Best Yankee Candle Scents For Bedroom Review 2021

Scented candles go a long way to bring the vibe and aroma to your home. But you must find the best Yankee candle scents that match your personal choice.

Check my candle scents list and I believe you will find yours. I have covered all the popular scents.

Best Rated Yankee Candle Scent Comparison Table

ImageScent NameDetailsPrice
Fresh Cut Roses
  • Burn Hours: 110 to 150
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Catching Rays
  • Burn Hours: 110-150
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Vanilla Cupcake
  • Burn Hours: 110-150
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Mountain Lodge
  • Burn Hours: 110 to 150
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Lemon Lavender
  • Burn Hours: 110 to 150
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Clean Cotton
  • Burn Hours: 110-150
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Autumn Wreath
  • Burn Hours: 110-150
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13 Yankee Candle Reviews 2021

best Yankee candle scents

Though you see only 10 in the above comparison table, you will get 13 in-depth Yankee candle charming scents review. And all of them are recommended by thousands of scented candle devotees.

Let’s get started!

Fresh Cut Roses

I have started my Yankee candle review with the fresh-cut roses simply because of their sweet and refreshing scent.

Apparently, out of all Yankee candle flavors, it has gained a lot of popularity.

Fresh Cut Roses scent
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For your luxurious bath and heavenly aroma in the bedroom, Fresh Cut Roses is a perfect choice.

With its many hours of burn time, a single one will give you a prolonged sweet experience.

The clean and lovely scent has a warm feeling. It is my number 1 choice out of the whole candle scents list. And if you are Yankee devotee, you will love it as well.

The refreshing scent is not overwhelming and it will remind you of walking on the Hawaii beaches!

The millennial-pink color is cute and everybody loves it. The pink color will make the candle glow while burning.

Many have chosen it as their go-to spring candle to fill their room with a lovely scent. I don’t know but many people burn it during the winter or when they are depressed to lighten up the mood.

To have longer burning time, do not burn it longer than 2 to 4 hours at a time. Then let it cool down and re-trim and relight. That way you can use it for many days to come.

Nothing can go wrong when it chooses it from a trusted brand. Your friends and family members will love it too when they are in your home while the candle is burning.

People who love a crisp scent along with a soft sweetness, this is literally meant for them. To me and many, this is so far the best Yankee candle flavors.

Pros & More Features

  • For ideal use, it has a long-lasting burn time of 110 to 150 hours. Burn it wisely.
  • Available in multiple sizes. Both 1 or 2 wicks are available.
  • For a consistent burn, it features paraffin-grade wax to deliver a clean burn.
  • The unique smell is difficult to describe but you will get a sweet smell of more like light apricot.
  • An automatic choice for people who love candle scents. Check its reviews. It’s just insane!
  • Little to negligible ash.
  • A perfect gift item for your loved ones. Suitable as any season and the occasional gift.
  • Very affordable price.

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Catching Rays

For scented candles lovers, Catching Rays is another great one from the Yankee candle. If you are looking for a classic and masculine scent to brighten your mood, this should be your favorite scent.

Catching Rays candle scent
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To many, this is the best scent they have smelled in their entire life. So, don’t be surprised to see its incredible reviews.

People who are dealing with OCD, anxiety, and depression got valuable comfort from burning it.

And if you are expecting a company, this candle scent will go a long way to spice up the romance!

Some had their doubts, but it completely changed their minds.

Many have done their research on their jar candle needs and this one always comes up at the top.

For a calming night, it’s second to none. It helps you to get up early in the morning feeling fully refreshed. That’s why many people consider it the best-rated Yankee candle scent.

The scent is not overwhelming and the clean scent will simply impress you. It has done that already. Since this is one of the strongest Yankee candle scents, so you don’t have to burn it for a long time.

It literally lasts a long time and burning it makes your room full of wonderful masculine scent. The slow-burning ensure its long-lasting performance.

You won’t get such slow-burning for other scented candles. But you have to follow the instruction of trimming and extinguishing for that to happen. I know you already know this as a candle obsessed.

