How To Permanently Remove Moss From Concrete And Prevent FOREVER?

It’s unsightly to see moss growing along the concrete surfaces like the sidewalk, driveway, etc. So, like you, many people keep wondering how to permanently remove moss from concrete.

Well, removing moss from paving is not a daunting task. In fact, there are plenty of ways to get rid of it.

And you won’t be needing anything more than your household items.

Sounds promising? Keep reading!

Removing Moss From Concrete Permanently

how to permanently remove moss from concrete

They steal the beauty of your pavers, patio, or wherever they can grow. Moss produces spores that are detrimental to your health. And don’t forget the slippery nature of it!

So, just removing won’t cut it. You need to prevent them from growing back too. Here are some ways how to do that:

  • Apply Hot Water To Kill Moss

If you want to get away with it cheap, this is something you should try. Hot water can remove moss and weeds on the paving stone walkway or in the driveway crack like a charm.

You can use a steamer or just boil hot water and carry it outdoor. Whatever you do, be careful about the splash. Do not splash the steam on nearby grass or plants.

You should follow this procedure along with scrubbing the concrete with a deck brush too.

  • Apply Chlorine Bleach

Let’s start with a stronger solution now. I will talk more about natural solutions later in this article. I recommend applying the bleach and water solution if you want rapid results. Bleach can kill weeds too!

Before you start, keep your pet and kids away from the treatment area. Also, do not apply it to your desirable plants.

If you already don’t have the bleach, you can get it from your local garden center or any home improvement store.

Making the solution is easy. Just mix an equal amount of water and bleach in a spray bottle. And you are done!

This is what you should do…

Wear all the protective gears like masks, eyewear, and gloves before spraying the solution. Get a deck brush or stiff broom to scrub the area before you apply the solution.

Now, spray the solution directly on the moss. You should leave the solution in the treatment area for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Then scrub the area again and rinse off the treatment area with water.

  • Killing Moss On Concrete With Baking Soda

cleaning moss off concrete

Alright, here is your first natural solution to remove moss from the concrete. If your moss issue is not already serious, a baking soda solution should kill them effectively.

Many have already found the desired result applying this homemade moss killer. It works by increasing the soil’s pH level which in turn makes the environment inhospitable for the moss.

You should already have it in your kitchen cupboard. If not, get it from your local store.

For surefire results, you should sprinkle it over the moss generously and leave it overnight. After that, use a push brush to remove the baking soda.

Then scrub the treatment area to remove the moss from your paving stone driveway or patio.

  • Remove Moss With Vinegar

If the baking soda does not work for you or you did not get a satisfactory result, you should try to kill the moss permanently by applying vinegar.

The benefit of applying vinegar is that it kills most effectively and prevents them from growing back. Another good thing about this solution is that it will remove other stains from your concrete too.

This is how you should apply this amazing homemade moss killer for concrete…

Mix two cups of white vinegar with two cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well to have a good mix.

Now, spray the solution directly on the moss and let it sit for a couple of days. Check the treated area to see whether the moss is dead and dry. If not, spray the solution again.

It should take care of the moss after the second application. Use a stiff brush to scrub away the dead moss. Rinse the concrete with a garden hose.

  • Remove Moss Using Power Washer

The pressure washer works like a charm to get rid of moss from the concrete surface. It’s ideal for you if you don’t like any chemical treatment or don’t like the hassle of any homemade solution.

Here is how to deal with moss with your pressure washer…

As you know how strong the water pressure can be from a power washer, make sure to cover your plants and other ornamental items nearby the area. You can go for plastic sheeting for that purpose.

Wear your protective glasses. Use a 25-degree nozzle tip. From a 2 to 3 feet distance, aim the nozzle to the moss and spray in a side-by-side motion. This action should remove the moss effectively.

However, the problem of using the power washer method to kill moss is that they will grow back once the condition is ideal again!

  • Commercial Herbicides

removing moss from paving

I would recommend the commercial herbicides for weeds as your last resort because these are very toxic products.

But yes, such herbicides are highly effective to kill weeds and moss from any unwanted areas. So, consider this bigger gun only when every other option fails.

Find a commercial moss killer that is specifically designed to kill moss. Some less-toxic moss killer brands are St. Gabriel Laboratories, Safer Moss & Algae Killer, and Bayer.

