Storm Door Disadvantages: Is It Any Good And Worth The Money?

Yes, it’s second to none when it comes to protection and security. You all know about its benefits. But how about some storm door disadvantages?

Some people even think it’s just an unnecessary expense because of the minimal level of safety it offers. What are some other drawbacks?

I am not against a storm door but I will be talking about its cons in this article briefly so that you have a better understanding. You will also learn how you can use your front door as the storm door!

Common Drawbacks of Storm Door

storm door disadvantages

Here is a list of them:

  • Does not match the aesthetic of the house. 
  • It traps heat.
  • Causes additional inconveniences.
  • Highly expensive
  • Higher maintenance

Of course, there are more disadvantages. Later in this article, I will talk about exactly when you need a storm door. But for now, let’s talk about those drawbacks one by one in detail. 

  • Damaging Aesthetics of House

Definitely, a storm door ruins the overall style of any house. That’s a big ‘No’ for many people for their adorable house. 

It’s a common scenario where people tend to skip the need for a storm door while designing their house. We pay extra attention to the aesthetics of the front door only.

As it’s gonna block out a big portion of the front door, homeowners with custom-made front doors don’t find a storm door with large lite appealing. 

So, if you go for the storm door, you will have to sacrifice the beauty of your front door.

  • It Traps Heat!

Due to the low or double-glazed e-glass of the storm doors (high-quality ones), your door will keep the heat or cold out of your home. 

If you go for the cheap storm door where the glass is not treated, the trapped heat will warp the internal door. 

So, you may have to use force to open or close the door. However, doing so will place undue stress on the door frame and hinges. 

  • Highly Expensive

The cost of a storm door is insanely high. It can go as high as $500 for a decent one. This insane price is its biggest drawback and it’s not for you if you have a tight budget. 

Apart from the price alone, it will require extra construction for its installation since it’s a specialized door. In total, the cost can go as high as $1,000. 

A storm door requires a professional to install it. It’s not your tiny DIY project as they don’t come in standard sizes. Installation is very tricky. Here is an article what type of problems people face with Larson storm door.

You will get an idea!

Hiring a contractor will definitely increase the remodeling cost.

And you will need to replace it every 5 to 6 years. That means the cost of a new storm door plus the contractor fee again and again.

  • It Will Damage The Door Frame

Installing a storm door will require putting the screws into the wooden door frame around your existing front door. So, there will be holes in the door frame.

Water will seep into these holes and your wooden door frame will have a great potential of rotting!

  • More Inconveniences

You will have another door in addition to the front door to open and close each time someone enters or leaves the house. In our modern-day rush life, it’s just another inconvenience!

If you have pets, kids, or older people, you will feel that extra hassle each time you use the door. 

  • A Big Maintenance Problem

Whenever you add any extra feature like a storm door, you need to assume extra maintenance work too. Not just more work, it will cost you more money for the repair or replacement in the long run as well.

It’s a major disadvantage of having a storm door!

Storm door closers wear out fast over time. As it faces more traffic and beating from various elements, it is more prone to scratches, dents, and faster wear & tear.

Some of the storm doors even have a removable screen. You need to remove it first to thoroughly clean it to get rid of allergens and dust. 

And unless you repair or replace it every 5 to 6 years, your door won’t stay closed. It will swing open on its own or slam shut. Your life will be severely disrupted.

Also, the weather changes will affect the storm door capacity to latch or close properly. Meaning, you may need to adjust it every now and then. 

When Do You Need A Storm Door?

when you need a storm door

If you live in a warm or mild climate where the temperature does not fluctuate rapidly, you don’t need a storm door. 

Besides, you don’t need it if you have a new home where the front door is strong and sturdy. Normally, the front door of any new home is well-sealed and perfectly weather-resistant. 

But how do you know whether the front door of your home is weather-resistant and well-sealed?

Well, if you don’t notice any loss of energy or if you don’t notice any moisture seepage, your front door is doing its job!

Even for some older homes, the storm door is completely unnecessary where the front door is under a porch. Sometimes, the front door is overhang or awning. You don’t need a storm door in that case.

The reason is pretty simple. You are already protected against snow, wind, and rain under those above-mentioned cases. The storm door won’t do anything extra. 

Now, let’s see exactly when you may need a storm door for your house: 

  • Front Door Is Not Weather-proof

Not every front door is weather-proof unless the home is new. Over the years, it gets worse. 

So, if the front door can’t prevent the seepage of snow and rain into the house, you definitely need a storm door.

A storm door made of steel will not only protect you from such tougher elements but also the front door too.

  • Energy Bill Reduction

When the front door of your house is not well-sealed, you will be incurring lots of energy loss. That means, there will be more electricity bills months after months. 

Storm doors can block the drafts and prevent such energy loss. Thanks to their foam insulation and tight seals! 

When your house is well-sealed by the storm door, it will help to maintain a stable temperature. That means you will need to run the air conditioner a lot less. 

So, the reduction of electricity bills can be a determining factor. But if the front door is doing a great job preventing energy loss, you don’t need it.

  • You Are Concerned With Security

More locks and chains add more security for sure. When you have a storm door, there will be more such chains or locks to provide you extra security.

The burglars will find it too difficult to break into your home. With such an arrangement, you don’t have to be worried much about intruders. 

This is a good idea for people with security concerns for their family members and valuable possessions.  

  • Improve Your Home Value

It does improve your home value. Maybe not that much but it does at somewhat level. But not having it may reduce the value a lot!

Let’s say the front door is doing poorly sealing your home or there is legitimate concern regarding security and you don’t have the storm door.

A potential buyer will definitely subtract the storm door cost while assessing the value of your house. 

How To Use Your Front Door As Storm Door?

When you are too much in love with the style of your house and you don’t want to ruin it by adding a storm door, you can still get the same benefit of it improving the front door.

In fact, there are multiple ways to make your front door weatherproof. Here are some:

  • Get an adjustable awning to stop the outdoor elements from battering the front door.
  • Add new weather strips or replace the old ones to keep the rain and other outer elements out.
  • You can prevent the melting snow or rain from leaking into your house by attaching a door sweep.
  • If your front door exposes gaps, you can tighten the hinges so that your door hangs correctly. 
  • You can increase the resistance of your front door against moisture and other conditions by adding a new coat of waterproof paint.

Here is a video for your front door renovation idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to have a storm door?

You need it if the temperature fluctuates extremely to protect you and your family members from the outside heat and cold. You definitely need it if the front door is not doing a great job sealing your home.

Do storm doors add value to your home?

A little. It does not add value like the front door or new window does. But if conditions demand and you don’t have a storm door, it will leave a negative impact on your home value.

Does a storm door add security?

Storm door creates an extra level of security against wind, rain, and snow. During the summer, it may even protect you from extreme heat and vice versa.

Does a storm door keep the cold out?

Yes, it does. It is designed to keep the cold and heat out.

Are storm doors easy to break into?

It’s not unbreakable but the burglars will find it more difficult to break both the storm and front doors for sure.

Final Thoughts

Considering all those storm door disadvantages I just discussed, do you still find it worth the money and hassle? 

I would guess people buy it depending on their situation. If your current situation demands a storm door, go for it. The benefits outweigh its drawbacks for sure.

But don’t get it just because your neighbor has it. You may consider investing in your front door to make it well-sealed and still keep the style of your home intact. 

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