If you want to brighten up the bedroom or any of your room, get it today. You won’t regret it for sure and you will get yourself hooked with it for many years to come.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • Expected burn time is 110 to 150 hours if you follow the instruction.
  • No bad smoke residue, unlike other brands.
  • Ensures perfect throw and burn. The pleasant aroma is what you want to brighten up the home.
  • No slimy wax. Made from high-quality paraffin-grade wax.
  • Out of the insane number of Yankee candle flavors, Catching Rays has a particular fan base.
  • Available in multiple sizes and styles. Even the smallest one contains 7 ounces.
  • The slightly blue aqua color adds extra beauty to your bedroom.
  • If you burn it with balsam and cedar candle, you will get the experience of your old Christmas feeling.

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Vanilla Cupcake

Do you love the vanilla scent in your puddings or ice cream? If so, you will love the vanilla cupcake scented candle too. Have you ever heard of a mouth-watering scent? Well, this is it!

Vanilla Cupcake
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Yes, there are countless Yankee candle flavors, but this one is truly something exceptional.

A lot of happy customers and their feedback is simply awesome. They describe the smell as DELICIOUS!

The orgasmic scent is so strong that it will fill several rooms at once. This scent alone has made lots of permanent customers for Yankee.

They won’t try anything else but this.

From the warm vanilla scent, you will feel the presence of caramel, rich grain, and freshly baked pastries.

Many have tested several Yankee scents and they have recommended this for you.

Burn it early in the morning for 20 minutes while you are having your coffee. The feeling is priceless. Burn it at night and take your romance to the next level. It makes the foreplay intense!

People call it the winner because of its warm scent that makes life more beautiful. Whenever you need a boost, just burn it for some time and see the magic yourself. I am pretty sure you will call it the best Yankee candle scent.

As usual, it lasts for several hours. Even it is burnt out, the scent will linger for another couple of hours. So, if you were looking for a Yankee candle charming scents review, this is the one.

First of all, you can never go wrong with any Yankee candles, but a Vanilla cupcake is something different, something heavenly. Burn it in your kitchen and make the boring tasks enjoyable there.

Scrape down the side of the candle every now and then so that it can burn evenly. Invest some of your precious time doing so, you will get its full potential.

Features of Vanilla Scented Candle

  • It has a dimension of 3.5 x 3.4 x 3.2 inches and the large jar contains 22 ounces of wonder.
  • Available in multiple sizes. But if I were you, I would get the Medium 2-wick tumbler to get the best out if.
  • No matter how big your room is, it will fill the entire room with its intense aroma.
  • Keep the sick trimmed to let it burn evenly.
  • It will remind you of the scent of maple syrup and fresh pancakes.
  • Not just cozy scent, the throw is great as well.

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Mountain Lodge

Get ready to be amazed by the unreally exciting and relaxing scent of the Mountain Lodge. Girls like it a lot and they go crazy when they smell this scent! If you love the Yankee candle reed diffuser, you will love it too.

Mountain Lodge
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I am not kidding at all. Just read some reviews and see for yourself what’s girls are talking about.

In fact, it has eliminated the need for men in women’s life! Just for that reason, it’s a highly rated Yankee candle scent among ladies.

So, if you want to impress your lady with the scented candles, Mountain Lodge should be your ultimate choice.

The woodsy or lumberjack Yankee candle scents for the bedroom are what you need to turn your lady ON!

As you can see, it’s what you need if you don’t feel to have a boyfriend. The woodsy pine scent will eliminate the need completely. And yet, the scent is not overpowering at all.

Whoever has tried the entire candle scents list from Yankee has confirmed this scent is far better best. This compliment especially comes from tons of ladies.

Yankee candles are efficient. Whereas 2 or 3 candles are required to fill the home with fall night smell, only 1 piece of mountain lodge can do it in just 20 minutes.

You want to bring warmth to your home, you need the mountain lodge. And you can do it spending a fortune. Burn it for 15 to 20 minutes in the dining room and see how it can offer you a dream dinner.