You should always follow the very specific guidelines set by the manufacturer. Make sure to keep your kids and pets away for an entire day and take every measure to protect yourself.

  • Use Sunlight

How about another inexpensive and easy way to kill moss? I believe you already know but let me tell you again—moss doesn’t like the dry and sun-soaked spots!

So, do everything you can so that the affected areas can access the sunlight easily. That means moving your patio furniture and cars.

Make sure to prune nearby trees and shrubs that may block the sunlight.

Using direct sunlight is the best moss preventive method too. So, no matter which option you like most to kill moss, make sure to make the sunlight accessible afterward.

  • Fix The Leaks!

Sometimes, a broken pipe or leaky faucet may be the culprit of why there is moss on the concrete. That leaky stuff causes the moisture to collect and moss to grow.

Quickly fix those leaky faucets or pipes and make necessary adjustments to stop the moisture to grow. The moss won’t bother growing on your concrete naturally.

Now, watch this video with sound on to get rid of moss the cheap way!

How To Prevent Moss On Concrete?

Cleaning moss off concrete or driveway is the job half done. It won’t take too long for moss to comeback. That’s why taking preventive measure is crucial.

And for moss prevention, there are some measures you can take. I will talk about a few of them.

  • Limit Water Access

First of all, you need to make the growing condition for moss unsuitable for them. And the best way to do this is limiting the water access.

Try to keep the driveway, sideways, etc. dry always. Don’t let the water runs over your driveway.

There are a couple of ways you can keep the concrete dry. First of all, move the downspouts of rain away from the driveway.

And make sure your sprinklers never spray the sideways or driveways. If you run the sprinklers for too long, it water may overflow from your lawn to the driveways and welcome moss growth.

  • Limit Access To Soil

After limiting access to water, no access to soil is another effective strategy for moss prevention. Don’t let the eroding soil from your garden or lawn provide a surface for the moss to grow.

If the soil from your lawn or garden frequently erodes into the driveway or sideways, edging can be a better strategy to adopt.

Don’t let the tree branches or bushes provide shading your driveway. Prune them back. Moss is less likely to grow under sunny conditions.

  • Apply Copper Sulfate Solution

Being a natural biocide and completely harmless to humans and animals, applying the copper sulfate solution on your concrete pavers can be another effective moss prevention strategy.

You can buy copper sulfate crystals from online. Mix around 1.75 pounds of copper sulfate crystals with one gallon of water (warm tap water).

Now, apply the solution when your concrete paver is dry. Let the solution soak into the surface. Make sure you don’t apply too much of that solution where it can run off into your adjacent lawn or garden.

This should create copper surface over the concrete which in turn will never allow the moss to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will vinegar get rid of moss?

Yes, vinegar contains up to 4% to 8% acetic acid. So, it’s highly effective against weeds and moss. Many have already got excellent results using vinegar.

Is bleach or vinegar better to kill moss?

Both kill moss like magic! But people prefer vinegar because it’s a homemade natural way to kill moss with vinegar acting like acid rain. But don’t forget, bleach works great too!

Will straight bleach harm concrete?

No, bleach won’t harm the concrete. In fact, it does not harm any sturdy material. Moreover, bleach will disinfect your concrete along with killing any moss and weeds.

You should apply it only in open and well-ventilated spaces and wearing protective gear.

Does boiling water kill moss?

Yes, boiling water can kill moss from any unwanted areas including from your concrete pavements. Pouring boiling water over the moss-infested area is the most cost-effective method too.

How does Jeyes fluid kill moss?

The solution mix of Jeyes fluid and water can kill moss within 30 to 40 minutes. To do so, mix 5 liters of water with every 150 ml Jeyes fluid.

Then apply the solution to the affected areas and let it sit there for 30 minutes. After that, rinse off with water and make sure to scrub the area with a brush.

How long does it take for vinegar to kill moss?

It depends on how much vinegar you mix with the water. If you mix 2:1 vinegar and water, it will take more or less 40 minutes to kill the moss.

Of course, it also depends on how serious the moss situation you have too!

How do you remove green moss from concrete?

My personal favorite way of removing green moss from the concrete is by using vinegar. It’s natural and safe. Just spray, wait, scrub, and rinse. Nothing so difficult!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, moss removal from pavers is not a daunting task. So, get to work instead of wondering how to permanently remove moss from concrete. The faster you get to action the better.

Let me know how it works out for you in the comment section.

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