Best Riding Mower For Small Yards From Husqvarna & Troy-Bilt

In terms of maneuverability, comfort, and effectiveness, Ariens 915223 IKON-X is considered to be the right riding mower for small yards.

Yes, of course, I have reviewed a couple from Husqvarna too.

They are expensive but for hassle-free and time-saving buying, many are getting them from trusted online stores nowadays. Besides, you can read actual feedback from lots of people.

Best Small Riding Mower Comparison Table

Ariens 915223
  • Engine: 23 HP
  • Zero Turn: Yes
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Husqvarna Z254
  • Engine: 26 HP
  • Zero Turn: Yes
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Husqvarna MZ61
  • Engine: 27 HP
  • Zero Turn: Yes
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Husqvarna MZ61
  • Engine: 24 HP
  • Zero Turn: Yes
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Troy-Bilt Mustang
  • Engine: 452CC
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7 Riding Mower Reviews 2020

small riding mower

I mainly covered from trusted brands like Husqvarna, Ariens, and Troy-Built as you can see from the table above. Now, let’s have an in-depth review of them.

Ariens 915223 IKON-X

As this is a zero-turn mower by Ariens, the radius will bring back a boost to efficiency.

Also, the engine is very powerful to afford high and smooth output. It also includes automatic compression release!

best riding lawn mower for small yard from Ariens
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Though this Ariens mower is designed for residential use, the engine is commercial grade. It includes a Kawasaki engine, which is very sturdy.

Even if you settle for the low speed, you will get high torque! What else do you want!

To do some, all you need to do is turn the mower on and keep in on the low speed.

You get a 4-point hanging-deck with the Ariens mower. So, leveling while cutting gets easier!

You can choose between 13 different cutting positions from 1½ to 4½. Adjusting the height is beginner-friendly.

The seats are padded along with an adjustable high-back seat. So, while mowing, you will be in a comfortable position. The frames are made tubular.

You already know that you don’t need to worry about resistance and stress!

The deck of this mower is industrial style. It is designed with 10-gauge steel so that the engine gets perfect airflow!

Pros Ariens 915223 IKON-X

  • Gives plenty of power.
  • Comfortable rides.
  • Adjustable mowing features.
  • Changeable speeds included.
  • Serves for an extended period.


  • Makes strange noise.
  • No lights included 

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Husqvarna Z254 Review

This is a zero-turn riding mower by Husqvarna. And we all know that the brand is famous for high-grade manufacturing mowers and other equipment.

Apart from being a great mower for hills, you can mow your small level/uneven yard too.

Husqvarna Z254 Review
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The best part of this mower that attracted the users is the automatic choke system/ Even for beginners; the ready-start makes the starting process simple and easy to understand.

The LED lights added to the bumper helps to work even at the night. The control panel is beginner-friendly.

If you want to access the top of the cutting deck, it won’t be tough for you!

There is a giant cooling fan included in this mower. It keeps your mower cool and efficient to work.

Also, the fantastic air filtration keeps the engine of the mower free from pollution.

An added auto parking brake is in this mower. If you have a skyward which is full of rolling hills, this will give you some peace! 

Pros Husqvarna Z254

  • Easy to start and operate.
  • Workable at night or less light.
  • Powerful zero turn radius.
  • Deck-lift is spring assisted.
  • Maintenance-free transmission


  • The seat is not cozy. 

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Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

If you have already planned for a Husqvarna mower and want the ultimate control, you can try this Briggs and Stratton one.

Be comfortable when you start the device because it has no-choke starting technology!

Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower
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On the other hand, the 3-in-1 cutting method allows you to do anything you want!

With the help of the mower’s cutting deck, you can easily collect, discharge, and mulch the clippings.

If you want comfort more than anything, rely on this mower. It has a comfortable seat positioned in a higher place.

On the other hand, you get two different armrests to set with ease. Additionally, the food pan is removable!

The precise maneuvering makes the mowing work easier for you. You get twin-engine, so your mower has enormous power! The wide cutting deck includes three blades for your convenience.

The Air Induction technology helps in drawing air from the bottom and the top. So, the grass lifts a bit. Your mower can easily cut it when the grass is lifted! 

