Best Lawn Mower For Hills & Steep Banks To Buy In 2021

If you must have the right lawn mower for hills and wet grass, you should only trust the Greenworks brand. It’s trusted by thousands and you can’t go wrong with it.

In this article, I have covered 4 of its popular models.

Other brands like Craftsman, Black & Decker, and Snapper are doing fine as well. So, I have reviewed them as well. In this in-depth article, you will find what you should consider and how to take care of your mower.

Lawn Mower For Steep Hills Comparison Table

Greenworks 2501202 Pro
  • Features: Cordless/Battery-powered
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Great States
  • Features: 18″ Cutting Width
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  • Features: Gas-powered/push
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Greenworks 25022
  • Features: Corded/Electric
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American Lawn Mower Company
  • Features: 14″ Cutting Width
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Greenworks Twin Force
  • Features: Cordless/Battery-powered
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  • Features: Corded/Electric
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  • Features: Cordless/Battery-powered
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10 Popular Lawn Mower Reviews 2020

mower for hills

From cheap electric lawn mower under $200 to expensive high-end models, I have covered them all.

Now that you have a general idea of what I am covering here from the table, let’s check their in-depth reviews.

Greenworks 2501202 Pro

It cuts pretty well without making BIG noises. Yes, it’s fairly quiet. No matter how tall grass you got there, it will take care of them. But you should go slow then. Again, it works like any high-end gas mowers. 

best lawn mower for steep hills from Greenworks
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If you hate gas fumes, this should be our number 1 choice. It can handle everything that a gas mower can do.

Very easy to pull out of the shed and you can fold down the handle for easy storage.

To cut thick and damp grass, it’s second to none. Even whatever the gas mower can’t cut well, it can cut them nicely.

You don’t need to worry about thick dry grass as long as you have it. It leaves little to nothing uncut.

Whereas some of its counterparts including the gas-powered ones require mowing twice, it can do it with one go. There is plenty of evidence to prove this fact.

Just push and hold the green button to turn this on. It’s not self-propelled (though self-propelled version available too) but very easy to push as well.

For parallel mowing, you can easily turn this to a 180° angle. No need to overlap as the blades cut pretty well.

In some reviews, there are a few who complained that it dies after 2 or 3 years. This is true and it’s normal for brushless engines (They are much better than those that are not brushless). 

But in most cases, it lasts for more than 10 to 15 years because of the brushless feature. Besides, Greenworks stands behind its products for several years. So, your investment is secured.

If you need a more powerful mower than this, then you need an industrial-grade mower.

Features & Pros of Greenworks 2501202

  • A 3-in-1 mower. You don’t need separate arrangements for mulching, bag, or side-discharge.
  • Forget about raking. Thanks to its bagger attachment.
  • It works on a 40v battery and gives you as much power as a gas mower. It comes with a charger and 4Ah battery. Those batteries are good for up to 1000 discharge cycles.
  • Batteries last long as is advertised (45 minutes after each full charge). 
  • Incredibly quieter than gas motors.
  • Vertical storage feature. So, it will take less space in your garage.
  • The motor is brushless. Getting anything else but a brushless engine is simply foolish.
  • 15° safe footing, it’s not the limitation of the model.
  • Very lightweight. Including the batteries, it weighs only 63 lbs.
  • Fairly easy installation. Just secure the upper and lower handles together and you are done!


  • Emptying the bag is somewhat inconvenient to some users.

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Great States Push Reel Mower

A true lawn mower for steep hills and it’s within everyone’s budget. When you have a long lawn to mow that is not flat, you need something like this. Very compact design and lightweight.

Great States Push Reel Mower
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Since it’s lightweight, it’s very easy and comfortable to push. It does not require much energy and many elderly have mowed their bigger lawns.

No matter how bigger the yard you have, it will handle like a champ. Since it is lightweight and compact, you will find it more efficient to handle bigger lawns than the gas mowers. A perfect alternative to switch from the electric or gas-powered mower.

Apart from the classic design, you will get a heavy-duty performance on level yards. You need to stop mowing and remove pieces of mulches and twigs for better performance. Very smooth operation for many seasons to come.

In addition to easy maneuvering, you will find that it cuts really well. No terrible cutting like many cheap mowers do.  You don’t have to adjust or sharpen the blades too often either which is a big plus. 

From kids to senior citizens, everyone can now mow the lawn without much effort. It’s true that it can’t cut well that skinny little wheat and tall grasses, but perfect to cut the weeds.

