How To Decorate A Bedroom? [32 Ideas To Make It Welcoming!]

I can certainly bet this is where you spend most of your time. You want to make it as beautiful as possible. The aesthetic look of your bedroom will give you a calm and satisfying feeling.

You can pay an interior designer to give your bedroom a stunningly beautiful look, or you can do it yourself.

If you plan to do it yourself, that begs the question: how to decorate a bedroom? Fear not! This is probably the most in-depth article on the topic with every little detail.

You are welcome to follow these tips and take the beauty of your bedroom to the next level!

How To Decorate A Bedroom?

Not every guest is allowed to see it, but still, your bedroom deserves the most attention and personal touch. After the most tiresome days of your everyday life, this is where your body and mind need a recharge.

Believe it or not, the aesthetic of your bedroom has a direct impact on your body and mind. Here are some simple tips and step by step guides to decorating your bedroom.

Even if you follow only a few out of the 32 simple bedroom decorating ideas, you will have a beautiful living room.

  1. Corner Bed

I don’t know what are you feeling about a cozy corner bed, but definitely something you should think seriously. Most people prefer the bed in the center of the room by the wall, but if you have limited space – you should place your bed at the corner.

To give it a designer look, you can add two headboards as well. I am pretty sure the set up will give you a snug and cozy feeling.

If you plan to get a new bed, I have a nice thing to share. Get a bed with storage drawers underneath. You will find it really useful. If you need more space there, consider having woven baskets underneath your bed.

Such an arrangement will save more space where you can apply your creativity that I am about to share.

  1. Bedside Shelving

bedside table

I already told you a lot about bedside table ideas and you will find some later in this article. But for now, let’s see how a bedside shelving can work out for you.

If for some reason a nightstand does not work for you, a floating shelve should be your consideration.

They come in a lot of variety like wood, glass, or metal. You can make them yourself as well if you are handy at such a job. That way you can make it the exact size that fits your room.

  1. Hexagon Shelf

Since we are talking about shelving, let me give you an exciting DIY project. You can make a stylish hexagon shelf out of popsicle sticks!

Brush the sticks to polish the design with a wooden color and use glue to make a hexagon. Place a cactus tree inside the shelf.

  1. Go Crazy With Pillows


Coloring the bedroom with white is a simple bedroom decorating ideas to look smaller bedroom bigger. But what if you love some colors? There is a real dilemma! But no worries. Add some throw pillows on the bed to bring extra color.

Can’t decide which color? Well, get a lot of them! Keep a few on the bed and the rest inside the storage of your bed. Change them after a few days.

  1. Have a Chandelier

An elegant chandelier can add beauty to your room in several ways. In fact, it will become the focal point of your bedroom since it is definitely a modern bedroom ideas.

Not only it gives you cozy lighting, it gives your room a glamorous look. Any sleek and modern style chandelier will do the trick.

  1. Rainbow Mobile/Artwork On The Wall

There is no point leaving the big wall of your blank. Hang some beautiful artworks of your choice there. You may go for your own DIY artwork as well if you have been wondering how to decorate a bedroom with no money.

Also, you can hang some rainbow mobile on the wall to brighten your room. I believe you have done it on your den or kitchen, you can do the same for your bedroom too.

Hang these colorful mobiles near the window. This will ensure maximum light reflection.

  1. Make Your Bedroom Green

Why not give it a beachy bohemian look? Well, if you want to; it’s much easier to do. Place a palm leaf there. It will work as artwork and give your bedroom a greenery look as well.

  1. A Beautiful Nightstand

I believe your master bedroom is larger than the other rooms in your home. So, it can afford a nightstand that can organize your scattered bedroom greatly. For a smaller bedroom, it may seem counterintuitive, but still, it can make a lot of difference in your small bedroom.

You can use it to store your beauty products, books, bouquets, etc. Now, you can place a nightstand in your guest room or anywhere you like as well.

But keep a portion of the nightstand clear always. When you sleepy, you can conveniently put your phone or maybe the water bottle there!

  1. Scones & Bed-side Chair

You can install the scones just like the artwork mentioned above. It won’t take up any space in your room because it will be on the wall. Also, place a nice-looking chair in your bedroom. Whenever you need it, you can pull the side chair to use it as a bedside chair.

