How To Clean Bedroom And Have Fun Doing So?

Very first, you need to take some time and make a plan. A better understanding of where to start first and what sort of cleaning products and tools you need will help you get the job done fast.

It should not be a scary job as you might think. At the end of reading this article, you will no longer be wondering how to clean bedroom.

It should not be taking more than an hour. When you are horrified with your hectic life and desperately in need of tranquility, thorough cleaning of your bedroom is all you need.

I know it’s not something you love to do because it’s boring, but sometimes you have to.

I promise you this: I will share some cool tips to make the bedroom cleaning more fun or less boring at the end of this guide. Follow this step by step guide to have a neat and tidy bedroom as you have never seen before.

Tools Required To Clean The Bedroom

Alright, you have decided to do it yourself and I strongly believe you can do it just fine. However, to avoid frustration and rush to the store in the middle of the cleaning, gather the following cleaning tools and products:

bedroom cleaning products

  • A long-handled broom.
  • Wash rags and window/dust cleaner. Get some antibacterial wipes too.
  • Glass cleaner.
  • Recyclable garbage bag.
  • Vacuum with a hand attachment.
  • Gentle and all-purpose cleaner.
  • Any good disinfectant.
  • Old pillowcase.

How To Clean Bedroom In Just 11 Steps?

It’s very important that you follow every step and exactly in that order I mentioned below. You will mess up the cleaning if you skip any step.

That being said, are you ready for the cleaning challenge? You have a strong determination and all the cleaning tools and products, now it’s time to get the actual job done. I made it a step-by-step guide so that you can follow along without any confusion.

  1. Deal With Trash First

Why not start with the most basic task, right? Yep, take out your trash first and empty the wastebasket. Believe it or not, small trash bags get filled with all the household trashes and you have to empty them on a regular basis. If you already don’t have one (which I don’t believe), get one fast!

When you are done emptying all the trash bags, replace them with new trash bags as well.

  1. Declutter Your Bedroom

Where do you keep your dirty clothes normally? I just throw them anywhere I find convenient in the room. If you do so, take all of those dirty clothes out of your bedroom and put them on the hamper. You can send them to the laundry room.

In fact, take everything out that does not belong there. Also, if you have clean clothes lying around the floor, fold them and put them in the closet. This will make it easier for you to pick up your dress in the rush mooring. Decluttering your bedroom will make it really easy to clean the room.

  1. Clean Fan Blades & Light Fixtures

If you have a fan, clean the fan blades. You may have ceiling light fixtures that need some dusting as well. Let me remind you again, take out the bedsheets before you clean the fan blades and ceiling light fixtures. How would you like the dust and spider webs falling on your bedsheets?

  1. Spider Webs At Ceiling Corners

Spiders love to make their nest/webs at the ceiling corners. So, the next phase is to clean them. Dusting away the spider webs from the corners of the ceiling requires you to use the broom.

  1. Clean The Bed

You might think this is the less dirty area, but trust me it is not. I get the idea of why people think it is less dirty. Everybody go to the bed after taking a shower and they never put food on the bed.

But it gets dirty nonetheless. More so, it’s a sweet spot for the nymphs!

Your bed sheets need to be washed and changed regularly. Remove everything from the bed like the comforter, pillowcases, etc. Take some time to clean the bed sheets and comforter.

  1. Declutter The Rest Of Bedroom

Now that you have dealt with your bed, it’s time to focus on the surfaces of all the furniture. You have to focus on every little detail in this step. I am pretty sure your bedroom has nightstands, a dresser, vanity, and so on.

Take time to separate them and put them in open space so that you can clean them easily. When you take them out of the bedroom, it is now completely clutter-free.

  1. Wipe Clean The Surfaces

You will find the nightstand, dresser, and vanity surface full of dust. You have to wipe clean them. Get your dusting spray, antibacterial wipes, or glass cleaner.

Use appropriately to clean all the surfaces. Once you are done wipe cleaning the tops of tables, it’s time to clean the others.

Thorough clean all the legs of the chairs, fronts of the dressers and nightstands. I strongly recommend you to use microfiber dust wipes to clean your precious furniture.

You will find some hard-to-reach areas when cleaning the headboards and bed. Take your time and clean as well.

