Alternative to String Trimmer For Your Lawn That Works Like Charm!

To get rid of weed and unwanted grass, you might need a string trimmer commonly known as weed eaters or weed whackers. It comes with a string that rotates at a very high speed. Thus, it cuts all the weeds on your lawn.

However, there are some disadvantages to these tools, like a heavyweight, noise, and uncomfortable feeling during usage. That is why people consider other alternatives to string trimmers.

Now, let’s dig deeper into knowing other options people have other than string trimmer to get rid of those annoying weeds on their lawn, big time!

Other String Trimmer Alternatives For Your Lawn

alternative to string trimmer

Well, people have some logical reasons behind searching for some other options to string trimmer.

They come with some negative aspects. 

Some users may get irritated by the noisy nature of the string trimmer. Some trimmers are very heavy to lift. The fumes are also not very comfortable to the user, and it also harms the environment.

There are different trimmer lines available on market like the Oregon trimmer line and Biotrim trimmer line to provide good finishing work.

However, trimmers with an extension cord also come with their limitations. The user has to drag the cord all around the lawn while cutting all those unnecessary weeds.

Battery-powered trimmers are also not much efficient in terms of considering the power of doing the job. 

All these types of trimmers can also cause significant injury to the user if they are not cautious enough.

However, what could be the better alternative to all these available types of string trimmers?

If you think about it, there are a few alternatives available. For instance;

  1. Hand Trimmer
  2. Metal Grass Blade Trimmer
  3. Lawn or Grass Shears
  4. Using Sickle or Scythe
  5. Round-point Spade Shovel
  6. The Electric Lawn Mower

 Let’s talk about those alternatives one by one and figure out which one suits your interest best!

  • Hand Trimmer

Well, being a lawn owner if you are seeking to find other options to string trimmer, then you must remember how people used to deal with weeds before that.

hand trimmer for grass

Yes, you are right!

They used to do the same task using hand trimmers. It used to serve the purpose of trimming the lawn quite well.

There is no automation or anything. The trimming process depended entirely on the strength of the user.

Still, so many lawn owners prefer to use such hand trimmers to trim their gardens. 

Because of its simplistic nature, the operation process is much easier.

It is also can be counted as a green alternative to string trimmer. The reason behind it is that the environment doesn’t pollute while using it.

  • Metal Grass Blade Trimmer

While looking for a substitute for a string trimmer alternative for your lawn you can consider this one.

To get the work done, you can pick 3 pointed metal grass blades for your trimmer. 


You will be amazed by the result.

This thing will make this tiring task way easier. 

  • Lawn or Grass Shears
Grass Shears

Using this tool for your lawn is almost like using scissors for the same purpose.

The only difference is that it is a bit heavier and larger compared to ordinary scissors. 

It is the ultimate tool when the gardener or lawn owner doesn’t want to go for deep trimming of their garden.

In the earlier dates, they always used to pick such shears for that cause.

The popularity of this tool is still prevalent.

One thing that needs to be taken care of is the sharpness of these shears to utilize them fully. The handle also needs to provide a good grip to the users.

  • Using Scythe or Sickle

Before the widespread usage of the string trimmer and weed eater, people used to have this. 

It was the traditional way of mowing the lawn back then.

It has a long handle of wood mostly. Still, you may find some modern version of it, in which the handle is made of metal.

After the long handle, there is a curved sharp steel blade. This one is the main tool for cutting the weeds. You can also call it the primary trimmer and also the edger.

To get the work done perfectly, you need to make sure you have held it in the correct position. Having proper swing is another aspect that needs to be considered. 

Your standing positioning and how much you are forcing the work will also have a significant effect on the result.

You can choose to go to another area of your lawn after finishing one part.

  • Round-point Spade Shovel

This tool is also very common among gardeners.

This particular tool is mainly used for digging up the ground of your lawn, yet it can also serve the purpose of mowing the area of your lawn.

It is indeed a multi-purpose tool.

In the market, you will find this tool of different sizes and shapes.

But there are some drawbacks while using it for drawing the lawn. If you are not careful enough, then you may harm the lawn by making it uneven and patchy.

Doing the process using these tools may make your lawn messier as well.

  • The Electric Lawn Mower

Probably this is the best organic lawnmower that doesn’t need any human effort. If you are already using an electric-powered mower other than a gasoline-powered one, then you are already ahead of the game.

If you have a gasoline-powered lawnmower, then you can consider replacing it. You can pick a cordless and rechargeable one instead.

Are you thinking, still, it will need the energy to do the job right?

Well, electricity is a renewable source of energy. It is a better alternative than air-polluting fossil fuel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is better than a string trimmer?

Other tools like Brush Cutter are thought to be a better alternative to the string trimmer. This is mostly considering the power it has.
It serves a similar purpose. The brush cutter is made to cut more deep and dense sorts of weeds on your lawn with more efficiency and less time. It can even cut down small-sized plants.

Is a string trimmer necessary?

It is extremely difficult to get rid of the weeds in certain parts of your lawn. The reason is that most of the lawnmowers are big.
In such situations, string trimmers can prove to be of great help. To remove all the grass and weeds of all unreachable places, you can use the string trimmer. It is built in a way that it can reach those areas very easily.

What is the difference between string trimmer and edger?

Lawn edgers are meant to create the boundary line of the lawn.
Whereas, string trimmers are for maintaining those boundary lines and keeping those weed-free.


The lawn of your house creates the first impression of your loving home to the visitors. So, keeping it weed-free is a must. For that, you need a string trimmer.

Yes, some negative aspects come along with it. If you can’t trade it off with all the positive sides, then there are plenty of string trimmer alternatives.

Some of those are already mentioned and discussed.

You can also explore some DIY processes while getting rid of those unwanted weeds on your lawn.

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