Take it from my experience. You can’t find good scented candle jars easily. You have got it here. Don’t miss your chance!

More Features of Mountain Lodge

  • Depending on how you keep it burning at a time, it will last for 110 to 150 hours.
  • The woodsy patchouli fragrance will make go mad if you are a lady. The calming and clean scent is all you need to boost your mood and forget all of your stress.
  • That’s the one among all of those best candle scents that women literally love.
  • It burns evenly and within just 20 minutes of even burning, it will fill your entire room with your favorite scent that you will never forget.
  • The relaxing aroma has permanently made some loyal customers for Yankee.
  • The dark sage green color is just another elegant addition to your bedroom.
  • It is definitely not cheap but you will waste your money if you try anything else but Yankee candles.

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Lemon Lavender

How about a strong addictive smell? Don’t get me wrong, it’s the strongest Yankee candle scent alright but in a good way! Already thousands of hundreds of men and women have loved the clean and fresh smell.

Lemon Lavender
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Yes, the scent is intoxicating but you will love the clean scent for sure. If you have migraine issues, don’t worry – it’s still suitable for you. Many people with the same condition have confirmed this.

It gets rid of any bad odor from your home including cigarettes. Just burn it for a few minutes and your entire apartment will smell fantastic.

It will fill your heart with a sense of comfort as well.

It will impress your guests too. An affordable solution to beautify your living space. Don’t settle for other brands that offer cheap costs.

Don’t let any overthinking keeping you from using this amazing candle.

After a hectic day, you need something refreshing that can calm your mind and bring peace to your mind. Get this greeting scent for you and your family and rediscover the beauty of living!

Gift this to your best friend and she will thank you for this amazing gift. Gift this to someone who has never burnt a scented candle and help her discover something magical!

You want you to clean your body and mind spiritually, this exactly what you need. It gives you the comfort that you have never experienced before.

Not just long-lasting that can be burned up to 150 hours, many have confirmed the company claims. Of course, it depends on how you burn it too.

Why Should You Have It?

  • If you have a really large area in your living room, you need something strong. This is exactly what you need to fill your large room with just a few minutes.
  • A perfect choice for those who are looking for something true blueberry scent.
  • Nothing overwhelming, but you will feel its presence!
  • The scent has made lots of people feeling like they are on a beach in an exclusive resort.
  • It does not burn fast. So, it lasts for a really long time.
  • Make your boring indoor life exciting and refreshing.
  • This is something that always brings compliments from your partner, friends & family, and even from your guests.
  • No artificial scents added.


  • A very few received already melted candle. Contact the seller ASAP if that happens.

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Clean Cotton

Bad news first. If you are into a strong throw and perfume-y candle, this is not suitable for you. It’s clean and fresh. It’s totally gender neutral! It’s perfect for people who do not like an overpowering scent.

Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Scent
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If you smell the scent of clean laundry, you will love it! The crispy scent fills your room quickly and it smells nice even when not burning!

So, don’t be surprised to see why so many people call it another best Yankee candle scents.

If you are a purist and other than that nothing can satisfy your need, then clean cotton should be your ultimate scented candle. When your room must smell purely clean, this is what you need.

Some people look more beautiful without any makeup, right? Well, this is exactly the case for clean cotton.

No harsh or perfume smell, just a clean and fresh scent. Not too fragrancy at all and suitable for people who are insensitive to a strong smell.

They do have a great variety of candle scents but if you need a real enchanter of mood, the clean cotton scent is for you. And oh yes…this another strongest Yankee candle scent that lasts for a prolonged duration.

The warm and bright feeling it brings to your home is priceless. It is perfect for every season but you will love it even more during the fall and winter and call it the best smelling Yankee candle.

If you have to keep your windows shut, burn a clean cotton candle and see the difference! It will freshen up the indoor air almost immediately. If you plan to give someone a housewarming gift, this is a good choice.

Tips: You should trim the wick first. Only then burn your candle to get the most out of it.

Why Clean Cotton Candle Is Right For You?

