Weed Eater Head Won’t Come Off: How to Solve The Problem

The “weed eater” or “weed whacker” is an important tool for gardeners or farmers, with which they can cut down unwanted grass or weeds in steep areas where other tools can’t reach them.

One of the most common problems while using this tool is that the weed eater head won’t come off. In this article, we’ll discuss why this problem may occur and how we can solve it.

Causes of Weed Eater Head Getting Stuck

weed eater head won’t come off

There are several reasons why the weed eater head may not come off. If we want to solve this problem, first we must understand what has caused this situation, and then act accordingly. Here are some common reasons for weed eater head getting stuck:

  1. Dirt and Grime

If your weed eater hasn’t been used for some time or if you haven’t been cleaning your weed eater regularly, then it is possible that the small gaps in the head have been filled with dirt and grime and as a result, the head is stuck.

It may also be responsible why your weed eater is not starting at all!

  1. Damaged Components

If the weed eater receives some damage after a fall, then the head may become stuck.

  1. Using Wrong Tools

If you’ve been using the wrong kind of screwdriver to remove the screws, then it is possible that the screws have become chipped and damaged and this could be the cause.

How to Remove Weed Eater Head?

If you are wondering how to open weed whacker head, you should start by removing the spool from the housing. First, you have to push it in, then you must twist it and finally pull it backward.

It is possible that your weed eater is from a different manufacturer and they have made it to be reverse-threaded. In that case, you should follow the instruction manual provided with your model.

If you have lost your manual, then you should visit the manufacturer’s website to find it.

After removing the spool you should use a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench to take off the screws and the center nut. This will be enough to take off the weed eater head.

If your weed whacker head is tightly stuck and you need a hyper tough weed eater head removal technique, you should first have a few necessary tools, which are:

  • Screwdrivers of different sizes
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A towel or a piece of cloth
  • Pin tool provided with the model

The steps you should follow to remove a weed whacker head are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: We have to identify the weed whacker model. If your weed eater model is an old one, then it is possible that the head is built-in and it isn’t made to come off, if that is the case then you can’t do anything but replace the whole machine.

If you have a recent model, you will find one of the 2 types of head: Knob Head or Screw Head.

  • Step 2: If the weed eater is electrical or gas-based, then it probably has a knob head. You usually have to power off the device and press down on the knob head to pop it off. If your weed eater has a screw head, then you should rotate it counterclockwise after powering it off, then it will come off.
  • Step 3: If the usual methods aren’t working, you should use a wet piece of cloth or a towel to first clean the dirt and grime on the machine. In the course of time, dirt, grime, or leaves may get stuck in the leaves of the machine and that is a reason for the head getting stuck.
  • Step 4: Before removing the weed eater head, the spool should be removed first. You have to push, twist and pull to remove the spool. You should follow the instruction manual if you have difficulties removing the spool.
  • Step 5: After removing the spool, you should use the screwdrivers to remove the different screws and use the adjustable wrench to remove the nut. You should use tools of the proper size otherwise the machine may be damaged.
  • Step 6: After following the steps above, the weed whacker head should come loose and you can carefully take it off. Make sure to not be rough with the removal process so that the internal components aren’t damaged.

Now, watch the video to learn how to quickly remove it within seconds!

Weed Eater Head Removal for Different Models

Different models of weed whacker require different methods of opening. Here we’ll talk about how to remove weed eater heads for different models.

  • If you find your Stihl trimmer head stuck, you should find the shaft hole above the head and insert the pin tool that came with the model, then rotate it until you can push it to lock the shaft. After that, use a wrench to remove the nut. Then you can pull the trimmer head and remove it.
  • To remove the Black and Decker electric trimmer head take off the cap by pressing the tabs on both sides and then you can easily take it off.
  • If you have a Troy Bilt weed eater then remove the head by holding the black wheel with one hand and use a wrench to turn the black knob clockwise. This is how you can remove the head if you find your Troy Bilt weed eater head stuck.
  • If a Ryobi weed eater head won’t come off, you should first put the trimmer upside down and unscrew the bump knob counterclockwise. Remove the string reel and pull out the shaft.
  • The Remington weed eater head removal process is straightforward. First, find the small hole on the outside. Insert a screwdriver to remove the screws and remove the nut using a wrench. You can also use the pin provided with the model to take off the head.

How to Stop Weed Eater Head from Getting Stuck?

To stop your weed eater head from getting stuck, the first thing you should do is, clean it every now and then. This will stop leaves, dirt, and grime from jamming up the inner parts.

You should always use the proper tools to take apart the machine so as to not damage the screws. Finally, you should take care that the device doesn’t receive outer damage. This way, you can prevent your weed whacker from getting stuck.


Your weed eater is an important tool to you and if the head gets stuck then it becomes troublesome to use it properly. That is why you should take care of your weed eater.

If it accidentally gets stuck, you can follow the steps mentioned in this article to solve this problem and get back to your work.

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