Best Reed Diffusers For Large Rooms And Office To Buy In 2021

If you do not want to spend a boatload of money on plug-in air fresheners, you should get a reed diffuser for home, bathroom, or office like the Agraria AirEssence.

It is a more affordable solution because such reed diffusers last almost a year!

It is a great alternative to scented candles. I am pretty sure you often forget to blow out the candles and that’s a major concern.

I have hand-picked 10 of such diffusers that you will love. 

Fragrance Reed Diffusers Comparison Table

AGRARIA AirEssence
  • Scents: 9
  • Ounces: 7.4 oz.
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Aquiesse Reed Diffuser
  • Scents: 15
  • Ounces: 9.5 oz.
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NEST Fragrances
  • Scents: 24
  • Ounces: 5.9 oz.
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Capri Blue
  • Scent: Volcano
  • Ounces: 8 oz.
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Botanico de Havana
  • Scent: 1
  • Ounces: 7.6 oz.
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Thymes Reed Diffuser
  • Scent: Frasier Fir
  • Ounces: 7.75 oz.
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  • Scent: 12
  • Ounces: 4 oz.
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10 Reed Diffusers Reviews 2021

reed diffusers

The trick to finding the right one is to pick the right scent you love. Each brand I have covered here has multiple scent variations. Keep a sharp eye on the amount of liquid you are getting and the price you are paying. 

Now, let’s review them in detail.

Agraria AirEssence Diffuser

There is a separate fanbase for the Agraria diffuser. It’s expensive but to them, there is no alternative to it. When you need a fresh scent everywhere in your house, you need this.

best reed diffusers for large rooms
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It’s suitable for a home with a wide foyer and you will get a refreshing scent every time you enter your house.

Don’t be surprised if you notice a strong scent at first, it quickly mellows out and you will get a perfect scent pretty soon.

Because of its fresh but not-so-strong scent, your guests will appreciate it a lot. You can pick your perfect scent from its wide range of options.

All these scents will make you feel like you are always in touch with something special. 

Out of its many scent variations, the masculine bitter orange scent will remind you of the sweet memory of orange-clove pomander. The scent is not overpowering at all, rather welcoming. 

TO offset the cost, let me assure you that it lasts for a long duration. This one literally lasts for more than 12 months! So, in the end, it’s really cost-effective. 

The look of it adds extra beauty to your home. It can become a luxurious addition to your home. If you want to give it to your loved ones as a gift, they will love it very much.

Of course, there are plenty of cheap quality reed diffusers out there, but if you need something special and elegant, you need Agraria.

I admit, not everyone can afford it, but if you have a decent budget, spend it on something that will make you feel good always.

More Features & Pros of Agraria AirEssence

  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Each bottle contains 7.4 ounces and all of the scents will last more than a year.
  • No alcohol content that evaporates quickly. It’s mainly made from perfume-grade fragrance oil that lasts months after months.
  • Available in 9 awesome aromas. All are subtle scents. Get multiple and have them all over your house and feel the difference!
  • If you have a large room and you need strong fills, get the Lemon Verbena Scent or the Lavender & Rosemary Scent.
  • This beautiful aroma does not contain any phthalates or alcohol.
  • Not just for large rooms, it’s suitable for the office or your bathroom too.

Cons of Agraria AirEssence

  • Highly expensive, not affordable to everyone.

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Aquiesse Reed Diffuser

My second favorite reed diffuser for home and it comes with 15 scent variations! The quality of all the Aquiesse oils is of higher quality. But it will cost you less than what I have reviewed above.

Aquiesse Reed Diffuser
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The amount of fragrance oil you will get is really amazing. If you don’t prefer any masculine or feminine scent, I strongly recommend getting the Luxe Linen scent.

The main advantage of having such a gender-neutral scent is that you will never get tired of such scent.

And all the oils are literally long-lasting like the Agraria AirEssence diffuser I reviewed above. 

And if you want something like beautiful candy magic, get the Cherimoya scent. If you love ocean florals, get the Shoreline fragrance.

For people who prefer something yummy, get the Passion Fruit scent.  All the scents will fill the room very quickly!

Just keep one of them in your bathroom and another in your bedroom. Your entire house will smell nice then. And it will keep smelling awesome for almost a year! Just flip the reeds regularly to get the most out of it.

