How To Use Reed Diffuser – (A Step By Step Complete Guide)

You are never too late to make your house scent like a garden. But it is not always possible to get fresh flowers from the garden! And the best way to replace it with a reed diffuser. But do you know how to use reed diffuser?

The process of using a reed diffuser is easy. But some tips can make the best out of the reed diffuser you have in your house.

Today, we will tell you how to use a reed diffuser and make your house a garden! Also, some added tips and specific details are mentioned for your convenience. Take a look!

Types of Reed Diffuser

how to use reed diffuser

Before you get into the setup of the reed diffuser, you have to know some specific information.

  • Reed Diffusers with Oil in the Vessel

There are diffusers in the market that will come with oil. Here, the oil will be in the vessel ready for you. If you get a diffuser like this, your job will be simple.

All you need to do is take off the stopper first. Then, you have to get your hands on the reeds and insert them!

  • Reed Diffuser with Separate Oil

In some cases, there will be an essential oil, but the oil will be separated. You will see that there is another package or bottle for the oil. For this, you must know how to use reed diffuser with essential oil.

In this case, you have to take the vessel and put a bit of oil into it. Go for a few ounces, and that’s all! And you can anytime use the oil when you need it!

Repeat the same step and pour a few ounces of oil into the vessel, and you are good to go! In this way, you can diffuse the vessel. And you can get the fragrance you want!

When you insert the reeds, there can be times when the fragrance oil level will rise higher. And this will result in spilling the oil out of the vessel.

So, be careful and try to settle for a diffuser on a surface that is completely non-porous.

Certify that if oil drips off the vessel, you clean it as fast as you can. Before you cover it with a fragile countertop, clean the dripped off oil!

Note: As you need to use only a few ounces of oil, you will have a good amount of extra oil. You will need this extra oil little by little sooner or later.

And so, it is essential to keep the oil safe. You have to store it in a cool and dark cabinet. This keeps the oil perfect for an extended period.

Step by Step Reed Diffuser Set Up

  1.  Firstly, take the stick out and place them inside the oil bottle. Here, the sticks will absorb all the oil they need.
  2. You cannot only serve oil to one side. So, carefully flip the bottom of the stick. Now, get the dry side into the oil. Let this side absorb the oil.
  3. Now, place the sticks in the oil and let them rest.
  4. You are done, now, the reed diffuser sticks will easily spread fragrance!

The Perfect Use Of Reed Diffuser

diffuser with reeds

Step 1: Ideal Place For The Diffuser

First of all, you have to position the diffuser with reeds properly. It is always a good idea to settle for a high traffic area.

From this place, the fragrance can easily disperse all over the room with the help of air circulation.

The other place that can help you dispense the fragrance all around is close to the door. This will help the room get the aroma.

On the other hand, whenever you or the visitor gets into the room, they will pick up the incredible scent! That will surely be a beautiful gesture to welcome your guests.

The diffusers are like a bunch of flowers. When you pass it, you will smell the fragrance. It might not fill the whole room with the scent, but it will give you a tint of the fragrance when you are around it!

Step 2: Keep Flipping

The key is to keep a few reeds to make sure your room is scented! You cannot deny that if you want more fragrance, the best way to do it is by slipping it slightly.

Every day, take time out of your busy schedule and flip a few reeds. It is always better to flip all the reeds if you get time.

If you have only a few reeds, you don’t need to flip them too often. But if you have pleased so many pie creed, you have to flip them more. The more, the better!

When you have more reeds, you have to go to them and flip them more often. Flipping will help in evaporating the fragrance oil quickly. Consequently, your room will smell more scented!

Step 3: The Perfect Flip

You might flip the way you want, but will that make the best out of it? The answer is NO! Flipping the reeds has a specific method.

If you want to bring the best out of your effort, try the right way of flipping the rids. You might have a wastebasket in your house.

Make use of it! Take the reeds over the basket. And start flipping them there. You can take the reeds to the sink and flip them there!

After flipping, you have to make sure that the vessel of the reeds is clean. The clean vessel will help in spreading the fragrance better than before.

There will always be reed diffuser oil drips in the vessel. All you need to do is clean the oil properly. And after that, you are free to place the countertop.

Step 4: Countertop Care

We know how you love your home. And so, before you make your room smell like the garden, you have to take care of the countertop.

If you let the oil or any other dirt fall on the countertop, it can damage it. So, to safeguard the countertop, coasters can be beneficial.

Otherwise, you can use a plate too. You have to take the plate or the coaster. Now, you have to position it under the scented diffuser.

As a result, there is no chance of oil dripping on the countertop. If there is any oil that drips off, it will stay on the plate or the coaster, saving your valuable countertop.

Step 5: Vacation Planning

When you leave the house for a few hours, don’t forget to flip the reed diffuser sticks. But what will happen to your diffuser when you are moving home for days?