No rock throwing at you something that you get from gas or even electric mowers. Like butter, it can mow your uneven lawn. And most of the time, you don’t have to mow twice to get a smooth lawn.

Very easy installation that a grandma can do. Just put together the handle and set it up with the mower. And voila! You are ready to mow!

Features & Pros of Great States Push Reel Mower

  • Adjustable cutting height from 0. 5″ to 2. 75″ and it features 5 blades made of allow steel to stay sharp for a longer period of time.
  • Normally you don’t have to sharpen the blades for 2 or 3 years.
  • 18 inches cutting width.
  • Very stable and strong handle.
  • Easy start and stop to mow. Highly convenient if you need to take a break.
  • Almost noise-free. 
  • It leaves no visible stripes.
  • Incredible scissors to cut grass. Does not look like it butchered them. You will get a cleaner look at your freshly cut lawn.
  • No battery or gasoline required to operate.


  • Troublesome to cut grasses from the corners and tight spaces. Remember, it can cut only when it moves forward.
  • If you are looking for a manicured look of your yard, it’s not for you.

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Another long-term investment in the mower is having a Craftsman model. With the nice cut, you will get a clean looking yard in no time. A high-quality mower with an affordable cost.

electric lawn mower from Craftsman
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If your old one stopped working or you just buying it for the first time, you need something heavy-duty model. Craftsman is exactly that kind of brand.

Very easy to assemble and straightforward to use. Though rare in many other brands, you can start it at first try. You can easily adjust the height of the deck. There are 3 ways to deal with grass clippings. 

It does not have any primer button, lots of people seem to like this feature. Many love it for its quiet and smooth operation. Very efficient at cutting grass. A reliable workhorse that you can trust.

For small to medium size yard, it’s just perfect. Very hard to complain about anything about it. And it gets the job done every time without fail. No more overgrown lawn!

Since it’s lightweight, everyone can mow including kids and the elderly. With 6 adjustable heights, no one should have any trouble.

Cutting tall and thick grass in an overgrown lawn is always an issue for lots of mowers. Not for this one. Highly recommended for this type of job.

Apart from coming with the bag and a strong engine, you will love how easy it is to maneuver. Works like a charm even on steep hills.

Yes, you have to push it but it won’t make you tired. With incredible power, it will never stall. There is no way to clogging the opening of the bag and the bag will never drop every time it hits a bump.

Pros & Features

  • You can buy it with or without the cover. Perfect even for your rough yard.
  • Optional bagger. Cuts great with or without it.
  • Side & rear discharge with mulching. A true 3-in-1. Read how you can install the side-discharge here.
  • Very powerful gas-powered mower. It features 140CC Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • It has a cutting width of 21 inches. Very wide, so it takes less time to mow the lawn.
  • A simplistic yet well-made push mower. Very easy to navigate.
  • The handle folds down easily.
  • Auto choke feature.
  • It comes with the oil to get it started.
  • Minor assembly required.


  • Yes, it comes with a small bag but you have to empty it frequently.
  • Difficult to mow wet grass because of its small wheels.

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Greenworks 25022

Not everyone is a fan of the pull cord and gas-powered mower. If you are one of them, get this lawnmower from the GreenWorks. Just push the button and off you go! It will serve you and your lawn years after years.

rechargeable lawn mower from Greenworks
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It’s fairly lightweight and easy to assemble. There are multiple height settings. There is a switch to move between mulching and bagging. And the overall maneuver is great. 

Some seem to have trouble with the extension cord. I don’t know why. There is a little clip to secure the cord. So, no chance of unplugging it while cutting grass. Besides, lots of people don’t mind pulling the extension cord.

A well-constructed piece of machinery and you should not have any doubt about its quality. It runs smooth and it’s quiet operation while cutting the grass will impress you. You don’t have to wear any noise-canceling headphones.

The cut is even and quick. The large wheels make the maneuvering really easy. It enough power and enough deck surface, it will change your lawnmowing experience. 

Be patient, you will have no trouble with long and thick grass. When you hit any thick patches, take it slow. Readjust and pull back to avoid shutting down. Again, it’s highly recommended who hate gas mowers, pull starts, and oil stains.

If you have a really small or a medium-sized lawn, this is highly recommended. The power wheels have made it a nice mower for hillside too. It can cut tall grass but you have to go slow. And to cut wet grass, wait until they dry.

