Pebble Tile Shower Floor Problems: Is it Worth The Money And Hassle?

Apart from loose and leaking issue, there are some Pebble tile shower floor problems that every enthusiast should be aware of. Everybody knows the beauty and advantages but only a few are aware of its cons.

But being a long-term investment, it’s a wise decision to be aware of its ‘issues’ to avoid future regret. So, in this article, I will discuss ONLY its main disadvantages and concerns.

Stay with me for a while.

Major Problems of Pebble Tile Shower Floor

pebble tile shower floor problems

You do not want a wiggly shower floor. But let’s see what’s the other problems of this shower floor first:

  • Not draining water good
  • Loose Pebble shower floor
  • Requires high maintenance
  • Uncomfortable on bare feet
  • Tricky Installation requires specialized skills
  • Tons of grout requirement
  • Durability in question

Apart from the above mentioned issues, there are some more. Let’s talk about those problems one by one in detail.

  • Requires Tons of Grout

A lot of grout is a must for the proper tile installation. But you will be needing it tons of them for the pebble tile. In fact, it requires 2.5 times more grout than typical mosaic shower floor.

Yes, you can have larger pebbles like some people to minimize the grout requirement, but it’s still bad.

Now, why is that bad?

Well, being a cement product, more grout leads to more porous where water gets into it. So, there will be darker spots and it looks dirty!

  • Water Draining Problem

How would you feel when you notice the water is not draining well (sometimes, at all) after the installation done completely?

Sadly, a lot of people face this issue and unless you have an expert with plenty of experience installing pebble floor, you will most likely face the same problem.

Now, why is problem more common?

Well, instead of making its way to the drain, water sits between the pebbles. When water sits between the pebbles, it leads to other problems like mold and mildew.

Yes, to solve this problem, manufacturers are now producing ‘sliced’ or ‘flat’ pebbles which is good but the problem of not draining well still persist.

  • Requires Expert With Specialized Skill

Leaking pebble shower floor is a major concern since it’s never 100% waterproof.

Perfection is the key for pebble floor. The installation may seem easy to some people but it’s very tricky and time-consuming. It requires the skill of an expert to assess the floor of the whole area first.

If not installed perfectly, water may seep through the floor. This will root your floor or even the house!

  • Uncomfortable on Bare Foot

You may have a messaging feeling and comfort for your foot while you are on any footwear. And yes, it looks great too but pebble floor is not comfortable for your bare foot. 

Some pebble tiles have sharp edges and they may even hurt your barefoot!

  • Not So Durable

If you compare it with other shower floor types, pebble floor does not last that long. You are spending a lot but you won’t get the return for a long time.

This is something very hard to swallow for a lot of people!

No matter how well and carefully you clean the floor, the durability is never the same as tiles. Meanwhile, you will be needing a lot of repairs to avoid having a loose Pebble shower floor that will shoot up the total cost to the sky!

  • Very Slippery

If not textured properly, pebble floor can be very slippery when wet and potentially dangerous for kids and old age people.

To solve this problem, it’s a good practice to make the floor a bit rough with little gaps between pebbles. Keeping the pebbles too close or even if you add a thick layer of grout, your floor will lose the unevenness.

That’s why I mentioned the installation requires an expert with plenty of experience installing pebble shower floors.

  • High & Complex Maintenance Requirement
high maintenance of pebble tile shower floor

Cleaning the pebble shower floor is not as straightforward as cleaning tiles or other floor types. And if you are not careful while cleaning, you may damage the floor.

Don’t go too hard cleaning the floor. Grout will come off doing so. It takes special technique to clean floor grout without hard scrubbing. And for a better longevity, you need to keep the floor dry after each shower!

Just to keep the grout and sealer in good condition, it requires careful but frequent maintenance.

Yes, it seems a lot of work but not doing so will increase the chance of mold and mildew growth.

  • Not Suitable For Hard Water

High maintenance for your pebble floor will be almost doubled if you live in an area with hard water.

Hard water adds a thin chalky film on the pebble floor surface if you don’t clean it on a daily basis.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do pebble shower floors need sealing?

Yes. You need to seal them first before you grout the pebbles. In fact, it’s the most important step to keep your pebble floor looks great years after years.

Are pebble shower floors hard to keep clean?

Sadly, yes. Your pebble shower floor requires careful and time-consuming cleaning. You can’t let the residue of soap, shampoo, or oil sitting on the floor not for even a single day.

Is pebble mosaic good for shower floor?

Yes, pebble mosaic is good for shower floor. It looks great and comfortable on foot with footwear.

How long does a pebble shower floor last?

The sealing of the pebble shower lasts for only 6 to 12 months. So, you need to be mentally prepared for more repair after that period.

How do you fix a pebble shower floor?

Use any good adhesive or thin-set mortar for sealing. Then place the pebbles as per your desired pattern.
After that, install grout over the pebbles. Lastly, apply a second layer of sealant over the flooring.

Closing Remarks

Like everything, there are Pebble shower floor pros and cons too. You certainly know its benefits and how cool it looks.

But being aware of some Pebble tile shower floor problems will help you understand what you are getting into. Besides, now you know what to do to keep the problem in check.

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