Why Are Jo Malone Candles So Expensive And Do They Worth It?

You have come to know this British beauty brand because you were not happy with your previous brands like B&BW, Yankee, or those small sellers from Etsy?

Well, that briefly explains why are Jo Malone candles so expensive. There is just more in it than those generic brands.

Sometimes, it feels like all of those smaller or generic brands get their raw material supplies from the same source, right? That’s where the big brands like Jo Malone are better in terms of scents and quality. 

Reasons Why Price Tag of Malone Candles So High

why are jo malone candles so expensive

Here are some good reasons being their price tag so high:

  • Better Quality

I have seen many people have switched to Jo Malone from B&BW and Yankee candles simply because they were looking for something better.

Many of them are still with Jo Malone and are quite happy with the scents and overall quality. Without any doubt, Jo Malone has more beautifully scented candles due to their unique scents and high-quality wax.

The only better quality you can find is from expensive Diptyque candles. You can’t deliver a better quality product without an increased price.

  • Unique Fragrances

Any higher-end brands won’t offer fragrances that are widely available or you can buy them from Yankee candle or other similar brands. 

They always have some unique fragrances that other affordable brands can’t copy. It takes huge effort and R&D work to come up with unique scents. 

Only top brands like Jo Malone or Diptyque spend a fortune to offer such unique brands. That’s why many people find the hefty price tags of higher-end candles justifiable. 

Ask Jo Malone about some of their top fragrance combinations or buy it as a test. I am pretty sure you won’t find their price tag outrageous at all because you have never smelled it anywhere.

  • Better Wax

Many brands use paraffin wax to make their luxury candles but Jo Malone uses soy wax (made from soybean oil) which is definitely better.  

That’s why you get an even burn that lasts for a long time. And the wax can preserve the scent right so that you get the best and enjoy your luxury scent. 

  • Longer Burn Time

If your high-end candles burn for a long time, the hefty price tag is not a rip-off. Not much but I have seen candles from Jo Malone burn for a longer time than other generic brands.

Are Jo Malone Candles Worth It?

are jo malone candles worth it

I am active on some forum sites and have noticed a few people are calling it a rip-off. Well, the experience will definitely vary from person to person but to me, Jo Malone candles are worth the price.

Yes, there are some brands that set the price higher to give the impression it’s a luxury candle brand, but Jo Malone is a well-known British luxury brand and they are in the luxury product world for a long time.

They would be out of business if their candles were just a rip-off. You can test it in several ways without buying it (maybe from your friend’s house?). Or you can just buy one for testing purposes.

That will help you understand better whether these candles are worth the heft price tag or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Jo Malone so special?

They have some innovative fragrance combinations that you won’t find anywhere. Their candles are unique in a true sense; so people find them as a special brand.

What is Jo Malone candles made of?

Jo Malone candles are made of soy wax (from soybean oil).

Do Jo Malone candles lose their scent?

When stored properly, the scent of their candles should last at least 2 years. But if the humidity, heat, and light break the perfume, candles may lose their fragrances.

Is Jo Malone a luxury brand?

Even a single wick of their candles can cost you more than $100. Yet people are happy to pay the hefty price tag for these luxury candles.

How long should you burn a Jo Malone candle for the first time?

You should burn the candle for 2 to 3 hours for the first time to make sure the entire surface is melted. That way you will get a nice and even burn.

Final Thoughts

I think until you buy one and burn one of their candles, you will never know why is Jo Malone’s candle so expensive. You may even get it as a gift and test it yourself.

But I have seen no people regretted buying luxurious candles from this brand. I am pretty confident you won’t regret it either. 

Share your experience with Jo Malone luxury candles in the comment box and I will be happy to update this article accordingly. 

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  1. Sorry, they use a soy blend and mineral wax IS in their wax. Are you aware that straight soy doesn’t send out a huge wave of fragrance? Blends are the best hot throw. They do not have a company creating “their wax”. They buy good wax like any other company or maker can.

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