermostat?

Honeywell thermostat has many series and models. All of them have a different method to uncover them from the base. We have covered most of them here.

How to install a Honeywell Thermostat?

Installing a thermostat is not as easy as it sounds. We recommend getting help from a professional for installing a thermostat in your home.

Closing Remarks

Honeywell thermostats are among the most widely used thermostats on the market. They provide amazing service for smart homes. 

However, as with any other electric equipment, the batteries may need to be replaced on a regular basis.

We have explained how to change batteries in the Honeywell thermostat here. You do not have to hire an electrician if you follow this guide. You can change your thermostat’s batteries on your own. Best of luck!

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