NuWave Bravo XL Reviews 2021: Convection & Toaster-Oven – Air Fryer!

Beware! This will make the rest of the kitchen appliances useless. Yes, you heard me right. It’s an all-in-one solution and everyone just loves the NuWave Bravo XL smart oven!

The foods taste great simply because it constantly keeps adjusting the power to keep the temperature exactly right. It shoots temperature dramatically, so no preheat required.

There are plenty of other reasons why people love it.

And at the end of reading the comprehensive NuWave Bravo XL air fryer convection oven reviews, you will understand better whether you should get it or not.

NuWave Bravo XL Reviews 2021

NuWave Bravo XL
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Undoubtedly, it’s a great convection toaster oven and I strongly believe you won’t need any other kitchen gadgets like an air fryer.

So, it may seem costly to you— but when you think about it, it will keep your overall spending in check and at a minimum.

It just makes your cooking very convenient when you use the NuWave. You don’t need to turn over even when you cook your frozen food.

It simply cooks them very thoroughly.

Whatever you cook, they will taste better and the food value will be intact. Get your pizza done easily and the crust will be crispy and awesome. Your hot dogs will come out great too.

Awesome Features & Benefits of NuWave Bravo

I will get to the pros and cons of the convection oven shortly but let’s see some of its great features first.

  1. Sturdy Build

Not just the sturdy cooking racks, it features stainless steel exterior construction and a tempered glass door that is heat-resistant.

More so, the tray is made of stainless steel, the baking pan is made of non-stock enamel, the silicon pad – everything is made of high-quality material.

So yes, it’s gonna last for a long time and serve you years after years. And apart from that, it’s a nice looking countertop oven + air fryer. It will add extra beauty to the kitchen.

  1. Higher Capacity

It features one cubic foot of cooking space. If you don’t understand the capacity yet, let me explain. You can cook a 10-pound chicken! More so, for your entire family, you can cook a 13-inch pizza easily.

  1. Smart Temperature Control

NuWave bravo xl air fryer convection oven

I talked about its awesome temperature control at the beginning briefly but it needs detailed attention.

This is the single most feature that has made it most popular among its counterparts.

There is no chance of overcooking or undercooking your food when you have a NuWave Bravo in your kitchen arsenal.

You set a certain temperature for your meat and it will automatically shut off once it reached that temperature.

So, how does it differ from other ovens?

Well, most of the ovens have a simple on and off power feature whereas the power adjusts continuously to keep it right always in NuWave.

Without burning or drying out your food, it cooks them faster than most other ovens out there.

The superior temperature control is simply second to none along with its other great features. The temperature ranges from 100°F and 450°F and it can reach up to 100°F instantly.

And you can increase the temperature by 5°F to have your food precisely cooked. There won’t be any temperature fluctuations. Thanks to its Triac Digital Switch!

It features a true combination of radiant heat, convection, and conduction to circulate and penetrate cyclonic hot air.

  1. Cooking Made Simple!

It features 12 presets! Just press a single button and you can do the following without worrying about perfect timing and temp:

  • Restaurant quality pizza, waffles, and bagels.
  • Air frying (which eliminates the need of having a separate air fryer totally).
  • All of our baking.
  • Roasting.
  • Broiling.
  • Grilling.
  • Reheating your food.
  • Dehydrating.
  • Defrosting.
  • Roasting

For all of the above and more, you will get all the NuWave Bravo xl accessories along with a great recipe book.

The recipe book includes 40 recipes. With precise time and temperature control, you can prepare all of your dream foods.

And because of its convection heating technology, it cooks your food faster than you can imagine. Simply, it makes you a PRO!

Due to its versatile temperature control, you can literally make any dish you wish without any guessing.

  1. Cleaning Is A Breeze

Including the air fry basket and broiler rack, NuWave Bravo comes with lots of non-stick parts. So, you can simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean it.

To make the cleaning faster and easier, it comes with a crumb tray to catch your food residue.

And yes, it’s completely dishwasher safe.


People’s Thought on NuWave Bravo XL

NuWave bravo xl reviews

Many have expressed their excitement and recommendations. It’s good to have a review on them if you seriously consider buying it.

Here is a summary of actual reviews from real users.

I don’t need to convince you to have this if you are already familiar with NuWave products. It’s affordable but has all the functions that you see as inexpensive ones except the rotisserie.

In short, they are reliable & last really long. Period!