For people with allergies and asthma or suffering from migraine, the Pink Peony will be suitable for you.

The gentle fragrance won’t cause any trouble for super sensitive people and the diffuser will be a perfect addition to your bedroom decor.

Aquiesse scent diffusers also have a loyal fan base and they just buy it again and again. The depth and authenticity of the fragrances are awesome.

If you have a large bathroom, just let me remind you that it’s a perfect reed diffuser for the bathroom as well.

Pros & More Features

  • Apart from a wide variety of scents, the bottles look beautiful as well. Perfect addition to your bathroom!
  • All the scents seem natural and your guests will be talking about it for sure!
  • For something sensual, not flowery – get the Pomegranate Sage.
  • If you have a dog or any pet, you MUST have it.
  • Again, nothing overwhelming –  all the scents are soft and clean.
  • To make it last longer, do not pour all the fragrance liquid into the container at once. That way you can make it last more than a year.

Cons of Aquiesse

  • To some, it’s still overpriced. 
  • You have to buy the entire set, no refill!

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NEST Reed Diffuser

For an affordable solution, the elegant looking NEST diffusers are second to none. And yes, it is affordable compared to the previous two, but you should not have any doubt about the quality of the NEST reed diffuser.

NEST Reed Diffuser
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Another great advantage of buying NEST diffusers is that you can get the refill as well. You won’t get this benefit from other brands for sure.

It has a wide collection of scents. Probably the most among its counterparts. If you prefer masculine-leaned scents, I would recommend the Moroccan Amber. Lots of girls like it too!

The Moroccan Amber will be a great addition to your bathroom as well. The deeper scent is what your bathroom needs.

All of your family members will love it. Guests who use your bathroom will compliment you a lot too.

The classy scent of the Moroccan amber is not overpowering at all but you will feel the presence of the elegant fragrance all over your house. 

Since the oil lasts for a long time, you won’t be needing to buy any odor canceling sprays for your bathroom. The extra cost will be mitigated as well since it lasts for a long time.

For people who love something heavenly, I recommend the Apricot Tea scent. You will get a subtle and divine scent if you try the Lemongrass & Ginger as well.

No artificial scent, only natural and refreshing aroma all over your house!

If you do not like your scent to be strong, then you can try the Hearth as well. Nothing floral but it also smells like heaven. Watch the official instructional video to learn how you can get the most out of it.

Pros & Features

  • Available in 24 scents and each bottle contains 5.9 ounces of fragrance oil.
  • Whatever you expect from the name of the scent, you will get the exact scent. 
  • If you need your house to be of a constant state of heavenly scent, try anyone out of the 24.
  • For your bathroom you need something strong. Try the Cedar Leaf & Lavender scent and you will be surprised.
  • If you need something uplifting that has a citrus smell, try the grapefruit scent.
  • Totally alcohol-free formula to ensure long-lasting aroma in your home.
  • The classically shaped glass vessel adds extra beauty to your home decor.
  • I don’t know why there are some confusions about the reeds, yes, reeds are included!


  • Too many options to get you confused.

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Capri Blue Reed Diffuser

If you are still looking for the best quality reed diffusers, Capri Blue is a great candidate to consider.

It made lots of reluctant but happy customers to write awesome positive reviews about it.

Capri Blue Reed Diffuser
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A powerful smell that is divine is hard to get but Capri Blue is exactly what you will get.

Yes, it’s expensive but it lasts more than what you expect. Many have confirmed that it lasts for almost a year!

The volcanic scent is NOT something everyone loves. Make sure you love the scent first.

Or if you have an open mind, you can try something new. You won’t regret it as you can see there are plenty of happy users already. 

Many people have already become obsessed with the volcanic scent. I am pretty sure you will love it too.

Nothing overwhelming. Not too light either! A fragrant diffuser that uplifts everyone’s mood.

It is not an overpowering scent but you can get rid of any funky smell from your house. More so, your house will smell amazing. Flip the reeds every week and you will get the wonderful scent throughout the house. 

The scent almost smells like anthropology. If you are looking for a reed diffuser for office or for the bathroom, it’s still a great choice. There will be no bad odor, rather you will get a sweet smell for a long time. 