Vacations are days that you can never ignore. But at the same time, you should also keep in mind about the reed diffuser.

So, before you leave, you have to get your hands on all the diffusers of your house. Make sure you go through each reed so that when you leave, they are safe.

You have to slip all the reeds carefully. As a result, when you will be back from the vacation, you will get an appealing welcome by the fragrance of your reed diffuser.

But if you do not flip the reeds, when you get home, you will only smell a rotten house. You don’t want that, do you?

Step 6: Perfect Diffuser Size

Now, if you think that using any diffuser can scent your room like heaven, then you are wrong. Your room size is a factor when you want to get a diffuser for it.

It is a common problem of the users not getting as much scent as they want from a reed diffuser. The problem is regarding the size of the diffuser.

The bulb you use in your room is similar to the diffuser. If the bulb is more prominent and brighter, it will brighten up your place more. If you choose a small light with low power, you cannot get too much brightness.

And so, when you purchase a diffuser, we recommend you to get the larger one. The larger the size, the more the fragrance!

If you have a small room, you can play with the small diffusers. However, for bigger rooms, never pick up the smaller diffusers.

For the smaller spaces, just like the small bedrooms or power rooms, try to settle for small diffusers. When working with the master bedrooms or living room, it is always better to get the larger version.

On the other hand, you can also rely on more than one diffuser to spread fragrance in your house!

Step 7: Vessel Cleaning

Looking forward to having a fantastic scent in your room is impressive. But if you think it comes without effort, you are merely mistaken, my friend!

As you smell the excellent fragrance, you have to take good care of what serves the scent.

Yes, we are talking about the vessel. There are times when you get refill oil for the diffuser in the corner of your room.

But when you plan to refill, you have to take time and clean the vessel. The clean vessel can be a better source of spreading fragrance. So, clean the vessel before you use new oils.

For cleaning it, all you need is soap water. With soapy water, rinse the vessel properly. And before you use it, let it dry. After drying the vessel completely, you are free to refill it.

The old oil usually loses fragrance. And when you add new oil, it is always better to start as a new journey in a clean vessel, isn’t it?

Step 8: Changing the Reeds

Yes, old reeds did an excellent job. That doesn’t mean you will keep them forever! So, we recommend you to change the reeds at times.

When you use the reeds for an extended period, you will see dust buildup on them. Over time, there will be clogs too.

Then they will lose efficiency over time. And this is the time when you must get a plan to change the reeds.

However, we always tell that all reeds will not be the same. If you have used the reeds of a brand for a more extended period and loved them, you can stick to the same manufacturer.

But you can also experience the other reeds from different manufacturers. Before you buy, make sure that you plan on the best reeds for the oil one company provides.

If you can, it is always better to settle for the same branded reeds and oil. Or else, the best you can do is to select a reputed company for the reeds.

Step 9: Create Your Own

Now, if you are tired of putting money on buying the reed diffusers, you can also have it. Yes, making a reed diffuser is not that tough!

All you need is a vessel and work a little hard! Go for a non-porous container or a diffuser bottle. Ensure that the container you take is small in size.

Also, it should have a narrow opening. Have you seen the wine bottles? Yes, we are telling you about the same narrow opening!

Get the reed diffuser ingredients like the diffuser oil and sticks. Now, set it up and have fun! No matter if you are going to place the reed diffuser in bathroom or your room, your room will be scented!

FAQs on Reed Diffuser

reed diffuser in bathroom

How Long Does The Oil Last In A Diffuser?

The environment is a factor when it comes to the life of the reeds in a diffuser. Usually, the reed diffuser oil lasts for months.

However, the factors that affect it are the weather and temperature. The open doors will help it last longer.

The air conditioning and heating is also a critical case here. If you give a 100 ml diffuser oil, it will last for 2-5 months at best.

Can You Reuse Reed Diffuser Sticks?

If you have used the reed diffuser sticks once, you cannot use them twice. After using them, they get saturated.

The cells of the sticks get clogged. As a result, they don’t get the ability to pull up the scent. Consequently, they are not able to throw the fragrance!

Why Can You Not Smell Your Reed Diffuser?

When you have refilled your diffuser, and the reeds are in it, you will smell the fragrance. But if you cannot smell the aroma, you should understand that the reeds are saturated.

Also, there is a possibility that the reed sticks are clogged with dust. The best bet is to change the reeds and replace them with the newer ones.

Final Verdict

So, all you need to do to get the fragrance in your room is to get a reed diffuser! We understand that using a diffuser is fun and fresh, but you have to be careful about the ideal use!

Follow the steps we have mentioned about how to use reed diffuser. You will never go out of fragrance, we promise you! Also, let us know what you do to get more aroma from your reed diffuser?

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