Why Are Diptyque Candles So Expensive And Do They Really Worth It?

Any luxury fragrances are incredibly costly. And Diptyque is undoubtedly a renowned brand when it comes to luxury scented candles that smell heavenly. 

Being a relatively new brand, it’s okay to wonder why are Diptyque candles so expensive when their standard candles cost $65!

But let me tell you at the very first – the high cost is really worth it. And I will explain the reasons in this article. Stay with me for a while.

Reasons Being Diptyque Candles Costly

why are Diptyque candles so expensive

Here are some good reasons why the price tag is so hefty:

  • Each candle is made individually and manually.
  • Only high-quality wax and nice glass container are used.
  • Only natural fragrances, nothing synthetic.
  • Available on selected stores only.

Now, let’s explain each of these above points in detail to see whether this brand is really worth the high cost or you are just burning money:

  • The Touch of Hand

Unlike most of the scented candle brands, Diptyque candles are made manually and they use human hands to straighten and adjust the candle wicks so that they burn right. 

Each candle is hand-poured and made individually so that the experienced eyes can spot any problems while they are still in production.

Naturally, they have a smaller batch of production and it’s challenging to keep up the uprising demand. So, the time it takes to produce candles, the care involved, and demand have contributed to its hefty price tag.

  • Exceptional Quality & Designs

Nothing artificial is used in their candles. I have burned Yankee candles and other brands. And I can tell you for sure, their quality of candles is simply exceptional.

As for material, those candles are made of pure paraffin wax. Only the top-quality brands use this wax.

The design of their candles is unique and eye-soothing too. Those candles add extra beauty to any home as well just for their elegant designs.

Even the quality of the glass container is top-notch. When the candles are burned, you can use those beautiful glasses to decorate your house. 

Higher quality equals a higher cost, right?

  • No Synthetic Fragrances

No matter how luxurious candles you get, if there is any synthetic fragrance – you will be exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. That’s where Diptyque has made all the differences!

They have made their name for not using any synthetic fragrances in their scented candles. That’s why so many celebrities even love Diptyque!

They use nature’s scents in their scented candles only and it increases the production cost naturally. But if you are worried about synthetic products, that extra cost totally worth it.

Their most loved fragrances are Baies, Figuier, Feu de Bois, Roses, and Tubéreuse. You won’t find most of these fragrances in other brands.

And let me tell you another beauty of these candles. You will still smell its aroma even when they are not burning!

Another important point to mention here. You may already know it but do you know some brands scent only the top layer of wax? 

So, you will get the good smells for the first time and then it will smell not so good. That will never happen with Diptyque candles!

  • Location of Stores

You won’t find these scented candles here and there like other brands. They strive to provide the best shopping experience for their customer base. 

To reflect their target audience, they have stores only in some selected locations. 

They won’t admit it but high-end brands like Diptyque intentionally keep a limited number of stores to give the customers a hard-to-find impression.

Are Diptyque Candles Worth It?

Are Diptyque Candles Worth It

I have talked about all the reasons for Diptyque being so costly. I know it varies among individuals a lot but to me, their scented candles are worth every penny!

Not just to amaze yourself with their natural fragrances, bring extraordinary elegance with their hand-crafted candles in your home. Let your guests go ‘wow’!

Now let me reveal my secret on how I still make it cost-effective. There are few ways you can still save money buying their high-end scented candles.

They will never go on sale; so don’t expect any discount or anything. However, you can select a retailer where they offer loyalty points. 

Also, you can use your cashback credit card to have some rewards on your purchases. It’s not much but when you get those candles for the year-round, that small saving will make a difference!

Other than direct saving, you can still lower the total cost extending the life of your scented candles. Yes, you can extend the life of Diptyque candles with the right care.

Never blow out the candle before you let the whole surface melt. To burn it longer without soot, you should always trim the wick around half of a centimeter. 

That’s how I get the most burn time!

Where To Buy Diptyque Candles?

If you decide to buy those luxurious candles, you have many options. Of course, you can go to their selected stores but keep in mind that you can order directly from their website too.

Apart from that, their candles are available at renowned retail stores like Nordstrom. And you can get them from Amazon too!

Usually, they come in a set and each set contains 5 candles. To me, it’s a great choice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are Diptyque candles special?

First of all, these candles are hand-made and no synthetic fragrances are used. And they are produced in small batches only. All these factors have made Diptyque candles so special.

What are Diptyque candles made from?

Diptyque candles are made from top-quality paraffin wax and natural scents only without using any synthetic fragrances.

Are Diptyque candles toxic to dogs?

Not at all. Like humans, your pets also love the sweet aroma of these candles and they are perfectly safe.

Is a Diptyque candle worth it?

Due to their manual manufacturing process and use of high-quality wax with natural scents, the high price tag of the Diptyque candle is completely worth it.

Closing Remarks

I have explained why are Diptyque candles so expensive and I think that should motivate any scented candle lover to have it and feel fancy.

Yes, it’s expensive but if you compare it with other luxurious candle brands side by side, the difference is not sky-high. But the big difference in quality is definitely there. 

So, I would go for it and you should too!

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  1. I thought Paraffin wax is on the contrary used by a lot of common brands as it is fairly toxic. A lot of high end brands now tend to use beeswax or soybean wax.

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