The bed-side chair can be extremely useful when you need to put your cell-phone or water bottle outside the bed but you don’t want to get out of the bed as well.

  1. Rugs


Don’t forget about your floor being so obsessed with your furniture, shelves, walls, and bedding.

Place a matching rug on the floor to add some extra beauty.  It can bring instant warmth feeling. You can choose a different color of rugs to have a different color pattern as well.

Choose something that feels good on your feet. I personally prefer Iranian rugs, but you can go to others. Whatever color you choose, don’t forget to go for the wall-to-wall carpeting.

  1. The Ceiling

This is the fifth floor of your bedroom and you will be looking at it a lot when sleeping on your comfy bed. No one likes to look at a blank ceiling; so why you? Actually, you can make it a lot more interesting. Paint the ceiling with a lighter color than your walls.

There is a psychological impact on why you should paint the ceiling with a light color. It creates more intimacy and a great sense of comfort. I personally prefer cool wallpaper there. It’s so eye-soothing!

  1. How About A Canopy?

bedroom canopy

A canopy in the room adds extra beauty. Don’t think it’s just for the child, it can give the adults a royal feeling too.

  1. Classy Curtains/Drapes

Whether it’s nice to hang wallpapers on the walls, cover your windows with beautiful curtains to add extra coziness. So many interior designers have confirmed the fact that curtains add more personality without taking any place at all.

Even if you have a small bedroom without many windows, you can still decorate your room with breezy curtains. With the drapes and curtains, you can create the illusion of a bigger room even though you have a small room.

Attach vertical blinds for your curtains to add more beauty.

Hang the drapes as close as to the ceilings. Try to match the color of the fabrics to the wall colors. This is a hidden interior design trick to create the illusion of a bigger space.

bedroom curtains

  1. Paint The Wall

No one wants to make their bedrooms boring. After all, it’s a place of relaxation that should uphold your spirit. Paint your wall with any bold color of your choice and watch the result!

Don’t be afraid to paint the room dark. You don’t have to be so obsessed with neutral or white color palettes. Use your imagination. You can go for the olive green, blue, or charcoal gray to give your room a sexy look.

  1. Keep It Simple

A bedroom with unnecessary stuff will make it cluttered and it can be irritating for you. A bed, bed-side table, a chair, and a dresser is all you need.

For the accessories, just keep it a minimum. You need some space for your free movement. Make sure you have some space to go from the closet to the bathroom freely.

  1. Use The Corners

If you don’t use the corners of your master bedroom, let me tell you what will happen. They will the places of discarded clothes and leave an overall bad impression on your room.

Place corner dressers there! The corners will have their purposes and the dressers will give it some style.

  1. Beautiful Lighting

I have it everytime whenever I stay in a hotel with one overhead light. It’s frustrating to have the same in the bedroom too. Go for a chandelier and you will notice the difference.

Additionally, you can opt for a dimmer.

You can create a layer of lighting in your bedroom to make things even more beautiful. For the whole room, go for the ambient lighting. If you love to read before sleeping, have a small lamp as well. To create a beautiful illumination on the walls, get the accent light as well.

  1. String Lights

If you think they are for the holidays only, you are wrong! I have seen some cool bedroom with sparkling string lights. Use your imagination; hang them on the wall, ceiling, or headboards. Trust me, it will give you a magical bedroom.

  1. Floral Settings

Little flower arrangements can do a lot of tricks to wake up happy. It’s maybe on your windowsill, nightstand, or vanity – a little floral arrangement is always can bring extra happiness.

  1. About Headboard

Yes, if you have a large space, you can go for the headboard. There is no double they add extra beauty. But you can completely forge the headboard if there is not much space there. To keep it a minimalist set up, I would avoid the headboard.

  1. How About A Daybed?

beautiful daybed

It’s recommended only when you have a larger space to spare. Who does not love to cuddle with the partner and have a nap?

It’s a great seating arrangement as well where you can spend some intimate time and do some small talking. I did it for myself and it was a huge luxurious update!