Many were skeptical about the scent but now they are obsessed with it. You can’t go wrong with the nice clean scent.

If you love the scent, I strongly recommend getting a couple of bottles. Many have done so out of fear that it may run out soon. 

Features & Pros

  • Those who love the Capri scented candles love the diffusers as well.
  • The bottle contains 8 ounces of liquid that lasts for months after months. 
  • It fills the whole house with a volcanic scent quickly. 
  • No problem even if you have allergies. 
  • Elegant navy-blue color that adds beauty to your house.
  • Perfectly suitable for your bedroom as well.
  • You can impress your guests and get some compliments for this wonderful and sweet smell. 
  • Many have bought it for the 5th to 6th times!


  • Not a strong throw.
  • For a large room, it may not be ideal.

Botanico de Havana

If you are a fan of the original Havan Candles, you will love it too. The bottle contains a lot of liquid to cover the entire year. So, don’t mind the price at all. Botanico de Havana is worth every penny!

Botanico de Havana
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It’s a complete set where you will get the reeds, the bottle, and an ample amount of liquid (7.6 ounces).

With that amount of liquid aroma, it will last for more than a year if you use it wisely. Just don’t put all the reeds for a smaller room.

No matter how large a room you have, just one set is more than enough. The deep but fresh scent has already surprised a lot.

You will love it too. To some, the scent is somewhat on the masculine side.

Many have come across the pleasant aroma from various sources. Some have smelled it from their neighbor houses or offices and now they are obsessed with it. A lot of them have set it up in every room.

If you are allergic to a lot of scents including scented candles, try this one. The scent is very unique and refreshing. No issue at all.

No negative impacts, only a clean scent that brings a lot of compliments from your guests.

There is so much love for this wonderful fragrance. So, I strongly recommend you reading a lot of reviews if you are not familiar with the smell.

But I am pretty sure you will fall in love with the intoxicating fragrance once you try it forever.

Features & Pros

  • If you have floral or fruity scents, this is for you. Without burning your nostrils, it will keep your house or office smelling nice.
  • Only a whiff of this scent will make you it’s the permanent user.
  • A refreshing but sophisticated scent. The spicy fragrance has both masculine and feminine notes. 
  • Not too strong to be overpowering. It relaxes your senses and uplifts your mood.
  • Refill bottles available, so your cost will be in check in the future.
  • A perfect addition to your bath or bedroom. Wherever you put it, it will just make everything more pleasant.
  • Not just for guys, lots of women seem to love the phenomenal fragrance.


  • Not a strong scent. So, if you are looking for something stronger, it’s not for you.

Thymes Reed Diffuser Oil Refill

To keep your spending on a check, a reed diffuser oil refill is always a good idea. This is true when you love a scent very much the cost is too high.

If you are obsessed with the Frasier Fir scent, this refill is highly recommended for you.

Thymes Reed Diffuser Oil Refill
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Finding a true Fir oil is hard. Yes, there are plenty of them out there but most of them smell like household cleaners.

Brands like Thymes are trusted by thousands. So, you can easily trust the Fir oil from it.

If you are not familiar with the Frasier fir scent, let me try to explain. It’s actually a pine scent.

Now, imagine you are walking in the forest. This scent will give you exactly that feel. A crisp and clean scent, nothing cloying at all. 

Most people have it in their houses all year round. The reason is pretty simple. The scent is pure gold and smells heavenly.

Besides, you need only 1 bottle to cover the entire year!

The coverage of the scent is great. You can detect the scent from a long distance. A little amount goes a long way! A perfect addition to your home to rock your wintertime. Almost feels like Christmas!

A strong and clean scent that lasts for a long time. Very easy to pour into the bottle. Just a little drop and enjoy the beautiful aroma all year round.

There are plenty of pine-scented diffuser lovers out there. If you are one of them, you can blindly get it. The pleasant but robust scent won’t let you down. 

Pros & More Features

  • A cost-effective solution for Frasier Fir scent lovers. 
  • Each bottle contains 7.75 ounces of liquid. Enough among to last a year long.
  • Clean outdoor smell. Nothing artificial and the smell is not too sweet as well.
  • If you love their candles, you will love it too.
  • Get a fake Christmas tree and the scent will make it real.
  • All you need is some reeds to make it work. Using it with diffusers is easy. Read the in-depth guide on how to use your reed diffuser.
  • Get the scent of Siberian fir needles at your home at the most affordable cost.
  • A perfect addition to your bathroom too.