  • People who love a soft fragrance, this is for them.
  • The wick is made of natural fiber. So it burns evenly. Just trim it every now and then.
  • Because of its efficient burn due to its high-quality wax, it lasts for around 110 to 150 hours.
  • A pleasant aroma for all the family members. It still smells nice even when it is not burning.
  • It feels like clean cotton that will impress you for sure.
  • Lots of fans already. Check some of its incredible reviews yourself!

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Autumn Wreath

You will get the refreshing scents of cinnamon, ginger, apple, and clove if you try the Autumn Wreath. And as usual, there is no question about the quality of the candles when it comes to the Yankee! Autumn Wreath is no exception.

Autumn Wreath
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You will find a hint of cinnamon along with other sweet smells that will remind your beautiful time of your childhood.

The cozy scent has already got thousands of positive feedbacks from candle scent devotees.

Many happy customers have confirmed that it burns evenly and it ensures many hours of pure enjoyment.

In fact, many have described the scent as delicious! You will never get tired of this inviting scent any time soon.

Feel the beauty of fall with the amazing aroma of this candle all the time. It takes little burning time to fill your room with this sweet scent.

It will take you way back to your childhood where you used to enjoy the fall so much.

You will still get a nice scent not burning the candle as well. Just remove the lid and it will fill any of your small rooms with a soothing smell that you love. And let me remind you that the smell is not overwhelming at all.

People who love seasonal candles will love it too. Gift it to your loved ones and see how they rave about it. Your loved ones will feel the Christmas and fall at the same time!

And of course, it does a great job uplifting the bedroom environment. If you are looking for Yankee candle scent for bedroom, seriously consider having Autumn Wreath.

More Pros & Features

  • Feel the beauty of autumn whole round the year. Plenty of candle scent addicts burn it for the whole year. They won’t even try anything else.
  • You are literally getting the great fall in a jar!
  • A strong scent like autumn is what you need for your living room. The beautiful fragrance will spice up the bedroom chemistry.
  • Even if it is unlit, you will feel its presence in your closed room.
  • Because of the autumn scent, it’s very appealing to the women!
  • A great relaxer for people who want to get rid of stress.
  • Many people who were hooked with balsam and cedar candles have switched to this scent.
  • You can make your cooler months more enjoyable.

Christmas Cookie

It literally smells like a cookie. In fact, a lot of family members first thought someone is making cookies! Even if you burn it in a bigger room, within just 20 to 30 minutes, it will fill that room completely with the tasty cookie scent.

Christmas Cookie flavor
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So, you don’t have to buy it for Christmas. If you love the cookie smell, get it now and enjoy all the year-round. Many people are already burning it for all seasons.

The light but the powerful scent has already won the heart of thousands. And if you get the larger jar, it will keep your house warm with cookie scent for a long time.

If you burn it continuously for the whole day and night, it will last for 5 days!

Not just for great burn-hours and a decent throw, if you love the scent of freshly baked sugar cookies, you will love it. More so, it has a good throw and it burns evenly.

With the warm loving fragrance, you will find the new beauty of your peaceful living. Many people have loved it so much that they keep it in every room including in the bedroom! And it fills up all the rooms nicely.

The classic scent is more like womanly; so if you need something like this, Christmas cookie is for you. Totally gender-neutral. It makes the entire house taste good.

Next time whenever you get any guests, burn it for a while. You will get a lot of compliments from them.

Pros & More Features

  • Get the feeling of someone is making a cookie for you. It’s literally hard to find someone who does not like the smell.
  • Burn really slow but quickly fills the entire room.
  • The delicious scent may even feel you hungrier. Don’t be afraid. The smell is not overpowering at all.
  • Clear any bad odor from your room just like a magic.
  • Undeniably, it’s a great Christmas gift for your loved ones.
  • Many have described the cookie scent as heavenly.
  • You can’t go wrong with the Yankee Christmas cookie scent. It has already thousands of recommendations from its happy customers.
  • The cost is just right and if you want to taste something different, try this.