Pros of Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Riding Mower

  • Faster cutting with three blades.
  • Wide cutting deck for trimming.
  • Easy to operate controls.
  • Comes with a cozy seat.
  • Removable foot pan included


  • Too expensive.
  • The crate is challenging to disassemble

Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki Hydrostatic 

The next Husqvarna riding mower that we recommend is the 24 HP mower by the brand. This one is exactly like the previous one with some specific changes.

Husqvarna MZ61 Kawasaki Hydrostatic 
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This includes a choke-free start for your convenience. You don’t need to worry much about starting it even if you are a newbie.

The wheels of this mower make the mower run smoothly. In the rough terrain, you can enjoy smooth rides.

The dual lever is padded. So, you will face no vibrations at all! It will keep you protected from the vibrations of the mower. 

This mower has a very high speed.  Also, the safety controls are carefully put for your protection. 

On the contrary, the seat is set in an elevated position. The blade has adjustable positions.

It is incredible if you want precision in your cutting. The seat gives you a comfortable position too. Also, you can hook up any dumping cart with it.


  • Maintains precision in cutting.
  • High safety controls.
  • Provides high-speed cutting.
  • Easy starting for beginners.
  • Powerful motor.


  • The adjustable blade is not great for tall grass.
  • Very expensive. 

Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit Riding Lawn Mower 

Troy-Bilt is another fantastic brand for your mowing purposes. With the 34-inches cutting deck, you can cut a decent amount of grass. 

Troy-Bilt Mustang
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But the interesting fact is the EZT hydrostatic transmission engine. It is the perfect deal for mowing large areas.

This mower has an extra-wide side discharge. This makes it one of the favorites of the users.

The wheels are very much durable. Even if you go through tough terrain, they will come out perfect! 

For taking you to a next-level mowing game, you get a mow-in-reverse feature. This is operator-controlled. All you need to do is sit on the high seat and control it.

While cutting, if you need to adjust the height, you get several options in this mower. There are eight different positions for adjusting the height properly. This might be a compact mower but serves you well! 

For comfortable seating, there are suspension springs added. Also, in the footwell, you will get enough room to move your feet comfortably.


  • Comfortable seating position for a compact ride-on lawn mower.
  • Eight height positions.
  • Compact in design.
  • Extra-wide size discharge added.
  • Affordable in price.


  • Not too much power.
  • Designed for small yards. 

Husqvarna Z242F Review

Another riding mower by Husqvarna is this Z242F. It is one of the most sold mowers by the band for small yards. As it is a zero turn mower, you don’t need to worry about the obstacles in the path!

Husqvarna Z242F Review
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For ensuring smooth operation, the Hydrostatic drive system is very beneficial. You get a consistent operation without any trouble!

Also, it has zero maintenance. Enjoy your mowing experience without any extra maintenance.

Though this mower is designed for large yards, the zero-turn facility makes it perfect for small yards.

It has a max speed of 6.5 mph. So. no matter you have irregular shapes or so many trees, you can work with it!

The footrest area has an anti-slip feature. There are no chances of slipping! On the contrary, to keep you away from the vibration, rubber isolators are included.

This keeps your body, especially the feet and hands away from vibration!

The 15 inches seat back with comfortable padding makes the journey smooth. The vinyl cover of the seat also ensures longevity.

On rough terrains, the spring suspension helps a lot! You can adjust the height as there are six different height options. 

It has twin-engines for long-term use. Also, you get complete control over the mower! For cutting, there are two blades included. The deck is broad in size, and the device includes hydraulic wheels. Learn how to level the Husqvarna Lawn Mower Deck.


  • Ensures precise operation.
  • Adjustable height feature.
  • Comes with a broad deck.
  • Keeps away from vibration.
  • Consistent and safe operation


  • Tight push lever.
  • It takes time to understand.

Ariens 991151 Apex

This zero-turn riding mower by the Ariens is never going to disappoint you! The cutting deck is the most significant plus point of this mower. It has a 60 inches cutting deck to trim down the whole yard! 

Ariens 991151 ApexThe robust look will tell you how amazing this works. It has a sturdy look. And the performance is also sturdy.

As the deck is made of steel, it can go through tough jobs. In fact, many people buy it as a commercial mower!