  • For some, it’s too much of a perfume scent.

Paddywax Reed Oil Diffuser Set

It is perfect for those who are looking for some great reed diffusers for large rooms. It quickly fills a larger room and you can feel its presence from anywhere in your house.

You will be amazed to see how many Paddywax addicts are there already.

Paddywax Reed Oil Diffuser Set
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Unlike other reed diffusers, each of the Paddywax bottles contains a liquid that is a mixture of two different scents.

And you can clearly smell them. Thanks to their attention to detail!

If you are looking for something less abrasive, get the Ocean Tide + Sea Salt scent mix. It’s neither unnoticeable nor overpowering.

You will literally have the beach smell in your house and the scent will always get you back to the beach. Not a cheap feeling at all.

For floral scent, you can get the Gardenia + Tuberose mix. The refreshing scent will quickly fill your bedroom or bathroom with flowery scent and tropical notes.

Many have loved the enlivening scent.

To make your home cozy and if you don’t like any artificial scent, try the Balsam + Fir scent. The scent is vibrant and strong but not overwhelming. 

Within just 5 to 10 minutes, the clean scent of Balsam will fill your room entirely. For winter, it’s a great scent. It brings total coziness during the cold days.

But if you want the feeling of winter and love the scent of a Christmas tree, White Birch + Mint will be a good choice. A perfect scent for your holiday season. 

For a calming and refreshing scent, Vanilla + Oakmoss scent should be your choice. I find this scent very unique where you can get the scent of a forest with a touch of vanilla.

Pros & Features

  • Proudly made in the United States. 
  • It’s a complete set. You will receive everything you need to smell the amazing aroma you love.
  • 12 different scents to choose from. All the scents quickly travel the whole house.
  • You can bring the summer in cold winter if you get the Dandelion + Clover scent. It’s my favorite.  
  • For a spicy and fruity scent, pick the Fresh Fig + Cardamom mix.
  • Try the Pomegranate + Spruce scent if you are too sensitive to strong scents. 
  • Reusable rustic vintage style blue glass jar.


  • The price is still high for the amount of liquid you get.


If you are looking for something beautiful and you want to get that at an affordable cost, Cocod’or is a popular brand to trust.

As you can see in the picture, the flower diffuser is very cute and elegant. And it’s surprisingly cheap!

Click On The Image To Read More Reviews On Amazon

The modern diffuser matches nicely with your home decor. It has multiple scents and it comes with a lot of buying options.

All the scents smell nice and each container contains a lot of liquid. 

It seems a lot of people love the April Scent. They absolutely love it because it smells so good.

Set this scent in your bedroom and take the chemistry there to the next level. It’s suitable for your bathroom too.

The Refreshing Air scent is perfect for your office as well. Whoever comes across your office will keep asking about the scent.

Not just the scent, the bright flowers are also a smart edition there. 

For women, Rose Perfume seems a good choice. Women absolutely love it! The scent is strong and if you put it in your bedroom, you can still smell it from your living room and hallway.

Besides, the fancy look of it is just adorable. 

The Black Cherry smells nice too. If you have never tried any diffusers in your life, get this and you won’t be disappointed. The throw is great and it’s not overwhelming at all.

For your mental peace and tranquility, you can trust the Black Cherry. 

For the floral scent lovers, Floral Bouquet is a nice choice. A very clean and soft smell, nothing overpowering. From the office to the house, it’s perfect for everywhere. It can be a great gift item for you.

More Pros & Features

  • It comes with a very thick elegant glass jar that has multiple repurpose usages.
  • No harmful elements added. All the scents passed the safety examination.
  • For lavender lovers, the French Lavender is a great choice. 
  • It dresses up nicely on the counter or sink.Very appealing to anyone’s eyes. 
  • The Pure Cotton has a nice smell too.
  • If you prefer the scent of clean laundry, pick the Refreshing Air. Perfect for your bathrooms and bedroom.
  • For fresh scent and to get rid of a stale smell from anywhere, April Fresh is always a good choice.