Kitchen Spice

Lots of people already loved the Kitchen spice from the large collection of Yankee candle scents. And if you love the cinnamon scent, you will love it as well. It’s not just for your kitchen, it’s for your entire house.

Kitchen SpiceIf you are already familiar with the pumpkin scent of the same brand, then you already know how it smells. Along with ginger, you will find the scent of clove and cinnamon.

The Kitchen spice candle is more welcoming and homey according to lots of its fans. It’s comforting and gives you a warm feeling.

The scent is particularly suitable for the fall or winter season.

A wonderful inviting scent is what you need for your loving home.

It will remind you of all those holidays during the cool weather and the sweet memories of your Thanksgiving tables. So, I won’t be surprised if you fall in love with it permanently.

The throw is not very strong. It’s more like from medium to light and the scent is not heavy as well. It quickly fills the entire house (not just a single room!). That’s why many people prefer this scent over other Yankee candle flavors.

People who love the Home Sweet Home and the Pumpkin Pie scents have confirmed the fact that the Kitchen Spice is their new favorite. Who knows, it may change your taste too!

As you smell the inviting smell as soon as you remove the lid from the glass jar even before you burn it. It gives you a pleasant aroma simply because it is enriched with all the sweet-smelling spices that you have in your kitchen.

Why Should You Get It?

  • After trying various other scents from the same brand and other brands, many have recommended this simply because it reminds them of the holiday season.
  • For the winter season or fall, your enclosed house literally begs for something spicy. The Kitchen Spice scent is what you need for that.
  • The warm scent is what you need to get through the winter and enjoy it.
  • The smell is not overwhelming; it’s just ‘right’.
  • Your whole house will smell like freshly baked apple pies.
  • It burns for some generous hours. The long hours will literally exceed your expectations.
  • If you are an aroma addict, you will love the kitchen spice candle flavor.
  • Replace your McIntosh with this and feel the differences today!

Beach Walk

The brand keeps wondering us with its great smelling Yankee candles and Beach Walk is just one of such great scented candles. The same quality and long-lasting burning hours.

Beach WalkEveryone loves a clean and fresh scent and they love it to have it in their houses too. The Beach Walk is just another great scent to make your home more welcoming.

You want a good vibe and scent your home for long-lasting hours, you should have the Beach Walk candle.

Some people don’t like strong scent inside the home. They love a soft vibe and it offers exactly that!

The smell is not flowery. It’s just soft and wonderful and that everyone loves. The amazing scent is noticeable.

Whenever someone enters your house, he/she will immediately notice it and will be impressed for sure.

The lovely scent will literally remind you of the lovely visit to the beach. It will bring back the sweet times you spent there. You can get the same feeling at your home all the time now.

The soft scent will drift throughout your house as soon as you burn it and it will do that within just a few minutes. Yes, it’s not too strong but it’s potent enough to let you know its presence.

I personally consider this as a great Yankee candle scent for the bedroom to make it calm and soothing. Apparently, who have tried this for the first time, become its permanent fan.

If you plan to make your summertime lovelier and sweet, Beach Walk is a perfect scent.

Pros & More Features

  • Get the refreshing sea saltwater and sea musk at your home all the time.
  • Available in multiple sizes. Even if you pick the smallest one, it weighs 7 ounces. The large 2-wick tumbler weighs 22 ounces.
  • The largest size lasts for a prolonged duration. Almost 110 to 150 hours of burn time!
  • Not overpowering scent at all. But you will feel the clean scent and vibe.
  • The stylish glass jar is another great thing to add to the living room.
  • Feel the cool breeze inside your home whenever you want.
  • For sure, it will remind you of the beach. It will bring back all the heartwarming memories of your beach time.
  • Lots of love and appreciation from candle devotees.

Turquoise Sky

It smells like ocean water and you will feel the scent of crispy ocean breezes. To explain it easily, it explains the fabric softener that we use on the beach towels.

Turquoise SkyThe Turquoise Sky will immediately fill your house with its fresh aroma within just a few minutes. It smells incredible and you should definitely try it.

