Nuwave Bravo XL Vs. Power Air Fryer 360: Which One Is Best?

Do you have a multi-functional cooking appliance in your kitchen? If you don’t, then you should get one.

There are so many benefits of having a multi-functional cooking appliance aside from saving space in your kitchen. Among many of them, there are two popular multi-functional cooking appliance choices.

NuWave Bravo XL vs. Power Air fryer 360, the battle between these two is very tight for the multi-functional cooking appliance. 

So, which one is better for you? Let’s get into the comparison of them and find that out. 

Differences Between Nuwave Bravo XL And Power Air Fryer 360

Here, I will take you through all the differences between the two items. That will make it very clear for you to decide which one you want. 

  • General Overview 

First of all, let’s talk about why you should even consider taking a look at them. 

NuWave Bravo XL

Primarily NuWave Bravo XL is an oven. It makes sure you can cook your food with ease. There are lots of features like temperature control, precise timing, flavor infusion, triple cooking technology, etc.

Also, it’s not just an oven; you can use it for air frying, broiling, grilling, roasting, reheating, and various other functions. 

Power Air Fryer 360

The Power Air fryer 360 is mainly an air fryer then comes with some added functionalities. It almost looks like a toaster oven when you first take a look at it.

Aside from an air fryer, you can use it as a food dehydrator, oven, broiling, roasting, etc. All of this combined makes this one a worthy choice for a great kitchen appliance to have. 

  • Size And Capacity 

NuWave Bravo XL

Do you need to cook a whole meal for your family and guests? Well, then NuWave can be the way to go. It’s a huge unit for cooking a large amount of meal at once.

The cooking compartment measures 14 inches wide, 7 inches tall, and 13.5 inches in depth. So, you can easily cook a 10-pound chicken on this oven with ease. 

Other than that, it holds up various kinds of food you want to reheat all at once. This can save up a lot of your time and electricity consumption as well. All in all, it’s a great unit to have in terms of size. 

Power Air Fryer 360

Coming to the power air fryer 360, it’s a bit smaller than the NuWave bravo XL. The cooking compartment is 12.5 inches in width, 11 inches in depth, and 5.5 inches in height.

If we are comparing this to the other one, then this is surely smaller. But in general, it’s a decent-sized unit for cooking dinner for a whole family. 

As the unit’s primary function is to air fry, you can expect a good amount of air-fried food with this one. It has still got enough space to cook a whole 4-pound chicken inside. So, that’s not a bad capacity to have. 

Decision: Well, the decision here is pretty clear. In terms of size and capacity, your obvious choice should be the NuWave bravo Xl without any second thoughts at all. 

Cooking Functionalities 

  • NuWave Bravo XL
NuWave bravo xl air fryer convection oven
NuWave Bravo XL

When it comes to cooking functions, NuWave Bravo can be the hero to your kitchen. It gives you 12 presets for different cooking functions.

You can just use one click of a button to get your desired cooking done with perfection with these settings. 

You can do the following cooking functions with this one- 

  1. Bake 
  2. Grill 
  3. Broil 
  4. Air fry 
  5. Dehydrate 
  6. Reheat 
  7. Pizza 
  8. Toast 
  9. Roast 
  10. Slow Roast 
  11. Yogurt 
  12. Frozen 

Now, that’s a lot of cooking functions in one machine. You don’t need to go for another machine to do all the different cooking. This saves up space in your kitchen and your money as well. 

  • Power Air Fryer 360

The Emeril Lagasse Power air fryer 360 also comes with quite a lot of cooking functionalities. It has got 12 preset cooking functions already for you.

This makes cooking much easier and convenient for you. Here are the cooking functionalities you get from the power air fryer 360-

  1. Air Fry
  2. Reheat
  3. Toast 
  4. Roast 
  5. Slow cooking 
  6. Dehydrate
  7. Broil 
  8. Bagel 
  9. Pizza
  10. Bake 
  11. Warm 
  12. Rotisserie

As you can see, there aren’t major differences between the cooking functionalities. You can do a lot of cooking with both of them and get rid of unnecessary appliances. 