If for the limited space you can’t have a daybed, there is still another solution. During the time when you are not sleeping on the bed, keep the pillows against the wall. If possible, bring a small coffee table to be used as a bedside table.

This little arrangement will make it look like a daybed for lounging and you can work on your laptop.

  1. Right Size Furniture

You need small bedroom furniture because over-sized furniture in your small bedroom will look awkward. To avoid such frustration, take the floor measurement first before you go shopping. Even if you have a large space, avoid larger and heavy dresser, bed, and other furniture.

  1. Be Creative On Storage

At the end of your bed, there is a huge place unused. Why not put a beautiful trunk there and use it as storage? I am telling you, it won’t look awkward if you choose the right trunk. It adds extra beauty to the décor and gives you much-needed storage.

  1. Layers of Linens

Decorating your bedroom with a layer of linens may seem confusing. You may think it will make it over-cramped. But if you do it right, it will steal the spotlight of your bedroom bringing extra coziness.

Have some throw pillows and plush materials and watch how they make the place a fluffy cloud.

  1. Musical Instrument

You might be wondering what the musical instruments have to do with decorating a bedroom, right? Well whereas some people just love music, some of them have some musical instruments as well.

If you do have some, mount them on the wall because they are decorative instruments as well.

  1. Add Plants

Whenever you enter into your room to get a rest or have sleep, it should rejuvenate you afterward. To have a fresh environment and stay healthy, put some plants there. If you have not enough space, make room for the plants. Houseplants make you more alive.

Many people believe that such healthy plants help to have positive chi in the bedroom. It helps to get fresh air as well. Besides, it adds extra patterns, texture, and color as well. Go green!

If you love chrysanthemums or Lillies, I have another idea for you. Use your recycled bottles to create stunning glass vases. Fill those vases with flowers like I just mentioned.

  1. Accessible Night Light

Before you go to sleep at night, you may want to read a book or do some work of your own. Or your partner may need it to do so. May help to avoid unwanted accidents too when you need to go to the bathroom.

Night light of any kind is your answer. If you simply have a tabletop lamp, it will bring the true beauty of our nightstand as well.

  1. The Mirror Trick

Can you think of a bedroom without a mirror? I don’t. Decorating a bedroom without a mirror is unthinkable. You will find it a blessing if you have a relatively small space.

Believe it or not, the mirror makes a smaller room looks bigger. You can get the outside natural light outside your room just by using the mirror.

You can go more creative with your wall-hung mirror. You can make a starburst mirror yourself and hang it on the wall. Use wood shims and adhesive to assemble the starburst mirror and hang it on the wall.

  1. Stylish Doorknobs

Your objective is to make it as beautiful as humanly possible. To do so, you have to pay for the smaller things. Whereas you might think any functional knobs will do the job, I would recommend you installing glass door knobs to bring extra aesthetics to the décor.

  1. Have A Lounge Area

It’s not for you if you have a smaller place and you know why. But if you have some space unused in your larger room, put a chair and a table. Your room will look inviting and you can just sit there to read your favorite books.

  1. Keep It Clean

The surfaces of all of your bedroom furniture will collect dust a lot; especially the nightstand. No matter what you do or how much you spend, you will still be frustrated seeing such dust. Every now and then you should run a cleaning overhaul to keep everything glittering.

32. Keep Gadgets Outside Bedroom

It is the only place to relax and rejuvenate. Do something to keep your phone, PC, television, and other electrical equipment outside the bedroom. You do know such stuff is bad for your sound sleep, right?

33. Burn Scented Candles

To get the right and calming vibe in the bedroom, you need to burn a scented candle. They are available in so many scents that you will find your favorite for sure. You can try the Yankee candle scents if you don’t want to be disappointed and bring peace in the bedroom.


A bedroom should always be welcoming after a day-long work. But you gotta take action and make it that way. You no longer should be asking yourself how to decorate a bedroom after reading this most in-depth article.

You can either implement all or part of these above-mentioned ideas yourself or you can hire a professional interior designer to do so.

Either way, you should not be waiting for too long to make it a sleeping haven where you will always be wanting to come. Now, let me show you a video where you can learn the same a lot:

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