Features & Pros

  • Powerful 12 AMP electric motor. Almost as powerful as gas-powered motors.
  • Durable performance. Many have mowing with this for 10+ years. The price is surprisingly affordable.
  • Very easy to attach and detach the bag.
  • Up to 7 adjustable heights. Cut the grass literally well.
  • No pull starts. Very easy push-button to start this thing.
  • Easy storage. Thanks to its foldable handle.
  • A 14 gauge cord is required which you need to buy separately.
  • It’s electric, so don’t mow the wet grass. Wait until they dry.
  • Very lightweight. Weighs only 56 pounds.
  • Safe investment as the brand stand behind their mowers for an extended period.


  • If you don’t go slow on thick grass, it will bog down.
  • Low cord holder.
  • Gets dirty quick. Needs maintenance.

American Lawn Mower Company

If you never want your mower to fail you for a single time, you will always have to go back to the classic push reel mower. Without fail, this mower will give you scissors like a cut every season years after years.

American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Mower
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Don’t listen to them who tell you it’s not suitable for a large yard or women/elderly can’t mow with it. Many have been keeping their lawn neat and clean with this season after seasons. 

Tall/thick or wet grass does not matter. You can cut them if you go slow. It’s perfect for them. It’s even good to cut roots and twigs. No matter what kind of mower you pick, it will always struggle around tall and thick grass.

Even those who are not strong or not so tall did not face any trouble mowing with this. Pushing mowers is a stressful task. But it’s lightweight and very easy to maneuver and push. So, you will not get tired easily.

No matter how uneven concrete patches are there in your backyard, it’s no problem for this reel mower. Don’t worry about various types of weeds, tree stumps, or exposed roots – the sharp blade of the mower will mow your backyard clean.

Unlike electric or gas mowers, you don’t have to wait for the wet grass to dry. It’s a good lawn mower for wet grass!

Almost no maintenance is necessary except clearing out grass from the axle of the wheels and it makes no noise at all. You can listen to your favorite music or podcasts while mowing. 

You can adjust the height to make your mowing convenient. The satisfying sound of blades cutting the grass is nice to me. You will get good physical exercise as well.

Clean it after each use and when dried, apply some oil or WD-40 to keep it functioning for several years to come. 

Pros & More Features

  • 14 inches cutting width. Not bad for a reel mower at all.
  • 5-blades made of alloy steel to cut grass like scissors. The sharpness of the blades remains for a very long time (a couple of years!).
  • Perfect sharpness to cut even the St. Augustine grass.
  • For your comfort mowing, it features a T-shaped cushioned handle. 
  • Don’t be worried about rocks on your lawn. 
  • It can cut as low as 1 inch. 
  • Minimal assembly required to start mowing. 


  • Will be tough to work under a low clearance. 

Greenworks G-Max 25302 

For hillside mowing, you need extra power. So here is another Greenworks mower review and it’s called Twin Force because it’s insanely powerful. With twin blades, the quality of cut is always neat and clean.

Greenworks G-Max rechargeable lawn mower
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I know many people are skeptical about battery-powered mowers. Which is okay because you never know when the charge is gonna run out. But read some of its reviews and you will understand why it should not be your concern at all.

Many skeptical people have recommended this simply (who never recommend anything battery-powered) because it exceeded their expectations by 10 fold! The charge lasts insanely long and you can charge them quickly.

It’s called Twin Force because it runs on 4Ah and 2Ah batteries. You can easily alternate between the two when you need a long charging time. 

Before being exhausted, many have completed mowing both of their small front and back yards. More so, you can use the same battery in other Greenworks products. Most trimmers and blowers have the same universal battery.

It’s a sturdy piece of machinery that will serve you for many years to come. Very easy to push and navigate. The greater maneuverability helps you cut grass even from the sidewalk and driveway.  

Not just for flat surfaces, it’s suitable for almost any yards even with moderate hills. The mulching is fine and it cuts grass evenly that will impress you for sure.

Many have confirmed it mulches better than many gas-powered mowers. And it makes way less noise than it’s gas counterparts. 

It does not require a lot of your energy. And the feature that you will love for sure is the ability to start and stop it almost instantly. 

When the mowing season ends, remove the batteries and store them separately. It will prolong the life-span of the batteries.

