How To Install Side Discharge On Lawn Mower?

Whether you’re a mowing expert or beginner, there’s always a better way of doing it. Speaking of better mowing ways, a side discharge has become the to-go option for most people.  Most lawn mowers use mulching more often, but when it comes to mowing better or cutting tall grass and avoiding clogging, there is no better way than using a side discharge for your lawn mower.

If you’ve been looking to understand how a lawn mower side discharge works and how you can install it, then you’re at the right place. This article is here to help.

First things first, what is side discharging?

Side discharging in mowing is basically known as the easiest means of disposing of grass debris, this said, it means while you’re mowing, the cut grass is easily ejected out of the side of your battery lawn mower.

Lawnmowers with side discharges are designed to be open when using their lawn clipping bags, the chute or side discharge door rests on your lawn mower’s clippings bag and allows the rear discharge door too close and place the mulching plug in the side-discharge.

Installing Side Discharge Chute On A Lawn Mower?

This process isn’t a walk in the park and it has occasionally been a pain for many mowers; to understand it, you’ve got to have a process guide to follow; this is why this article is here for you. First of all, here is what you should know when looking to install your lawn mower side discharge:

As stated earlier, the side-discharge on your lawn mower directs the cut grass from under your lawn mower’s deck; the grass is directed out of the chute and back into the mower. Using a side discharge always makes sure you can cut tall grass because it ensures your lawn mower’s deck doesn’t get clogged as it is when you’re mulching.

The side discharge hole in the deck comes in rectangle shape; the top left corner of it is mostly the point of contact for you to install your side discharge chute. That said; here are the steps and tools you need for installing your side discharge chute:

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Tools Needed To Install A Side Discharge For A Lawn Mower Properly

When you’re installing your side discharge, you need these tools at hand to help you get it down magnificently:

  1. Blots and hooks– these need to help you attach your side-discharge to the mower; they are the ones you’ll use to make sure they’re attached to the mulch plug of your lawn mower.
  2. Socket wrench – this is a spanner that has a socket attached at one of its end that you’ll use to fasten your side discharge chute. To make sure you’re lawn mower’s side discharge is effectively installed, use a ratcheting socket wrench; this one tightens the bolts and hooks on the mulch plug more firmly.

The Lawn Mower Side Discharge Installation Process:

Install Side Discharge On Lawn Mower

  1. Press your side discharge chute’s bottom side downward- the first thing to do when you’re installing your lawn mower side discharge is making sure your chute is pressed downward so that the side discharge is below the bracket that crosses the bottom of the deck on your lawn mower.
  2. Attach the rubber strap- when you’re done pressing the side discharge downward, make sure your rubber strap is extended and attached to the deck to hold your chute in place.
  3. Disconnect the rubber spark plug boot of your lawn mower from the spark plug- when you’re installing your side discharge on your lawn mower, make sure you prevent the mower from accidentally starting while you’re still assembling. This is why the process involves disconnecting the rubber spark boot; it is located on the front part of the mower’s engine.
  4. Locate the space for the discharge chute in your lawn mower- to install the side discharge; you’ll need to check out the space provided to install side discharge chute, it is always open for bolts and socket wrench. Once you’ve located it, use your bolts to tighten your chute firmly for proper mowing.
  5. Lift the plug and attach the hooks of your side discharge chute over the hinge placed on your lawn mower mulch plug- during the installation process of lawn mower side discharge, make sure if you’re using a mulch plug mower, proper installation is by lifting the plug then attach the hooks of the side discharge over the hinge of the mulch plug.
  6. Secure the discharge chute by firmly fixing it on the mower deck- after the above installation steps, what follows is making sure you’ve gently tugged on the discharge chute firmly. This is to make sure it is secured to the mower deck. You’re doing this because a loose side discharge chute will easily fall off the mower and could be run offered by the mower’s sharp blades.

Things To Watch Out

Well, even after you’ve learned the above installation process, your lawn mower side discharge chute fixing won’t be complete without these warnings during the process. So, here’s what you should keep as a warning when installing that side discharge for your mower:

  1. Do not attach the side discharge chute when your mower is on- this is a safety measure to watch because your hands might come into contact with the blades under the deck.
  2. Please do not remove the side discharge cut when the mower is running, in case you’ve installed and it not properly fit, make sure you switch off the mower before fixing it.

Bottom Line

When it comes to most lawn mower users, most of us use mulching, even though it isn’t a wrong way, it isn’t the best when you’re looking to cut long grass and even making sure your lawn mower stays longer.

This is where installing a side discharge for your lawn mower becomes the best option to install it properly. Follow these tips to install your side discharge with easy. Now, watch the video to recap everything I just said.

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