  • It seems it runs out quickly.

Yankee Candle Reed Diffuser

As you can see from the brand name, they are in scented candles. And you know the quality of the Yankee Candles, right?

Well, their reed diffusers’ quality is good too. In fact, it’s suitable for you if you need cheap reed diffusers that smell nice too.

Yankee Candle
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No matter what kind of scent you prefer, they have it for you. If you pick the Lemon Lavender, it will get rid of your indoor stale air.

More so, the pleasant scent is not overpowering and it will keep your house refreshing always. 

You will find the MidSummer’s Night scent better than any room deodorizers. For a refreshing aroma in your bedroom and bathroom, I highly recommend this scent.

It quickly fills the room and is not overwhelming.

If you prefer to have the feeling of being on the beach in your home, try the Sun & Sand scent. Very fabulous and long-lasting. In fact, many people take this scent to the cruise to keep the cabin freshened always!

The Honey Clementine scent will give you a citrusy scent with a hint of sweetness. That’s exactly what the name suggests. A lot of people seem to like it. It is on a strong side but if you put it in your bedroom, you won’t smell it from outside the room.

But I must tell you that for sensitive sniffers, the Honey Clementine is still a strong scent. Again, it’s not cloying and definitely a lot better than all other Yankee scents.

Look, whatever scents you pick – just make sure to flip the reeds periodically to keep your house freshened. 

Features & Pros

  • You will get a complete set of reeds, a glass bottle, and reeds. However, you can still use your existing bottle if you wish so.
  • Each bottle contains 4.2 ounces of liquid. Not so much and that may be the reason of its inexpensive cost.
  • For your stuffy bathroom, try the Pink Sands. You won’t regret it. 
  • To have a great night time, get the calming Lilac Blossoms scent. Very relaxing and subtle!
  • The Catching Rays scent smells like men’s cologne. 
  • For something natural, try the Sage & Citrus. It’s not strong at all.
  • Apple Pumpkin will give you the exact scent of apple orchards!


  • Very small bottle. 

Binca Vidou Reed Diffuser Set

The set got a lot of compliments just for its extraordinary presentation. People love to give it as a gift to their loved ones because of its great presentation.

And yes, a lot of them love the scent as well. 

Binca Vidou Reed Diffuser Set
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Along with the vanilla flavor, you will notice the scent of Bergamot and something sweet.

The vanilla scent is more dominating and you will notice the scent from a far distance. If you are after something sweeter, I highly recommend this for you.

You will love the smell and quality of the oil. Without overtaking the room, the vanilla scent fills the room with its sweet smell.

In your bedroom, it will look lovely and the scent is just amazing. 

The scent is refreshing and strong enough to fill any small rooms. It will totally eliminate the need for plug-in air fresheners.

The scent is more like on the women’s side and if you are a woman, you will absolutely love it.

Apart from the elegant glass jar, if you love the vanilla flavor, you will absolutely love the diffuser. The price is affordable and it lasts really long.

Tweaking the number of reeds, you can make it last longer.

Take out some reeds if it seems too strong for you (which is not the case). If it seems weak to you, add some more reeds but that will consume the liquid a lot faster. 

The strong and nice smell is perfect for your small bedroom or your bathroom. All the reeds are thick and definitely of good quality.

The scent travels well. So, you can notice it from a long distance. Put it in your bathroom and you can still smell it from your hallway.

Features & Pros

  • Elegant and fabulous design. Adds extra beauty to the house.
  • Put it in each of your rooms including the restroom. With an excellent price, it won’t be too much spending for you. But you will make your house a complete resting place.
  • For a medium-size living room, the coverage is great.
  • The good aesthetics will make you a permanent user of it.
  • Very sturdy and comes in great packaging. A great gift item indeed.


  • Not suitable for a really large room.
  • It smells like a woman perfume which some don’t like.
Wrap Up

And that’s the end of my reed diffuser reviews. I would love to know whether this guide had helped you to find the perfect reed diffusers for large rooms or not. I am open to including more of them as per your suggestions.

For budget issues, if you can’t get the Agraria AirEssence, pick the NEST reed diffuser. This is the second-best alternative for you. 

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