  1. Take Care of Curtains & Light Fixtures

Your loving curtains and drapes collect dust a lot and you will be shocked when you start to clean them. Do the needful dusting! Like the dusting of your curtains, all of your light fixtures, window treatments, lampshades attract dust like crazy.

Use the vacuum cleaner at the lowest setting to get them clean. Alternatively, you can use duster as well. Whatever method you prefer, clean them gently; otherwise, you would break them! Once you are done, your bedroom is free of allergens!

  1. Clean The Windows & Mirrors

I love to watch the sunrise early in the morning through my window. You can’t enjoy the heavenly scene through a smudged and scratched window. So clean the windows and mirrors.

Wipe down all the windows or glass-paneled doors using any streak-free cleaning agent. In this step, you should clean all the mirrors too.

Spray the glass cleaner on the mirrors and wait for a while for the birds’ poop and a hard nut to crack dust to loosen up. Now take a clean microfiber cloth wipe clean the mirrors from top to bottom.

If you have phone frames with family pictures hanging on the wall. Clean them as well using the same method you applied for the mirrors.

  1. Clean The Floor of the Bedroom

You should clean the floor in the last step. A top to bottom spotless bedroom cleaning requires you cleaning the floors at last. Now, people have a different type of flooring arrangement, what do you have?woman with broom

If you have a carpeted bedroom, use the vacuum cleaner. If you have a hardwood floor and rugs on it, remove the rugs first and sweep clean the entire floor. Try to reach under the bed as far as possible to clean every inch.

Don’t go nuts when cleaning the floor. You gotta be consistent. You should always start from one corner and follow only one direction at a time.

Aimless cleaning will lead to your frustration. After your first round, go for the second spin to clean the floor to seal the deal!

  1. Place Everything In Order

For cleaning purposes, you have moved a lot of stuff from the bedroom.

Since everything is neat and clean, it’s time to put them back where they belong. But before you do so, disinfect your dirty hands first.

You will find a lot of disinfectants in the market to make your hands germ-free. If you don’t have it or don’t want to buy one, use the all-purpose cleaner. This will do the job as well.

How To Make Cleaning The Bedroom Fun?

There is no doubt, it is a boring and daunting task. It’s disgusting as well sometimes. But it should be that way always since you have to go through this phase a lot in your lifetime. So why don’t we make it more fun?

For a better physical and mental health, you have to ensure a clean and dust-free bedroom. But cleaning it is a tiresome job. Follow the below-mentioned tips to make the bedroom cleaning a job of fun:

  • Learn To Take Challenge

It’s a challenging job and there is a strong possibility your mind will tell you to give up. Make small cleaning challenges like can you complete the vacuum cleaning the entire floor in less than 10 minutes? Can you clean the entire bedroom within just 1 hour?

  • Introduce The Reward System

I am talking about rewarding yourself. In fact, not just for cleaning the bedroom; whenever you do something cool or achieve something, you should give yourself a treat. I am not making it up, several researchers have found it super effective to boost your enthusiasm and confidence.

You have done a great job giving your messy bedroom a stunning look, so give yourself a cool reward. It could be anything like having a coffee or dinner at a restaurant. Do it just for once and let me know who you felt.

  • Listen To Music While Cleaning

You can make this boring task a lot more fun by playing any upbeat music of your choice. You may have already known it. But let me explain why it works to well. Listening to your favorite upbeat music helps your body and mind going.

Sing along with your favorite music. You will get the job done faster than you think. Why not move your body a little bit with the music? You will have your exercise without going to the gym!

  • Involve Your Kids

involve kids in the cleaning process

Don’t think it will keep you behind your cleaning schedule. Our busy life leaves us little time to create a bond with our children.

Involving kids with cleaning your bedroom will make the process faster and you will have a great time with your kids. Give some easy cleaning tasks like folding the pillowcases to them to lower your burden.

Summing Up

I know there are a lot of things you can do to clean your bedroom, but the above step-by-step guide is most comprehensive and effective. With a great plan and strong determination, cleaning a messy bedroom won’t look daunting anymore.

In addition to the above guide, you can go creative and add more. Let me know what could be done more to make it even more fruitful in the comment box. Here is an instructional video on cleaning your bedroom fast!

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