Replacing Slats On Vertical Blinds: A Step By Step Comprehensive Guide

Don’t you hate when sunlight leaks through your blinds? I mean what’s the purpose of having blinds in the first place?

Aren’t vertical blinds supposed to protect you from them? Well, if there is a broken one still hanging on, then it’s probably your fault for not replacing it.

So, you don’t know anything about replacing slats on vertical blinds? That’s completely fine. I have been there. Stick with me to find out how you can replace slats on vertical blinds the easy way.

Replacing Vertical Blind Slats: Step By Step

replacing slats on vertical blinds

To me, it makes a non-conforming bedroom without a blind. So, you need to get it right!

Before we get ahead, let’s get something straight. Replacing a blind slat is a child’s play. You can easily do that with the right procedure. Want to see how it works out? Then let’s get on with it.

  1. First of all, you will need to remove the valance so you can see the top rail. Then rotate the blinds to make them partially open. This makes it easy to remove the blinds individually.
  2. Then you will need to remove the old slats from the blind headrail. Most of the time the slats are attached to the headrails with a chain link system. It has a hook that keeps the slats in place.
  3. To remove the slats, you can use a credit card or any thin object to push the hooks. This will detach the slats and you can easily remove them.
  4. Once you remove the damaged slat you place it somewhere and get the new ones. Then align it properly with the other blind slats.
  5. Finally, you can hook the new slat into the chain-link system and it will lock by itself. That’s it. You are done.

All these seem a bit too easy, doesn’t it? You might be wondering what’s the catch here? Well, you are not wrong. There is a catch.

The main issue you will face with this is getting a new blind slat that matches the other ones. Unless you choose to replace all of them at once.

You don’t have to worry one bit now. I am here to solve all your issues about replacing your blind slats. All you have to do is follow along with the article and consider the factors I am going to talk about.

These are the factors that help you choose your blind slats for replacement.  You will find this video on vertical blind slat replacement and other issues very useful:

Why And When To Replace A Vertical Blind Slat?

Before I take you right into the steps and process let’s talk a bit about why do it? Well, technically vertical blind is supposedly a long-lasting product in the range.

So, you shouldn’t be worrying about changing them too often. However, that doesn’t mean they can last for a lifetime.

Just like anything else vertical blinds can also wear off after some time. I know the feeling when that starts to happen. Sometimes it can go without coming to your notice at all.

As time passes by things can get much worse and you might have to suffer those outcomes.

So, you have to think about replacing those blinds whenever you see any signs. For example, fading slats or worn-out slats are a clear indication to replace them. And, if you see a damaged one you have to replace it immediately, no questions asked.

Vertical Blind Slat Replacement Factors 

replacing vertical blind slats

A bedroom without a window is not a bedroom. A window without the blind is unthinkable.

The simple truth about all this is you have to rely on buying blind slats. There is no DIY solution for you out of this problem. In addition to that making, a decision won’t be easy at all. You have to consider the following factors I discuss with you.

How do I know these? Well, I have been through that. I had to go through a lengthened research to find all this out. So, let’s get things underway.

  • Measurement

The very first thing you will need to consider for your blind slat is the size and measurement. If the measurement is off, trust me it will not look good at all.

Especially when you are replacing just one of them. Without the correct measurements, they will not fit well at all.

If you are removing a single slat you just have to measure the one you removed. You can just measure the height and the width of the slat and you are done. But if you are trying to replace all the slats you will need to go on a different route.

First off, you have to measure the top of the railing. And then measure the middle and bottom of it. Also, you will need to measure the drop to determine the height.

  • Color

Once you are done with the measurements we can move on to the easy stuff. Here, you just have to choose the matching color for your slats.

It might be difficult when you are replacing a single slat. In that case, you will also need to wash or clean the other slats.

  • Patterns

If your current blind slats have any pattern or design then you will need to consider that as well. Needless to say, any wrong decision you make here will be visible to everyone.

  • Material

This is something a lot of people forget when replacing their slats. You must have the same material with the same features for your blinds.

For instance, if currently have a dimout blind you would want the same kind as a replacement. And if you have a blackout blind you would go for that.  

  • Cost

There can’t be different opinions on this one. After every consideration, you have to come down to the price factor. Don’t go for cheap ones because they won’t last long enough.

Especially, if you have children or pets running in your house.

Was that very hard? Probably not. Here comes the hard part though. Not many shops around the place can get you the perfect vertical blind slat. If you are looking for a single-blind slat then you will have to put a lot of time and effort into finding one.

This is the part where I share another tip to decorate your bedroom or guest room. You can opt for custom blind slats that many manufacturers offer. All you have to do is look for the correct ones near you.

Tips On Maintaining Vertical Blind Slats

Sure, there are solutions to all problems. But isn’t it better to go through proper maintenance to delay them?

Let’s face it, you will have to replace your blinds at some point but with proper maintenance, that process becomes less tiring. That’s where my maintenance tips fit in. Ready?

  • You must clean your blind every day if possible. However, cleaning doesn’t mean, wash them regularly. That will do the opposite.
  • Make sure your kids don’t play or run around the blinds or with the blinds. Because a lot of times they can pull out the slats and break them.
  • Keep the headrail always in check. Clean them daily if possible. Also, make sure to check the mechanisms now and then.
  • Always try to keep the cord tangle-free. With everyday use, they can get tangled.
  • Try not to use them too much without any necessity. The more you use them, the more they are prone to wearing off and getting damaged.

You can follow these easy tips to lengthen the lifetime of your blind slats for sure. But just like I said earlier, at one point you will need to replace them. So, there is no escaping that fact.

Last words 

To top things off replacing slats on vertical blinds isn’t that big of a deal. Everything comes down to making the right choices on the slats.

So, the point here is to try and consider the factors I discussed with you. As you can tell by now there is nothing much to do with the process of replacing the blinds.

Hope this helps you get all the information you need on replacing slats on vertical blinds.

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  1. For replacing a verticle blind, you will first need to remove the valance so you can see the top rail. Then rotate the blinds to make them partially open. This makes it easy to remove the blinds individually.

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