To safeguard the engine, you will get an engine guard with the kit. If you are extra cautious, you can also purchase the rare bagger.

However, you have to buy it separately. 

The aluminum spindles are long-lasting. On the other hand, there are three blades added to this mower.

The blades are covered entirely so that they can afford you the ultimate protection.

The cuts by this mower are neat and fast. The deck helps more air to get in. As a result, The work gets faster. The features of this mower make it perfect for personal use and commercial use too! 

The only drawback of the set is the headlights. The headlights don’t come with the kit. The mower is compact, and storing this mower is easy as pie! 

This 3-in-1 riding mower with side-discharge, bag, and mulch abilities will help you cut your grass comfortably. You get 15 different cutting positions. So, you can never complain about adjustability. Let’s see its practical video demonstration.


  • Starts without any key.
  • Fast trimming with the wide cutting deck.
  • Adjustable 15 positions.
  • Stable thick rear wheels.
  • Ultimate protection ensured


  •     Doesn’t come with headlights
How To Get The Perfect Riding Lawn Mower For Small Yard?
  • Types of Riding Mowers

When it comes to riding mowers, there are several types of mowers. However, you must go for the one that fits right with your mowing necessities.

  • Rear Engine Riding Mowers

The people who want a tiny mower for the smaller mowing jobs can try the rear engine riding mowers. These mowers have small cutting decks.

So, it will help you go through the narrow passes. If you have fence gates, you will be grateful for this mower. 

For relaxing mowing experiences, these mowers are famous. However, keep in mind that these are not very fast in terms of mowing.

Don’t settle for this one if you have more than a 3-acre yard. But if you are up for something in your budget, you can try this one. These will fit inside your garage too!

  • Lawn Tractors

Along with mowing, if you need heavy-hauling jobs to be done, rely on the lawn tractors. These mowers are amazing for tough works.

Usually, the engines of the lawn tractors are powerful. But with the powerful engine, the mowers include strong muscles too.

These are very large, and in terms of the other riding mowers, tractors tend to be sturdier. But if you want faster work, don’t get these. For small yards, it is better to skip this one.

  • Zero-Turn Radius Mowers

You can get the zero-turn mowers in several sizes. When it comes to a suitable riding mower for small yards, you can pick up this one.

These are the fastest riding mowers in the market. When you have lots of obstacles in your yard, the zero-turn mower can be your savior.

You can easily turn 360 degrees without hitting anything in the yard. These are speedy, and their maneuverability is improved.

  • Deck Size

The deck size of a riding mower will tell you how fast you can get rid of the grasses in your yard.

When the deck size is large, the process is faster. If you settle for a small deck size, t will take more time to cut them down.

The deck sizes of the mowers vary from 30 inches to 60 inches. Get the one according to the size of the lawn. The wide deck is a better option for the more extensive gardens and vice-versa.

  • Comfort and Flexibility

When you sit on the mower’s seat, keep in mind that you have to sit there for a more extended period.

So, the seat must be comfortable. For keeping you safe, there should be suspension springs. Make sure the backrest is high. 

The footrest should be comfortable and roomy. There is a rubber added to some mowers to keep you away from vibrations. You can pick up these too!

  • Maneuverability

It is essential that you maneuver your riding mower correctly. Usually, the deck size can be an issue here. 

If you have a small yard, don’t pick up the too large deck sizes. Otherwise, moving that will be difficult. 

Also, check the steers and the options for riding the mower. The starting should be easy. Check the height of the cutting. It should be adjustable. The more the adjustability, the better!

  • Accessories

The riding mowers come with several accessories that make the job easier. Before everything, settle for a mower that has more than one blade. 

Certify that the mower includes tools for mulching, bagging, leaf collecting, stump removing fertilizer spreading, etc.

  • Storage

If you have a small yard, you must go for a small mower and vice-versa. Make sure you have storage space for it. 

The small mowers can fit inside your garage. However, mowers that have a large deck will take a little more space. 

Ensure you have a great place to store it. We don’t recommend you keep the mower outside regardless of the summer or winter season.

Last Words

As you can see, there are plenty of brands to get your riding mower for small yards. But for your peace of mind, get yours from Ariens and Husqvarna only. You will not be disappointed with your ride-on mower.

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