How To Remove Tile From Concrete Floor? [Step By Step Guide Included]

You are fed up with your old tiles look. Or have covered the broken tiles with couches and other decorative items. Finally, you want to remove one from your concrete floor using some electrical tile removing tools.

Don’t panic.

Just follow this article for a comprehensive guide through all these steps and you will no longer wonder how to remove tile from a concrete floor.

Required Tools To Remove Tile From A Concrete Floor

how to remove tile from concrete floor

You want to remove tile from concrete floor without breaking, you should get the following things ready before you start. They include safety gear and tools.

  • Safety gear: This includes safety glasses. They are purpose-built glasses with a natural rubber extension around the frame. They fit in well. They prevent the flying scraps and dust from getting in your eyes. Use a dust mask to cover your face adequately. It will securely protect your face from dust and debris. Use safety gloves to keep your hands free from any scratches or injuries. You should wear hard sole rubber shoes to avoid piercing of any hooked tile pieces in your feet. Wear clothes that cover your body entirely. You may need knee guards to protect your knees while kneeling for using the hand tools properly.
  • You may need simple things as a plastic sheet for piling up the removed tiles on them. The broken and wasted stuff can be put away in a garbage bag for disposal. Masking tape comes handy for covering and marking the areas, not meant for active working. You may need a utility knife or sandpaper. Sometimes a screwdriver is also required. So, keep all these things ready by your side instead of panicking in between your main task.
  • The tools that you need are the pry bar. Hammer to rock on the chisel. Wide blade scraper. Electric tile removing devices. Some of them are described below.

Electric Tiles Removing Tools

Apart from the above-mentioned safety gears, you need the following electric tile removal tool:

  • A rotary hammer is a useful tool. The device serves the purpose of both the hammer and masonry chisel. Besides, you can use it to drill holes for future anchors. It is convenient and saves lots of time and effort when it comes to determining how to remove stubborn floor tiles.
  • Jackhammer is another powerful tool. It is costly and requires a bit of skill and technical expertise to operate. It operates by leaving the tiles in bits. It is so powerful that it can damage the floor base too. So be careful in handling and working with it. It is not at all budget-friendly. It is not useful in purposes where you want to remove the tiles without breaking.
  • The power grout removal tool is the best power tool that can help you in removing the more stubborn grout from the floor. This is the electric tool that replaces the tiresome, time-consuming job of the manual chisel. Its use is simple and doesn’t require any technical assistance.

Steps To Remove Tile From A Concrete Floor

remove tile from concrete floor without breaking

  • Clearing the floor: Before you proceed to the main task, you have to clear the level. You have to make sure that you remove everything. Yes, from the big couches to the small useless trash. However, make sure you handle and pack away the fragile items with care and put a “fragile” label on them.
  • Cover the sink: You should cover any drains, sinks, and any other sites where tile pieces can get stuck and cause any blockage or damage.
  • The power supply is temporarily removed: After you have removed all the things and your floor is clear of everything. You need to remove all the switch outlets. Switch off the main power supply.
  • Cover the items, not in use: You should cover up all the surfaces that you don’t want to be powdered with dust. These things may be cabinets, walls surface close to the bottom, toilet accessories, etc. You can cover them with plastic sheets and masking tape. This hassle proves its worth once you are done with tile removal. After removing tiles and working on the grouted floor, you can remove these covers and enjoy the comfort of not cleaning every titbits and corner.
  • Broken tiles are marked as the first site of work: Wear your safety gear. If you have any already broken tiles, you can begin from them. Just start taking it off with the help of chisel and hammer.
  • Tiles are chiseled up: You can do this by placing the masonry chisel at 30 degrees from the edge of the tile, you are aiming for. Then hit it with the mallet. You can use a sledgehammer for this job too. You can use a rotary hammer also. Power tools are handy. They count a bit in your pocket, but they save a lot of time and energy. If you find it hard to break, then instead of approaching the borders of the tiles, you can cut them in the middle with the help of chisel and hammer or preferably with a sledgehammer. Once broken, you can easily continue lifting the tiles. Gather all the broken pieces and move them aside.
  • Continue removing the tiles: Continue removing the tiles carefully. Avoid any damage or injury. If you are using a power tool, make sure you handle it cautiously and avoid damaging the under a layer of the floor.
  • Leveling up the rugged floor: Now, you can remove the rough and grout surfaces with an electric grout hammer. This is a fantastic tool and eliminates the grout and adhesive layer in no time.
  • Cleaning the floor of all the debris: Once you are done with the tile and grout removal. You can broom away all the garbage in the garbage bag and dispose of it. In case you have removed the tiles in single pieces for future reuse. You can pile them carefully and store them aside.
  • Scraping the floor: Once the floor is clear of all the coarse material, you can level the floor with a floor scraper. It helps in leveling the floor for further use. Small dust can be quickly eaten away by your vacuum cleaner. You can fill your deck with thin mortar to fill in any small holes or gaps.

You want to remove the floor tiles using power tools. You should clear the area of working and cover the things to be secured. Cover yourself with safety gear. Lift the tiles with chisel or hammer. You can use a sledgehammer also or rotary hammer.

Furthermore, you can use a grout hammer for clearing the grout and adhesive layer. Now you can prepare your floor for further use.

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