Granite Composite Sink Problems: Should You Still Have It?

There are plenty of good reasons why it’s a good idea to have it. It’s a favorite of kitchen designers. However, nothing is without any flaws.

There are some granite composite sink problems that every homeowner should be aware of. You do not want to regret it when it’s already too late.

So, I will discuss some of those problems in this article. That will help you understand what you are getting into and what should you do with those issues.

Problems With Granite Composite Sink

granite composite sink problems

Here is a list of those problems in brief:

  • White haze on the surface.
  • The potential risk of chipping and cracking.
  • Too heavy and bulky.
  • Higher stubborn staining risk.
  • Special cleaning required.
  • Plenty of cheaper sink options sacrificed.

Due to these issues, some people even think to avoid this kitchen trend. It will make more sense if I talk about those issues in detail. Let’s do that now!

  • Chipping & Cracking Issues

Yes, chipping and cracking are significantly low, but the risk is not completely eliminated. Let me explain why.

There is almost 95% natural granite and only 5% resin to hold it all together. The chance is low but natural granite can be compromised!

If you accidentally drop any heavy pots and pans, something terrible may happen anytime. And when such cracks and chips happen, you need to pay a professional a good sum of money to fix that!

  • More Glassware Breakage

It’s true the hardness of the sink is great for many reasons but that’s what also made the glassware more prone to breaking. 

If you accidentally drop any glassware in the sink, it will most likely break. Usually, stainless steel sink does not make the glassware that much prone to breaking!

So, you need to exercise utmost care while handling your glassware in the sink! You can keep a rubber or silicon mat in the sink to prevent such breaking most of the time.

  • The White Haze Problem

Such sinks develop a white or chalky haze due to mineral deposits like lime and calcium or if there is damage to the surface (most likely using abrasive pads). 

You will notice it even more if you have a black or dark-colored granite composite sink. 

Mineral deposits build-up gets worse when your home has hard water. Now, you can solve this problem of white haze simply by wiping down the surface after every use.

You can’t let oil, soap, or grease residue sits on the surface for a long time. If you do so, these build-ups will eventually transition to chalky or white haze in a matter of days!

Now, safely removing those build-ups is the key to avoid the damaging surface of the sink. Never use any abrasive or non-abrasive pad to scrub the white haze. 

Only a fiber cloth and clean water should be more than enough to keep the surface clean without damaging it.

  • Extra Installation Effort & Cost

It’s heavy and bulky. Those are the two factors that have made it labor some task to install it. If not installed carefully by a professional, you may damage it severely. 

More labor is required to install such a thing. So, you will end up with an extra installation charge. 

In comparison with a stainless-steel sink, the installation cost will be not less than 3 times! In fact, a lot of homeowners install their stainless-steel sinks on their own.

  • More Frequent Maintenance Required

If you compare it with the stainless-steel sink, it requires more maintenance for sure. In fact, you need to clean it on a daily basis. 

Not cleaning it daily will make the finish dull. But the good news is, it requires only simple maintenance if you do it daily. Here is a cool video on how to clean your granite composite sink:

  • Higher Staining Potential

If you choose the lighter color option, there is a higher staining potential for your granite composite sink. Well, that’s pretty obvious, right?

Now, let me give you an interesting fact.

Lighter color granite composite sink has a higher staining chance than light color traditional sink! And that’s because the resin used in the composite sink absorbs a lot more staining material. 

Things get worse when you drink a lot and you tend to keep the wine glass or bottle in the sink. 

To keep your lighter color sink stain-free, you need to clean it ASAP. Another solution can be avoiding the lighter color. Any darker color like black is less likely to get stained easily. 

  • Forgoing More Cheaper Options

You may think of the composite sink as a budget-friendly option, but there are a lot of cheaper options out there. 

If price is your major concern, a stainless-steel sink will cost you way less than a composite sink. You will still get the same benefits!

  • Require Special Cleaning

Almost every year, your composite sink will require special cleaning due to the above staining problems mentioned-above by a professional to keep it new and hygienic. 

Using the help of a professional is important to protect the finish of your sink. You may also use a nonchemical special cleaning product to do it yourself.

You see, with the traditional granite sink, there is no such requirement for special cleaning. Not everybody likes this extra hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do granite composite sinks crack easily?

No, they don’t easily crack. But if you are not careful enough, they can crack or chip. People often place hot pans in the sink by mistake and crack their granite composite sinks.

Are composite sinks hard to keep clean?

In fact, it’s the easiest thing to clean in the kitchen on a daily basis. Just take clean water and use a clean cloth to wipe the surface down. That will keep the sink clean.

How do granite composite sinks hold up?

As opposed to many popular beliefs, granite composite sinks are very much resistant to chemicals and scratch. The high density of rock particles used to make the surface of these sinks has made this possible.

How long does a granite composite sink last?

They can last as long as 50 years if there are no major accidents happen.

Is granite sink better than stainless steel?

If you need less noise in the kitchen and don’t mind a higher cost, then a granite sink is definitely better than stainless steel.

Closing Remarks

Even with the granite composite sink problems mentioned above, I still love it. Those issues should not dissuade you from getting this gorgeous thing for your kitchen.

All those problems mentioned above are negligible.

Besides, you can avoid most of the problems if you just maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Let me know how you are doing with your kitchen sink in the comment box.  

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