How To Level A Husqvarna Lawn Mower Deck? [Step By Step Guide]

To get the proper trimming of your lawn grass, you need to use a properly leveled mower deck at first. Already we know that the quality service and a durable machine life make a lawnmower reliable to many mower users.

So, today our discussion mainly focusing on how to level a Husqvarna lawn mower deck. What makes Husqvarna lawn mower is a brand to choose? The answer lies in the question, actually.

The key reason is that it is made by Husqvarna Company. Husqvarna is one of the renowned outdoor power products manufacturers in Sweden, become a brand to produce Husqvarna lawn mower, Husqvarna chainsaw, Husqvarna sewing machine, garden tractors, trimmers worldwide.

How To Level A Husqvarna Lawn Mower Deck?

how to level a Husqvarna lawn mower deck

Let’s come to our point. An appropriately adjusted mower deck is the pre-requisition to evenly the lawn. And adjusting the mower deck is an easy task, complete with several simple steps.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the step by step process.

  • Find the routing diagram on the front of your mower deck. Reroute the belt on there.
  • Use a Torx T30 screwdriver to loosen the holding screws of the plastic shrouds down. Don’t disassemble any parts here, simply loosen the screw so that you can make some room to sliding down the belt behind the pulley. Do the same on both sides of the deck.
  • Find the metal tabs around the idler pulley. Move out them temporarily and finish routing the belt.
  • In this stage, reinstall the spring that connects the idler arm with the mower deck. Basically, this idler arm provides the necessary tension on the idler pulley. Adjusting drive belt tension on riding lawn mower takes some time. Orient the spring on the hole (situated in the idler arm) in such a way so that the maximum portion of the spring remains below the arm, and it shows its faces towards up.
  • Expand the spring out and connect it with the other end of the spring at the edge of the bracket. Ensure both-sided brackets are hanging forward.
  • Pull the cotter pin out from the left side of the mower deck. Bring both the bracket up and slide the deck slightly forward. Once you move your deck a little a bit, now reinstall your pin back in. Before reinstalling this, pull the safety out of the reinstalling process. Ensure the mower deck is getting down equally everywhere. Make sure the deck is down the lowest position it can.
  • The bent end of the Rod is the part that works in the lever that is connected with the deck height controller. Pull the washer out of the way. Lift your mower deck. Apply gel on the pin and you won’t be any longer wondering how do you adjust the height of a Husqvarna deck.
  • Bring the washer to its previous position, reinstall the safety pain again. Go for the back of the deck, remove the safety pin situated here.
  • Pull the safety pin out, bring the bracket up off the other side of the deck in the same way.
  • Turn the bent end to get to the perfect side of the machine. To do it, pull off the safety pin from the Rod and troll the bent end through the hole (situated in the bracket).
  • On the safety pin on the Rod. Find the belt that supposed to mounted on the main engine pulley.
  • Make sure this belt on the deck is routed properly is supposed to. Make sure this belt is not twisting anyhow.

How To Level A Mower Deck?

how do you adjust the height of a husqvarna deck

There are hundreds of mowers available in today’s market. Using a renowned brand among all off them enhances our lawn beauty in an aristocratic way.

To adjust the level of any lawn mower deck you will need to use the following tools-Tire air pressure gauge, Air compressor or bicycle tire pump, Leather gloves, Measuring tape, two adjustable wrenches.

  1. Detach the cutting blades:
  • Park your mower on a flat and smooth surface.
  • Detach the cutting blades. Push the attachment clutch switch to move it on the left side.
  • Make the highest setting of the attachment lift lever (left of the driver’s seat).
  1. Make the engine cool:
  • Turn of the ignition.
  • Eliminate the key from the engine.
  • Open the engine hood.
  • Remove the spark plug boot.
  • Let the engine cool down.
  1. Adjust the tire pressure:
  • Use a tire air pressure gauge.
  • Measure the air pressure on each tire.
  • If the tire air pressure is lower than the standard, add a necessary amount of air to the tire.
  • Use an air compressor/ bicycle tire pump to do it.
  1. Measure the blade distance:
  • Wear leather hand gloves. Turn the cutting blade on each side of the mower deck.
  • Make the cutting blade a horizontal form.
  • Measure the distance of each blade bottom to the ground surface.
  • Noted if both-sided blades don’t have an equal distance.
  1. Adjust the blade distance:
  • Use an adjustable wrench. Place it on the adjustable lift-link adjustment nut. (A loft-link adjustable nut is situated on each side of the mower.)
  • Move this nut clockwise or anti-clockwise to get the sharp adjustment.
  • Moving clockwise will make the lifting of your mower’s deck. Moving anti-clockwise will let it down.
  • You can adjust one side or both sides of the deck by moving one nut or both nuts.
  • So, level both deck sides to confirm the right blade or left blade bottom of the deck got an equal distance from the ground surface.
  • Move one (any) mower blade at 90 degrees.
  • Measure the distance from the bottom tip of the blade to the ground surface.
  • Again, measure the distance from the back tip of the blade to the ground surface.
  • The front measurement should 1/8 to 1/2 lower than the rear/back measurement.
  1. Adjust the mower deck:
  • Go for the front of your mower.
  • Use an adjustable wrench to lose the jam nut situated on the front link adjustment of the mower deck.
  • Move this jam nut counterclockwise until you are getting the inner adjustment nut of the deck.
  • Now adjust the inner/adjustment nut using your same wrench.
  • Move the nut clockwise to lift the front part of your mower deck.
  • Move the nut counterclockwise to lower the front of the mower deck.

7.Tighten the jam nut and replace the spark plug boot:

  • Once you have successfully completed the front-to-rear adjustments, hold the adjustment nut using an adjustable wrench.
  • Take the second adjustable wrench to tighten the jam nut.
  • Tight the jam nut clockwise.
  • Replace the spark plug boot gently.

Tips and precaution:

  • Never give any excess pressure on the tire. Follow the print on the tire to be confirming the amount of the air pressure range on each tire.
  • Maintain a good sharpness on the cutting blade of the mower.
  • Disengage the cutting blade while you are crossing other walkways.

Final words

Though my topic is how to level a Husqvarna lawn mower deck, I have also included here the general guidelines to adjust any types of mower deck very easily.

To level the Husqvarna mower deck, it may seem a little bit difficult at first. But believe me, if you can follow the guidelines step by step, a perfect leveling of your mower deck is waiting for you.

So, this is all about today. If you like my article, please do a little bit of a favor, share it on your timeline.

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  1. I have done everything that was said to do. Measuring blades from ground to bottom of the blade on right and left until they are the same and front to back and front measures 1/8 to 1/2 lower than the back. The tire pressure is good I measured on level ground.
    I even watched another video that shows leveling the deck itself and did that. My mower still mows wonky.
    The mower is new bought this year I have come to the conclusion that it can’t be leveled and have decided to sell the piece of junk husqvarna mower

  2. im inclined to go with what you said . this machine cant be leveled . ive turned wrenches for fifty years . piece of trash , buy a exmark and be done

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