Milwaukee String Trimmer Problems: Identification and Solutions

When you talk about string trimmers, Milwaukee is indubitably the most effective string trimmer. Its finest design features provide a perfect cut besides optimizing the power delivery.

But sadly, people face with Milwaukee string trimmer problems every now and then.

We will discuss those problems including the identification and troubleshooting process. Stick around with us to learn some easy fixes!

Common Problem With Milwaukee String Trimmer

Milwaukee string trimmer problems

Here is a list of some common issues and complaints:

  • Stalling & sudden shutdown problem
  • Overheating issue
  • Trouble with trimmer lines
  • Short battery life
  • And some more…

Every flow has its ebb. Milwaukee string trimmer, similarly, as mentioned above, can pose some problems that can be solved easily.

Let us first dive into the series of problems one might encounter while using the Milwaukee string trimmer.

  • Starts But Stalls

This problem might be a combined result of the overheating and batteries issue. This Milwaukee string trimmer problem happens when the motor inside starts to overheat, resulting in reduced performance.

Does this list of problem identification seem unending? Worried that your string trimmer problems might not have a solution?

Fret not, as we got your back!

  • Overheating Issue

When used for a long time nonstop, the Milwaukee string trimmer starts to heat up from within. If this continues, the trimmer battery will melt only after a month’s usage.

  • Trimmer lines Troubles

Each Milwaukee trimmer has a different line size ability that it can take. Thus, treating Milwaukee string trimmers like others will be a blunder.

Here, you do not have the option of simply threading the line and twisting its bump mechanism. Instead, you have to take the spool out and wind its trimmer line manually.

If you are among one of the strugglers of the trimmer line issues, stay put. We will tell you how to do this in a jiffy!

  • Short Battery Life

The battery issue is not that common. It only happens when you have to trim huge swathes. Alternatively, this might happen when you have to run your string trimmer for long periods.

  • Two types of speed

Milwaukee’s low speed is absolutely compatible when you need to cut through a thin layer of grass. With its battery life, the string trimmer allows low trimming effectively.

Likewise, the high speed works well for the overgrown grass. However, both speeds on a single model seem redundant to many users.

Users feel they are paying more than what they need.

Solutions For Milwaukee String Trimmer Problem

troubleshooting Milwaukee string trimmer

Now, moving on to the most anticipated section – the quick fixes!

Below are some of the methods you can employ to fix your Milwaukee string trimmer issues. So, without any further delay, let’s dig in!

  • Speed Control Solution

Milwaukee has some old models with just one type of speed. If any user has a preferred speed choice, those string trimmers are just the perfect fit!

  • Milwaukee String Trimmer overheating problem fix

Still, Milwaukee has not introduced any special overheat protection. As there are really rare cases of overheating, the brand has not considered some fixing.

However, you could try giving the string trimmer a breather during long hours of operation.

For security purposes, keep using the 9 and 12 AH batteries, which will keep them from melting.

Another wise move would be to run this tool on low-speed settings. This helps to reduce vibrations. In return, this will prevent the tool from heating up.

Lastly, try placing a small insulated computer fan that directs airflow to cool down the motor driver power supply.

  • Replace the Trimmer Line

At first, turn over the trimmer head and take off the spool by pushing in your taps. Then, drag the cover away from the spool housing.

Next, take 3 wingspans of line and cut it. When you fold the line in half, the centre will be visible. Loop this through the notch in the spool’s centre rib.

Finally, wind both the bottom and top tracks in the same direction. When you reach the end of the trimmer line, secure the reminder in the top notches.

After lining up the spool and the cover, push the spool in it. Finally, you will be set to grind!

  • Extra Batteries

For the battery issue, we can only suggest you use an extra battery set. Otherwise, you can give the trimmer some cooling time.

  • Resolve the Sudden Shutdown Issue

Rest assured if your Milwaukee string trimmer shuts down after a while, for we have come up with some of the best fixes.

  • First, check your motor driver’s power supply using gloves. If it is hot, let it cool down. Then, wait for a few minutes to see if the temperature falls. If not, try installing a small computer fan.
  • Your second option would be to change the batteries. Place a new collection of batteries to see if they work.
  • Examine the spark arrestor. The string trimmer engine stalls when your spark arrestor becomes clogged. After removing it, clean the spark arrestor with a brush. You can also consider replacing it.
  • See if you have a clogged carburetor, which happens if you leave fuel in your tool for a long period.  Clean it using a carburetor cleaner. If it doesn’t improve, replace or rebuild the part.

Milwaukee String Trimmer: Should You Still Have It?

A battery-powered outdoor power tool for weeding and trimming grass is known as a Milwaukee string trimmer. It can mow grass in places that are difficult to reach using a lawnmower.

One wonderful feature of Milwaukee string trimmer is that you can pair it with different attachments to complete various chores.

So, it can also be used to trim difficult-to-reach areas like tall hedges. The instrument is called by several names worldwide, but they all point to the same thing eventually.

The string trimmer’s cutting head employs a microfilament string that spins quickly to provide the energy needed to cut.

A motor-driven shaft extends all the way to its cutting head, providing the necessary drive to rotate the microfilament string.

The line becomes strained and stiff after the string reaches its maximum speed. However, it can cut most sorts of soft plant materials because of the inertia created.

Now that you are acquainted with it, I strongly recommend having this in your arsenal.

Frequently Asked Problems (FAQs)

Where are Milwaukee tools made?

Milwaukee have manufacturing unit in the U.S.A., Europe, and China. In the U.S., they have manufacturing units in Mississippi, Brookfield, and Wisconsin.

Why does my string trimmer keeps stalling?

It mainly happens due to the clogged fuel filter. When you leave fuel in the string hammer for a long time, the sticky fuel clogs up the fuel filter and cause the engine to stall.

How long does battery last on Milwaukee trimmer?

It lasts about an hour when runs hard. It lasts one and half hour when runs conservatively.

Is Milwaukee string trimmer bump feed?

Yes, the trimmer head has a bump feed mechanism to make it wear resistant and durable.

Final Thoughts

This marks the end of the Milwaukee string trimmer problems identification and solutions. We hope we have identified most of the common issues that users face.

Do try out our solutions at home. Let us know which fix worked the best for you!

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