Features & Pros

  • Both self-propelled and plain models available sizing options.
  • 5 adjustable height position. Just use the lever and enjoy the utter convenience.
  • 20” cut width. 
  • Dual blades for better cut and superior mulching. 
  • It comes with the needed batteries and a charger.
  • Dual battery system with automatic switching feature for longer charge time.
  • With 10 inch rear wheels and 7 inches front wheels, mowing uneven surfaces will be fun.
  • It’s super lightweight.
  • Yes, you can mow without the mulch attachment and rear bag but you will have a poor experience of mowing.
  • Both the long-lasting battery and the mower will serve you for years.


  • Not ideal for bigger lawns.

Black And Decker Electric Lawn Mower

Most people are familiar with the B&D stuff. If you know the brand already, there is nothing to be skeptical about the corded electric mower. It requires less physical effort than pushing a heavy gas-powered mower.

Black And Decker Electric Lawn Mower
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Super lightweight, plenty of power, and great maneuverability have made it a great candidate. Wet and tall grass, no problem. Incredibly reliable and quiet operation. Very little maintenance as well.

The handle itself is adjustable. So, you can adjust it according to your height to mow comfortably. Set it low to cut encroaching weeds from the edges of the driveway and highest for your regular lawn.

Without any issue, it will cut grass higher than usual. Plenty of power! Even it can cut grass very close to the edges of the decks. If you have landscaping timbers, it will do a nice job cutting grass on the sides of them.

It comes with a larger bagger so that you have to make fewer trips to the compost pile. Using the bag is also optional. You can mow without it and let the grass clippings fall back to the yard to provide valuable nutrients to the soil. 

Yes, there are some frustrations about dragging the power cord while mowing (it’s true for every corded mower). But if you plan ahead about your mowing pattern, you will get used to it. Mowing after that will be natural without mowing over the cord.

Watch a video review on it now.

Pros & Features of B&D MM2000

  • 7 adjustable height settings. From kids to the tallest family members, everyone can mow now.
  • 20 inches cutting width. 
  • You can store it vertically in your garage saving some valuable space.
  • It does an excellent job cutting very tall grasses too. A clean cut every time.
  • Don’t you worry about thick grass. Plenty of people have confirmed its effectiveness against such grass.
  • Very lightweight, even the 70+ years old elderly can pick it up and put this in the trunk of the car.
  • You need to buy the cord separately. Get at least a 100 feet long one.


  • If you hate corded units, avoid this.
  • Not self-propelled.

Greenworks (Model 25322)

This is the last Greenworks mower review I am gonna cover. If you hate the corded units and don’t like the gas-powered model either, this cordless mower will be a good choice for you as your mower for steep banks. 

Greenworks battery powered mower
Click On The Image To Read More Reviews On Amazon

Yes, it’s battery-powered but you will never run out of charge during mowing. Really powerful battery and if charged fully, it will give you 45 minutes of mowing time.

Besides, you can get the battery out of the unit to increase its lifespan.

The 40V battery is super powerful and holds the charge well. It’s rechargeable and you can charge it relatively faster. 

Great for any small yard. Easy turn on and off feature. To adjust the mowing height, the easy lever mechanism will impress you. Very easy to push it, and does not require much energy.

If you have been dying to get mowers for slopes, this is it. It can reach everywhere to mow where heavy-duty mowers can’t. Very smooth and quiet operation too. Won’t irritate the neighbors. You can mow even very early in the morning.

Being super lightweight has made it very popular among women and the elderly. Very neat cutting quality too. Many have confirmed it mows better than many gas mowers they have owned. 

More Pros & Features of Greenworks 25322

  • Available in both 16 and 17 inches with lots of battery options. Very long battery life.
  • The blades already come sharpened. You don’t need to sharpen it until the next season.
  • 5 adjustable heights. Adjust it accordingly to cut on the terrain.
  • Many have been mowing with this for 7+ years. Very durable hence great investment.
  • It features a battery life indicator which seems many have missed. There is a button on the battery. Press it and some green indicators will tell you how much charge is left.
  • You will get a nice even cut on short or regularly mowed grass. 
  • It comes with a grass catcher bag. Both mulching and bagging at the same time.
  • A perfect lawn mower for steep hills, but don’t mow on where it is 15 degrees more incline. 


  • Only 16 inches cutting width.
Types Of Lawn Mowers

self propelled lawn mower under 300

As you have seen already, I have covered various types of lawnmowers. But they come in a lot of other varieties too. It’s hard to get the trouble-free hill lawn mowers without knowing all of its kind.

Here is a list of all different kinds of them:

Ride-On Mowers

Most expensive but high-end and comfortable category. Highly suitable only when you have a really large yard and you want to mow it comfortably.

