How To Remove A Price Pfister Single Handle Kitchen Faucet?

Home appliances and fittings are an essential part of the décor of your house, which adds beauty and elegance. For the same reason, you can find a lot of companies introducing their products of kitchen fittings.

For example, Price Pfister is one of the most trusted names.

They are in the business since 1910, and they ensure their customer satisfaction at all costs. If you have been using their faucet in your kitchen and need to remove it, here is exactly how to remove a price Pfister single handle kitchen faucet.

Yes! Here is the good news for you as there is a straightforward procedure available to fix it and go on running. The method of repairing and the bathroom faucet is a little bit different depending on their models and brands, but the procedure for removal of faucet is the same.

However, if you want to remove the single handle Pfister kitchen faucet, you should disconnect the spout with the sprayer and a pull-down spout.

Steps Remove A Price Pfister Single Handle Kitchen Faucet

remove a price pfister single handle kitchen faucet

Before you start the procedure of removing the faucet you should empty the sink cabinet so that you can efficiently work. This will give you ample space to work with, and you will be able to proceed further in a smooth manner.

You should disconnect the P-trap and remove it, although it is not necessary. However, if you remove it, it will be an added advantage to you.

Now let us walk you through the entire process of how you can remove the Price Pfister kitchen faucet in your kitchen without any external help.


    As a first step, you should turn off the supply of water of your kitchen faucet.

    This is important because if you do not do it, the water supply will keep coming, and when you start working further, the water will overflow from the openings.

    Therefore, first of all, you turn the main supply off to avoid an accident. Make sure that you turn off the amount of both the cold and hot water.


    You can do it in two ways, depending upon the manufacturing techniques.

    If you have a model which has an opening right behind its handle on the lower side, you have a screw-type of design.

    You may untighten the screw with the help of a 3/32 wrench before you set free the handle.


    In case you do not see a screw, you can remove it quickly by twisting the handle.

    Now you will turn the handle hub clockwise, and you will, in turn, get the handle hub.

    This one is a natural step for which you do not need any tools as such.


    Now disconnect the supply lines by moving the counter underneath, which is the area that is connected to the handle and the cartridge.

    You better keep a water bucket just underneath.

    Yes! You will be able to collect the water, which might leak along the way, as there might be some leakage at this point. Now you may use an adjustable wrench so that you can easily remove it from here.


    The next step is when you will remove the mounting hardware, which is on the counter shelf. This hardware secures the valves in place.

    You may use the tools that come with the Price Pfister set as they are specially designed to install or dismantle the kitchen faucet.

    However, you may use an ordinary adjustable wrench, in case, you have lost the original one.


    You do not need any tools to disconnect the valve bodies from the spout. Locate where the Y-shaped piece is present.

    Now you should begin with the lower side at this point where the two main supply lines are in connection. Now put the pressure on the hose by removing each part by pressing the tabs.

    At the next step, the Y-shaped connector is removed from the spout by pressing the whole piece and by pushing down the colored ring on the upper side of the Y.

    Now pull the entire article from the downward direction towards the bottom of the countertop.

    This is known as the compression type of connection. Now, you should release tension and permit the colored ring to disconnect the piece, by exerting a push on the part.pfister kitchen faucet


    In the next step, you will either use the installation tool specially designed for the purpose by Pfister or even any other adjustable wrench.

    Yes! You need first to disengage the quick connect, and then you will proceed further. You can now remove the mounting hardware. All you need to do is to turn your tool in the anti-clockwise direction.


    Lastly, when you have followed all the steps in the prescribed manner, you will be able to complete the task.

    Yes! You are now in a position to remove all the valve bodies and the spout from your kitchen shelf through proper channels.

    As you have removed all the lines and mounting hardware, you can easily pick up all the parts separately.

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So, we conclude from the discussion that for installing the kitchen faucet, the methods can be different, but for removing the faucet the technique is the same for all the models.

For the best and valuable information, you may go through the instruction manuals and the guides which are available for on how to remove a price pfister single handle kitchen faucet.

You need to be a bit careful, and you can easily replace the kitchen faucet. Gone are the days when you had to hire repairing services to carry out easy tasks. All you need to do is to follow each step, as explained, and you will do it like a pro.

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