Decision: Making a decision here will come down to two cooking functions. Do you want to have rotisserie facilities, or you want to have grilling?

For grilling, you go with NuWave, and for rotisserie, you go with a Power air fryer. 

  • Ease Of Usage 

NuWave Bravo XL

If you are concerned about using this oven, well, you don’t need to worry at all. It has got everything set up perfectly for you.

You just put the meal you want to prepare inside the oven and press the button. It comes with excellent temperature control to give you perfectly cooked food. 

And for the visuals, you get an LCD that comes with LED lights for the preset buttons. You get all the things you need to be located on display. 

Power Air Fryer 360

Unlike the other one, the power air fryer 360 comes only with an LCD panel without any lights.

However, there are labels and dials that you can use for controlling temperature, time, and all the other functionalities. You won’t have any problem understanding functions or use of them with this one. 

Also, for your ease, this one has got markings along with the door so you can keep track of the placement of trays, racks, and pans. 

Decision: They both are very easy to use and understand. So, it will be a hard decision to make. If you want some modern looks on the panel, then NuWave is your choice, but you love dials and labels, then Power Air fryer is great for that. 

  • Power And Temperature 

NuWave Bravo XL

With any quality oven or air fryer, you would expect to get a better temperature range. NuWave Bravo XL doesn’t disappoint with that aspect.

It has 1800 watts of power as an appliance that gives you a temperature range of 100 to 450 degrees. This range comes with 5 adjustment options that you can make on this one. 

Power Air Fryer 360

emeril lagasse power air fryer 360 reviews
Power Air Fryer 360

In terms of power and performance, this one doesn’t lack either. You get 1500 watts in this one with a temperature range of 120 to 400.

This is still quite impressive for any air fryer or oven. Also, it comes with 5 heat elements to give you the best possible performance for precise cooking. 

Decision: The decision here is very clear. It would help if you went for NuWave Bravo XL based on this factor. As it gives you a better temperature range, you can’t ignore that.

However, the difference isn’t too much, so Power air fryer 360 won’t be the worst choice either. 

  • Provided Accessories 

NuWave Bravo XL 

What you get with your oven or air fryer impacts a lot in your cooking. Because with better options in the accessories you open up more possibilities.

NuWave gives you just the things you need. It comes with the following accessories-

  • Baking pans 
  • Broiler racks 
  • Air fry basket 
  • Pizza cutter and peeler 
  • Drip tray 
  • Digital temperature probe 

And along with all that, you get a recipe book and an owner’s manual. 

Power Air Fryer 360

The power air fryer 360 also comes with quite many accessories that make your life much easier. It has got the following accessories with the package- 

  • Crisper tray
  • Baking pans 
  • Pizza Rack 
  • Drip tray
  • Rotisserie Stick 

 Along with all these, you get a recipe book with 30 different recipes all ready for you. Then there is always the manual for instructions. 

Decision: The competition here between accessories is cutthroat. You can’t make a clear choice here. Also, you can always add the necessary accessories you need.  

  • Pricing 

NuWave Bravo XL 

Considering all the features and quality of this oven, it’s a value for money product for everyone out there. The price is reasonable for the things you will be getting.

Also, buying this will help you save up money on other cooking appliances, so it’s a great deal to grab. 

Power Air Fryer

Surprisingly enough, both these cooking appliances are equally priced. This one is also worth the money you pay. The quality, performance, and functionalities surely do justice to the price.

Decision: With the same pricing for both of these, NuWave Bravo XL is a better choice for the price. Because with the same price, you will be getting a larger and more powerful oven/ air fryer. 


To sum up the debate of NuWave Bravo XL vs. Power air fryer 360, we would say NuWave Bravo XL is a better choice in many considerations.

It comes with better capacity, better temperature range, modern control panel design, and all of that within the same price. 

However, Power air fryer 360 isn’t a bad choice either. Especially if you need the rotisserie and slow cooking facilities, it’s a great choice to go with.

Overall, NuWave Bravo Xl is the winner here. 

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