It takes significantly less time to mow the entire lawn that is insanely large in comparison to its counterparts. Yes, they come in a lot of varieties too:

  • Lawn Tractor

When you think about any ride-on mowers, you think about the lawn tractors where the engine is front-mounted. When your large yard has a deck width of 42 to 54 inches, these tractors come in handy.

With an insanely powerful engine that ranges between 18 to 25 horsepower, they are also called commercial mowers.

  • Zero Turn

They are the Ferrari of mowers of any kind. Great maneuverability and dual hydrostatic transmissions have made them standalone.  No matter how landscaped edges your lawn has, it can cut them tightly.

It can make sharp turns and make a pivot. For all-round cutting performance, they are second to none. Here is a Zero Turn Riding Mower Review for you.

  • Rear Engine Riding

For medium-sized lawns (less than 2.5 acres), they are perfect where the lawn tractor will be an overkill. As you can guess from the name, the engine is mounted beneath the seat where you sit.

They usually have the single-cylinder engines with horsepower in-between 10 to 11. Not suitable if the lawn size is more than 2.5 acres.

Walk Mowers

You walk behind the mower which is not a bad thing for your health. You should get them for smaller lawns (less than 1 acre). No kind of ride-on mowers can operate in such a small yard.

They are great for versatile operation. And like the ride-on mowers, they have multiple categories as well:

  • Reel Mower

They have rotating blades at the front of them to slice off the grass more like scissors. Many people call them cylinder mower as well. Very cheap and it is a great mower for hillside and level yards.

It can’t perform well on uneven grounds. You can get it for a neat cut on the level yard. You can achieve any specific stripes as well.

  • Rotary Mower

The most common walk-along mower that works like a blender.  Just with a single blade with horizontal motion, it can cut grasses nicely whenever it comes in contact with them. You can get such a good cheap lawn mower under 100 dollars!

Highly recommended to cut tall and medium grasses. But they are less precise than the reel mowers and you can’t obviously have a precise manicure cut.

  • Push Mower

As you can guess, you need to push it to cut the grass. They are lightweight and easy to operate. Very inexpensive too. Many choose them for their easy maneuverability where they can steer it wherever they want.

  • Self-Propelled

You don’t need to push it. The transmission does the job for you. All you have to do just guide it. To quickly mow your lawn with less physical strain, they are great.

Whereas the push mower can’t give you a consistent cut, self-propelled one can. But they require more maintenances.

  •  Hover Mower

Since they hover over the ground, you can move it in any direction. That’s what made them suitable for an awkwardly shaped lawn. Obstacles like planters are not a problem for them to operate.

Based On Power & Drive

All of the above types of lawn mowers can be differentiated based on drives and power. Here is a brief discussion of them:

  • Manual Vs. Electric

All the push mowers are manual. You may find engines there but they are for running the blades only. If you are looking for something cheap and quiet, a manual mower will be a good choice.

The most popular kind is the electric one. Particularly popular for small to medium yards. You will never run out of gas or battery charge. They are somewhat quiet too.

  • Gas-powered Vs. Battery-powered

Gas-powered mowers run on petrol and they are both super powerful and noisy. If you can tolerate the noise, smoke, and oil stains, it can be a great choice for your really large yard. 

The battery run mower is popular too. Don’t be skeptical simply because it runs on battery. Those lithium-ion batteries are really powerful and a single charge will be enough to mow a small to medium lawn.

  • Rear Vs. Front Wheel Drive

For rough or uneven terrain or yard, a rear driving mower is great where the rear wheels push the mower forward. They are not good for great maneuverability. On the other hand, front-wheel driven mowers have outstanding maneuverability.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips

how to stop lawn mower from smoking

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. During the mowing season, if it stops working, there is nothing more painful and disappointment. But you can avoid this scenario if you ensure regular lawn mower maintenance.

 Here are some tips to follow:

  • Read The Manual

This is the first thing you should do whenever you get yours to familiarize yourself with everything. Even if you are doing this for a long time, read the manual before any maintenance of your lawnmower.

 From operating to basic maintenance, every vital information is discussed in detail with the pictorial graph to help you out. If you have lost it (which happens a lot), you can download it from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Drain Out Old Gasoline

At the end of every lawn mowing season, you should not keep the old gasoline in the tank. It’s always a bad idea because it may prevent it from starting. During each spring, you should use only the fresh gasoline.

