Storm Door Vs. Screen Door: Key Features And Comparative Analysis

Is there anything more fun than opening your door and enjoying the fresh air? However, you would not like the heavy wind turning your house upside down.

This is why you need a storm door or screen door, which lets good things come in and filters the bad ones.

But how will you know whether you need a storm door or screen door for your house?

Well, we will be breaking down the storm door vs. screen door debate for your ease!

Comparison Between Storm Door And Screen Door

Storm DoorScreen Door
Offer better security.Not so intruder proof.
Energy-efficient.Not so energy efficient.
Expensive due to sturdy materials.Cheap in comparison with the storm door.
Highly durable.Not as durable as a storm door.

Although we know that storm doors and screen doors give your house ventilation, security, and light, certain differences exist.

Let us see some of how they differ. Let’s dive in!

  • Security

When your family’s protection is at the table, you are bound to go for the best. For doors, storm doors would bag the top place owing to their premium locking mechanisms, tough exterior, and reinforced glass.

Still, screen doors blended with reinforced mesh can offer the same level of security.

Storm doors

They are composed of sturdy components like double-glazed glass and steel. To further strengthen them, some include aluminum or steel inserts.

As they lack flyscreen, you have enough hard space, letting you install multi-locking methods and grills. Thus, the storm doors are intruder-proof and more resilient.

Now, some people face trouble installing storm doors. You should be aware of that!

Screen doors

These, on the contrary, offer slight security. If you are living in a safe region, the screen doors might suffice. Otherwise, they are not a good choice.

Although inexpensive, they can be quite easily slipped or cut out of the exterior door, letting intruders invade your house easily – even if you are home!

  • Longevity
Storm door vs. screen door

As per their manufacturers, storm and screen doors are bound to last for decades if looked after carefully.

Any environmental factor might hamper longevity, nonetheless. For example, snow, rain, and the sun might deteriorate or discolor the doors.

Storm doors

If made of sturdy materials – for instance, aluminum and steel – the environmental effects would not be visible for long. Try to ignore using fiberglass or PVC doors.

PVC might be susceptible to toxic discharges when it is exposed to heat. Similarly, fiberglass becomes brittle when it is exposed to UV radiation.

Hence, even though these are popular, you must choose wisely.

Screen doors

They are not much strong, which is why they fade out when composed of aluminum, low-quality mesh, or vinyl.

Wear and tear, especially if you have kids who poke fingers constantly through the door mesh, might cause hinges to become weak.

When brought to a comparison between the doors, it’s evident that storm doors last longer if made out of heavy-duty aluminum.

However, screen doors need replacing as they are weaker.

  • Price

Running on a tight budget? In this category, screen doors steal the trophy. Though they wouldn’t give protection against extreme weather.

Screen doors are the best option if you live somewhere in a warm region or have a generous patio!

Storm doors

They can be quite expensive for their resilience. Based on their composition (single-pane or double-paned) and the view (high or full) they offer, the price range varies from $150 – $1000.

Screen doors

These cost way less as they are composed of rugged and inexpensive materials. Still, depending on the materials, aluminum or wood, the prices can vary.

Reinforced mesh can also change the price. Its price range can move from $50 to $300.

  • Energy Efficiency

Now let’s have a look at their energy efficiency.

Storm Doors

Due to their layers of insulation, storm doors keep out the heat and cold, helping you control home temperatures effectively. In fact, you wouldn’t need your air conditioners to work as much.

Why? Because you now have a barrier working against the extreme atmospheric conditions!

Screen Doors

Contrarily, screen doors let outside weather conditions reach your house, thus raising or reducing the inside temperature.

This might be acceptable if you would like to enjoy a cool spring breeze, but not when an article wind blows.

Thereby, storm doors become the winner when energy efficiency is taken into account. Although the purchase price is high, remember what we mentioned earlier.

If you go further down the road, you can save thousands worth of air-conditioner running costs.

Besides these, we can see the storm door vs screen door differences when it comes to extreme weather tolerance.

Well, storm doors are better protectors.

Storm doors deal with extreme weather conditions while letting you enjoy the view outside.

Screen doors, on the other hand, might let allergens, heavy wind, and rain inside.

Storm Door: A Brief Overview

Ever seen an exterior door that guards your head door? That is a storm door. Usually featuring the glass panel, they instill natural light inside your home, as well as offering protection.

For added security, most of them arrive with a handle to lock the door.

You can select from a wide range of choices to decorate your storm door. Some customizations might include steel, wood, and aluminum.

Not only variety, but the door also gives an extra insulation layer.

Furthermore, storm doors feature glass panels offering high-view, mid-view, and full-view windows based on how much light and visibility you prefer.

As the panels can control the heat level that travels through the windows, they shut out extreme moisture, wind, and temperatures.

Damaging the aesthetics of the house, trapping heat, etc. are some storm door’s drawbacks.

Why Purchase Storm Doors?

If you are a dweller in areas that experience extremely windy, hot, or windy climates, storm doors would be your best pick.

It keeps you protected from the dirt elements while letting sunshine enter your house through its glass.

Also, you might have noticed that it is named “storm”. Well, there must be a reason for it, right?

As per its name, storm doors are an ideal choice for those living along the coast. Any time, there is a chance of hurricanes hitting the coast.

Storm doors will prevent your doors from shattering in such circumstances.

Screen Door: A Brief Overview

screen door

Just as its name implies, screen doors are made of flyscreen wrapped around a frame.

Although they almost have similar basic structures like storm doors, they feature a screen in place of glass panels.

The screen might cover the door’s entire length or only the top half. It helps to keep out unwanted bugs while allowing fresh air to sweep in.

When installed outside the exterior door, they also allow light, noise, and air to enter your house.

Generally, screen doors are less sturdy compared to storm doors as they are composed of fiberglass, wood, or aluminum.

Yet, they maintain their style while securing your home.

Lastly, you can customize screen doors according to your personal choice and your house design.

Why Purchase Screen Doors?

Who would not love to enjoy the great outdoor view without fretting over unwanted insects entering the house?

If you are one of them, screen doors should be your go-to choice. They are just excellent for ventilation.

With a screen door, you gain access to great visibility to your deck or porch.

One added benefit is that the door automatically latches every time a person arrives or exits your home.

Final Words

It’s pretty evident that storm doors are the best option if you take the price out from the equation. So, when faced with a storm door vs. screen door argument, you know which one to choose.

However, if the price is an issue for you, you can choose screen doors. Remember to grab the best quality no matter which one you opt for!

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