For a small or large kitchen, this versatile oven is a blessing in many ways to make your busy modern life a little bit easier.

For a small price, you get a convection oven, a toaster oven, and an air fryer.  All of them in a single unit!

So, if you need to have a snack, you don’t need to turn on your microwave oven, the air fryer function will take care of it. It is much healthier in that way too! It won’t create any mess as the stove does.

People call it a multi-function kitchen appliance simply because of its versatile operations. It’s compact too; so it won’t take much space on the counter.

But is surprisingly big inside to feed the entire family! This is exactly what you can expect from a PowerXL air fryer!

Once you get a hang of it, all of your food will turn out to be great. Even your air-fried meatballs, string beans, broccoli, chicken pieces will be moist and tender.

You will get the best outcome without having some inherent troubles with the air fryer for free! Some of the happy users even reviewed that they had some of the best foods in their life!

You will probably find the reheating feature highly useful. You can reheat any of your leftovers easily. You can even reheat your favorite French fries! Pretty soon, you will forget the need for your microwave.

Get your lasagna, spaghetti squash, even pizza ready at home. Let me assure you something. They will taste better than what you have eaten in a restaurant.

Of course, it heats up extremely but it won’t affect other stuff in the kitchen or melt them. Nobody reported anything like that. It won’t even heat up the countertop and damage it.

Many have compared it with their old toaster oven and they agreed that it is much better than their older ones. It certainly cooks better & FAST and they have found it very easy to clean.

It won’t consume much energy. Many have confirmed it’s actually energy efficient. It cuts your cooking and cleaning time by half and you can spend that saved time with your family or a little ‘own’ time for yourself.

NuWave Bravo XL: Good To Know Facts!

I have seen lots of questions people are asking about it. It’s hard to answer all those individual questions.

So, I have summarized some of those common queries and I believe you will find the below information helpful:

  • The actual cooking compartment is 14 inches in width, 7.5 inches in height, and 13.5 inches in depth.
  • No chance of your kitchen getting filled with smoke from the grease dripping. It will not heat up your kitchen too.
  • From baking cookies to bread, it meets all of your baking needs. The biggest baking sheet you can use is 13×11.
  • No need to heat up your large oven just to warm up your shrimp or French fries. NuWave will take care of that easily.
  • The exterior of the oven does not get as hot as a normal toaster oven. Just a little. But the door never gets hot to touch.
  • It comes with a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • There is a learning curve to get used to it. But it comes with a detailed manual and I strongly recommend it to go through in detail.


  • It makes noise which seems to annoy a lot of people even when they love it overall. The digital clock sometimes makes high pithing noise that is quite disturbing!
  • You can cook a 10-pound chicken but it does not have a rotisserie attached.
  • The built-in air fryer is not that great.

Now, watch a quick video review and cook test!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is NuWave Bravo a microwave?

No. It’s many things like oven and air fryer but not a microwave.

Can a NuWave oven replace a microwave?

Yes, it can. Well not entirely but for almost 90% of cases, your microwave won’t be necessary if you have NuWave.

Is a NuWave oven worth it?

Totally worth it. It will make the rest of your kitchen appliances obsolete. Your prepared and fried food will taste better and they will as crunchy as you expect.

Is NuWave a good brand?

Yes. It is in the market for many years and almost all the NuWave products are popular in the market. People buy their kitchen gadgets to make crispy and tasty food conveniently.

How do you clean a NuWave Bravo XL?

Since most of the accessories are non-stick coated, they are very easy to clean. It is completely dishwasher safe. It has a drip tray to catch crumbs or dripping oil. You won’t have a hard time cleaning it.

Can you use aluminum foil in a NuWave oven?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil in your NuWave oven like any air fryer. There won’t be any problem. More so, you can use any oven-safe dish and metal containers without any problem.

Final Verdict

Of course, it has some ‘issues’ and there is a learning curve to get used to it. But if are looking for a great toaster oven with an air fryer function, it’s a good choice. I just hope the NuWave Bravo XL reviews give you some insights to make your decision.

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  1. I bought one at Christmas time. Having trouble. I have to keep watching it or it will turn off. I thought they had pre sets for the different ways to cook. I turn it on to air fry. Set the temperature to 425 degrees. It goes to pre heat and when it stops it is at 350 degrees. I set the temperature up to 425 degrees and it will go to pre heat again. Have to set cooking time again too!. I wished I had bought Air Fryer 360 XL. I may still do that.

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