  • Clean Out The Undercarriage

The discharge chute often gets clogged with the grass cake. That’s the reason you should keep the undercarriage always clean. 

It’s really easy to do so. First, disconnect the spark plug. Then just use any wire brush and a hose. Scrape out all the dirt and grass clippings with the brush and get rid of the remaining debris with the hose.

  • Check & Replace Spark Plug

The spark plug is cheap but very important to keep the mower functioning. Since they are inexpensive, it’s better to replace them after each season.

First, unhook the spark plug wire and use a socket wrench to remove the plug. Install the new one but do not overtighten it. 

  • Replace the Air Filter

A clogged air filter will stress out the mower. The reason is pretty simple. Because of it, the mower can’t burn the gasoline efficiently. Ultimately, it will put a lot of strain on the engine that you should try to avoid at all cost. 

As the spark plug, the air filter is cheap too. It is made of either foam or paper. If it is paper made, you must replace it every year. Make sure to replace the air filter each year to ensure optimal performance.

  • Sharpen The Blade

There may be plenty of hidden objects and rocks that make the blade dull. Even the large branches can do the same. You can’t get a clean cut from a dull blade. It will simply tear and rip the grass. 

If you are an experienced one, you can use the vice and metal file to sharpen the blades. Don’t try it yourself if you are not confident and not sure what you are doing. Get it professionally done from your local mower repair shop.

  • Clean Carburetor

this is something you should do before the starting of the new season. I have written an in-depth guide on how you can clean the carburetor of your mower

  • Get It professionally Done

If you are willing to pay a small fee, then you can do all the above checkups and maintenances from the professional. From the very beginning of the mowing season, take it to the Repairing shop and get it in a tip-top condition.

How To Get The Right Lawn Mower For Hills?

Dethatch a Lawn With a Mower Attachment

If you are an experienced buyer, you can avoid this part. But if you are new to this or very much interested to learn all the updated features, then you are welcome to read this buying guide.

Your green and lush garden/lawn needs a proper mower. So you need to know fully what you are getting. You should check the following features before you pick any model you wish to buy:

  • Types

As I have discussed above, they come in a lot of varieties. Where you want to mow or the size of your lawn will determine the type you need. Of course, your budget plays a great role too here.

  • Yard Size

If you have a small yard, you should only get the push mowers. For a larger yard, a self-propelled mower will be a better option. Measure the yard size first, then decide.

  • Push-Button

I personally don’t like the pull cord so I always prefer the electric model. Always pick the one that has a push-button to start your mower. If you are wondering, all the gas-models have a push-button feature.

  • Cutting Width

If you want to mow your lawn spending too much time, you should prefer something with a wide cutting feature. It will consume less fuel and the engine will perform for a long time.

  • Easy Cleaning

When you are done mowing your lawn, you should get rid of grass clippings and dirt from the underside. If your model has a washout port, it will make it easy to do so.

  • Wheels

It may be hard to find the spare wheels for your specific brand. Whatever brand you choose, you must make sure it has universal wheels so that you don’t fall in trouble finding it in the future.

  • Battery

Like the wheels, the battery should be universal too. Meaning, your mower should have an interchangeable battery. If your mower accepts an interchangeable battery, then it can accept the universal battery from your chainsaws or leaf blowers too.

  • Fine Shredding

For this, you need to have a mulching mower. A mulching or recycling mower will push the grass clippings back into the lawn to ensure nutrients there.

But it must shred the clippings quickly to avoid smothering the uncut grass. That way you don’t have to worry about space for disposing of the clippings.

  • Easy Storage

Mower with folding handle is easy to store in tight space. A collapsible handle has the same benefit.

Also, if you have a cramped garage where you want to store it, make sure the mower has an upright storage facility. That way you can prevent oil leaking.

  • Fuel Meter

Pick the one that has a fuel meter and you can check the fuel level easily. It saves you from unexpected behavior of your mower.

  • Hour Meter

You should be able to check yourself how long your mower is functioning to avoid overheating and other problems. You can clearly see how long the engine has been running.

This will help you to understand when to change oil and perform other maintenance activities.

  • Verified Customer Reviews

That’s how you can really understand the quality and performance of the mower. Read a lot of reviews including the negative ones to understand what you are getting.

Summing Up

Having a lawn mower for hills or steep banks is a fundamental prerequisite to have a smooth mowing experience. I believe I have made it easy for you to pick the right one. Read the buying guide again to make the fool-proof decision.

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