Many were skeptical at first and they even thought about returning it. But as soon as they started burning it, they immediately fall in love! It has great coverage than its other scents as well.

The calming scent takes a little burn time to fill a bigger room within just a few minutes.

The clean and refreshing scent will get you a lot of compliments as well from your guests.

How do you smell in between the beach and the hotel outdoor pool? Yes, it gives you the same vibe. It gives you’re the same relaxation that you get on the beach under the sun.

Many have got this as a gift but after its loyal fans because of its incredible scents and long burn times. Yes, its pricey but long hours will offset the cost.

You should get this if you love the beach. You should get this if you want to make your living room or entire house feel like an ocean. You can make your living room your ultimate relaxation place when you can’t go to the beach!

The scent is so gentle and it’s definitely not so strong. So, if you want to fill your house with a strong scent, it’s not for you.

More Pros & Features of Turquoise Sky

  • It takes a little burning time before you feel its presence. So, have some patience and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.
  • Make your warmer months a pleasant experience with the Turquoise Sky. The calm and salty air will blow your mind for sure.
  • It has made a lot of people pleasantly surprised. It will make you so if you are trying it for the first time.
  • Get it for your loved ones or get it for yourself to impress your partner.
  • No one from your family members will hate it. There is no chance they will have any negative sensitivity. Whoever visits your home will be surprised as well and you will get some great compliments.
  • Definitely not suitable for people who prefer the strongest Yankee candle scents.

Elevation Collection

The entire collection is all about uplifting your mood. The collection consists of lots of scents like Citrus Groove, Sher Linen, Shore Breeze, Ginger Pumpkins, and so on.

Elevation Collection Elevation CollectionAll the scents come in a new style and shape. You can set the candle on top of the lid!

No need to worry about where to put the lid. Move it here and there but it won’t scratch your furniture.

More so, you can use the beautiful glass container for your storage purpose when you are done burning it. The thick glass will give you a sense of safety as well.

The jar alone adds extra beauty and elegance to the house. When you burn the candle completely, you can clean the candle jar and reuse it.

Apart from being attractive, all the elevation collections smell really nice. The entire collection is nothing but the best smelling Yankee candles.

The floral and fresh Dark Berries will make sure your house smells like heaven. Everything is just perfect about the scent. You will get no problem with the wick as well. The Frosted Fir scent smells natural and beautiful too.

You will find the Shore Breeze candle enlightening as well. With a great throw, it smells amazing too. It makes your room smells incredible! And it burns for hours after hours.

If you prefer to have the scent of something that feels like someone is cooking a berry jam in the kitchen, pick the Dark Berries scent. You will get exactly that smell!

The berry scent won’t give you any migraines. The color of the candle and the jar look attractive when it burns. And yes, it has a great throw as well without being overwhelming.

Apart from the above variety of scents, many people seem to love the Velvet Woods & Holiday Pomegranate as well.

More Features & Pros

  • You will be obsessed with the Holiday Pomegranate scent.
  • If you trim the wick as instructed, all the scents will burn faster and evenly.
  • You can smell the Velvet Woods scents from the upstairs or other room when it is burning in your living room.
  • None of the single scents is overpowering.
  • Not just the nice scent, the thick glass can be a beautiful addition to your living room.
  • Yes, they are expensive but nothing can be the Yankee scented candles in terms of quality and burn time.
  • No matter which scent you pick, your friends and guests who visit your house often will compliment a lot.
  • A wonderful gift item that your loved ones will appreciate a lot.
  • Incredible number of repeated buyers. Some of them are burning them for 20+ years!

Balsam & Cedar Yankee Candle

I am gonna end the Yankee candle review with another scent and they are called balsam and cedar candles. If you want to get the scent of a Christmas tree, you should definitely try the balsam and cedar candle.

Balsam & Cedar Yankee CandleYou won’t be needing to go outside too often as long as you keep it burning. Why should you if the outside world can be brought inside your home? …I am kidding!

