Kitchen Trends to Avoid In 2021 To Give Your Home A Modern Look

Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen? If so, then you should not definitely go for outdated kitchen trends rather than the updated ones.

There’s a decent chance you might be struggling right now to figure out which trends are backdated and which are not. Don’t worry! We’re here to help you out.

In this article, you will find a list of kitchen trends to avoid while upgrading your kitchen. Take them as suggestions, go for new ideas to go with your own personality and taste, and set some trends on your own.

That’s it!

Avoid These Kitchen Trends

kitchen trends to avoid

  1. Dark Colored Cabinets

Now you might dishearten if you were planning for dark color cabinets because they look so stunning. But something you definitely need to realize to go for it.

That is, if your kitchen cabinets are dark-colored, no matter how pretty they look at first, they will become ugly gradually.

I can’t get it; why? Then think about the scratches and marks that’ll be made from the cutleries by everyday use. The scratches highlight in a quite awful way on the dark cabinets.

And then, once all its beauty is gone, it won’t be appealing to you any longer.

So, if you want the beauty of your kitchen cabinets to stay much longer, then come out from the prevalent idea of dark colors.

And, go for bold and attractive colors like olive green, orange, beige, and so on.

  1. Square Tile Half-Wall Backsplashes

Square tile half-wall backsplashes are being commonly used behind the stove and sink for quite a long time. So, there’s no doubt; it’s time to wave goodbye to this cliché way of adding backsplashes.

An exquisite modern trend that you can definitely try is covering the full wall on the stove side or sink with big block rectangular tiles.

Covering just the half of the wall with tiles screams the fact that they’re there for backsplashes. But covering the full wall changes the game here.

  1. Shiny Ornate hardware

So, if you’re planning to go classic with your kitchen interior, then you might keep some hardware. But the flashy shining golden ornate hardware?

Definitely a very backdated choice.

The upgraded kitchen trends nowadays seem to be more comfortable and appealing with no hardware at all.

So, if you think you are ready to skip hardware from your kitchen design, then go for it! It would definitely put a modern touch on your kitchen cabinets.

  1. Farmhouse-Style Cabinetry

outdated kitchen trends

Now since you’ve decided to change your kitchen settings, think out of the box. Come out from the very primitive trend of farmhouse-style cabinetry.

Farmhouse-style cabinetry doesn’t provide the modern look you’re looking for.

Moreover, one of the worst drawbacks of farmhouse-style cabinetry is that it gets dusty very soon at the moldings.

Also, they are not very easy to clean. Hence, you can try sleek flat-faced panels of cabinetry instead.

They are also now in trend and make your kitchen look modern as well. And for more, the sleek design of cabinetry is even easier to clean even though they do not frequently get dusty as there are no moldings.

  1. Open Shelving

Even though open shelving is something, most people prefer it in the kitchen as it is so handy. You can take whatever you want just by reaching for it—no hassle of opening small doors.

But here, the problem is in the look of it.

If you had open shelves in your kitchen before, you already know that things you use always remain scattered and open. This makes the look of the kitchen clumsy and unorganized.

Instead, if you take your kitchen one step further and go for close shelving, it will make a great change to your kitchen look. Just try it!

  1. Cluttered Countertops

Cluttered countertops are very common and something hard not to do. Because while working in the kitchen, you feel that it would be easier to keep everything right in front of you and close to your hand.

Even though you do it for ease, but does it actually provide that convenience? If the countertop is cluttered, although you’ll feel everything is easy to get, but are actually hard to find.

When your countertops are cluttered, you won’t find your necessary things easily from the mess.

So, it is undoubtedly important to keep your countertop clean and non-clumsy. Just keep your daily utilities on it. That will not only help you find things easily but also will make your kitchen look better.

  1. Speckled Granite Countertops

Indeed, there was a time when speckled granite countertops were appealing and elegant to have in the kitchen. But unfortunately, that time has gone.

They don’t look as appealing as before, rather the most common and mainstream form of countertops.

Besides, the speckled granite countertops are heavily detailed on the surface. The good side is that the surface does not fall victim to any scratch, heat, or stain.

But the bad side is that the surface itself looks clumsy.

And as per the latest trends are concerned, modern trends are more focused on simplicity over complexity. So, it is better to keep it simple yet elegant with a good texture of engineered stones or marbles and a subtle color.

  1. Bulky Soffits and Kitchen Decks

Kitchen soffits are almost useless if you think about them wisely. You might keep the boxes and packages of your kitchen products inside it.

No? But is it essential?

You can throw them away or keep them in the store. And save the space that a soffit occupies.

But you might be thinking that then what would you do with that space. Well, you can place a tall shelf for keeping your crockeries there. Doesn’t it sound like a better idea?

And if not, then keep it empty. The more there are spaces in the kitchen, the more it will look large, organized, and elegant.

  1. Over the Range Microwaves

Even though over the range microwaves have become the most popular and massively done kitchen setting, but they are now too outdated. It is now time to make a change in the traditional way of placing microwaves.

Instead, microwaves can be placed under a counter, a shelf, or even an, especially built microwave drawer. In this way, the gravity of the kitchen look will remain in command.

  1. Monochrome Color

A monochrome color theme might feel classy at first. But the monotony of the color combinations like black, white, off-white, and grey gets boring gradually.

It will not uplift your mood in the kitchen or put any excitement into the kitchen environment.

Hence, why not try colorful combinations? Colorful combination in the kitchen makes the aura of the kitchen cheerful and exciting. And it also is a good trend to refresh your kitchen experience.

Now, watch this video to avoid mistakes while designing your kitchen.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the choices will be yours. We are here just to suggest some kitchen trends to avoid for a better and modern kitchen interior.

But if there’s any trend among the above ones that you wholeheartedly desire to follow, even if it is not an updated trend, it is absolutely up to you.

We hope you make the best use of your kitchen space with the wisest decisions. All the best!

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