If you have a fake tree inside and you keep the candle burning, your guests will make the mistake of smelling the real tree scent!

But it surely will remind you of the cozy winter night where there is snowfall outside.

The cozy smell will remind you of having the real Christmas tree in your home all the time. Your home will always smell warm. A pure replication of the cedar trees scent!

It’s just perfect for your holiday season to take the vibe to the next level. You don’t even need a tree to get the same scent of the Christmas tree. And I am not kidding!

But don’t just get it for Christmas. It’s perfect for all the seasons. The natural and outdoor-y scent is not overpowering but it will uplift your mood for sure.

It will take you to the wilderness where you can smell the scent of trees, pine cones, and so on. The cedar/pine smell is all you need to enjoy the holidays peacefully.

Is it the strongest Yankee candle scents?  Well, it’s strong but I would not call the cedar and balsam Yankee candle overwhelming. But if you prefer something soft, it may not be an ideal choice for you.

Just burn it and immediately turn your apartment a spruce tree farm! I personally prefer this scent because I like the cedar smell and it really hides the pet odor well.

More Features & Pros

  • Fill your home with the magic scent of the forest!
  • If you are looking for a potent and authentic scent, don’t hesitate to go get the balsam and cedar candles.
  • It will immediately send to your sweet memory places where you used to enjoy pine and cedar scents.
  • Long-lasting smell that simply does not end anytime near soon.
  • Bring back your childhood Christmas memories and relive it again and again.
  • If you have a log home, it will go beautifully with the scent of it.
  • The price is just right for the popular scent from a trusted brand.
How To Get The Best Yankee Candle Scents?

scented candles in jar

It should not be too hard to find your desired scent from the vast Yankee candle collection if the scent is already decided by yourself.

But if you are new in this whole new world of aroma or you just want to change your taste, it’s good to follow a guideline. Apart from the various aromas, they come in various sizes too.

As you have noticed, scented candles come in a lot of variety in terms of scents and raw material used (the wax). Keeping those points in mind, let’s have a look at the following types of Yankee candles available to shop:

  1. Tea Lights

I call them the mini candles. If you need something that will burn for 4 to 6 hours, tea lights can be a good choice. It’s suitable for the bathroom and bedroom as well.

  1. Sampler Votive

This is the smallest candle from Yankee and it weighs only 1.17oz! It’s called Sampler Votive because people can taste it first before going for the large jars.

  1. Minis

Another small but cute candle from Yankee. It burns more than the Tea Lights. You will get the lovely scent for 7 to 10 hours. In addition to yourself, it’s a perfect gift item too.

  1. Classic Jars [Small]

These candle jars weigh around 3.7oz and have a burn time of up to 20 to 30 hours. Since you are getting a reusable jar, it costs a little more too.

  1. Classic Jars [Medium]

If you need something that has burn time for up to 65 to 75 hours, the medium size classic jars can a perfect choice. It comes with lots of fragrance options. So, go ahead and buy it to fill your home with your favorite aroma day after day!

  1. Classic Jars [Large]

The burn time is up to 150 hours! So, even if you burn it for 5 hours each day, it will cover an entire month!

  1. Large Tumbler Jar

A little bit different than the classic series. It has a sleek look with a removable lid. So, if you have a modern home, it will go perfectly.

Safety Tips For Your Scented Candle In Home

No matter how innocent and cute it looks, you are basically dealing with open fire inside your home. So, exercising some extra precautions would not hurt at all. Every candle fan should keep those points in mind:

  • Never leave your home keeping the candle alight.
  • Keep them out of kids’ reach.
  • Always keep and lit your candle in a safe place.
  • Candle jars are glass containers. They break easily! So, handle them with care.
Wrap Up

You have come a long way in finding the best Yankee candle scents and I believe you have found yours. Yes, Yankee candles have other scents too. But what I have covered here are the most popular.

Let me know in the comment box what other Yankee candle flavors you want me to review. I will include them in my Yankee candle charming scents review without delay.

Now, watch the general instructional video on how to use such candles the right way.

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