Exmark Radius E-Series Reviews: Is It Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

Out of so many brands like John Deere and so on, Exmark is already doing great. But its E-Series mowers are something that is making a huge buzz.

So, if you are searching for a new commercial mower, this post is going to help you. I have noticed a lot of people are looking for in-depth Exmark Radius E-Series reviews.

I have covered all the good and bad about this mower. So, keep reading and you can make up your mind with full information!

In-depth Review on Exmark Radius E-Series Mower

Exmark Radius E-Series reviews

Let’s check out all the features, aesthetics, and overall quality of this mower:

  • Overall Features 

First of all, Exmark Radius E-Series commercial-grade zero-turn rider provides the best features you need. The features include Series 3 (5” deep) UltraCut decks and maintenance-free spindle assemblies.

Moreover, it conveys the adequate value that makes this mower attractive to all with a lot of grass to mow.

In addition, the E series is equipped with a hefty frame, double-sided heavy-duty yokes, big solemn bearing assemblies for added strength and durability, and the vast smooth front tires to eliminate a lot of turfing when you’re turning in those temperate conditions.

A tube could stand on the front of the mowers next to the front left tire.

Moreover, this is designed to attach a jack with a single pin and raise your mower deck to get underneath for cleaning or changing your blades.

It also has a step-through design. It allows taller operators to climb on the front and Exmarkadded a non-skid pad on the deck. And if you choose to sit from the side to get onto the mower you can also do that. 

Exmark has made a lot of effort to help with maintenance and cleaning. The floor pan flips up and can be easily eliminated when you want to clean your deck.

The Radius E series also possess good rubber mounts, which help absorb some of the vibrations to your feet.

Another nice feature with the E series, they have a floor pan assembly framework that is rubber mounted.

Sometimes, users might hear the mower deck rattling and shaking recklessly, and this framework assists stabilize the deck to give it a required height of cut and eliminate that vibration.

Also, Exmark has an assembly that slides off to get to your belts on the side on the maintenance side.

These mowers are also fabricated with heavy-duty commercial pulleys, assemblies, a robust belt with Kevlar for more strength and enhanced durability.

It’s also heat resistant and gives you a much longer life than your conventional belts.

Exmarkcalls the deck a Series 3 deck. And it is a 3-inch deep deck and heavier deck than most fabricated decks. It’s tack welded for a stronger grasp and longevity.

There is also a foot pedal to raise your deck and a pin to pull held in with a magnet. If you wish to set your height in quarter-inch increments from 1 to 5 inches, you can drop the hook into the desired setting and set it back in place.

  • Quality and Durability
Exmark Radius E-Series Mower

Even though a lot of time and effort was spent on this mower’s motor, however, they certainly did not skimp on the rest.

On the other hand, Dual Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transmission with adjustable filters and separate relief valves make sure that the pump will last as long as the engine.

The Ultra Cut three-deck is built with a ten gauge steel deck. I must include, that is a quite heavy-duty deck for even a rugged commercial machine.

Of course, there is a foot-mounted pedal to raise the deck and maintenance-free spindles for the blades.

If you are like me and prefer side-discharging mowers, this one will definitely work right out the door. Fortunately, Exmark also makes this model available with mulch kits and 48,52, and 60-inch decks.

  • As far as durability is concerned, this mower is right there with the best.
  • Maintenance-free spindles, transmission instead of pumps, and cyclonic air filters make this mower easy to maintain without compromising durability.

Like me, if you are fine with the quality concerns and durability, I would like to recommend you this mower.

  • Aesthetics

Interestingly, this mower looks like every other commercial Exmark zero-turn mower. Even it seems that every little lever and knob has been measured to you.

  • It has Compact, rugged, and with black wheels. Hence, this is a nice finishing touch to the mower as we all know that a while metal wheel against the landscape terrain makes for an unpleasant look.
  • The seat is indeed a comfortable ride seat that can be adjusted to your liking as well.
  • Your body will genuinely be tired after a day in the field if you are like me.

Likewise, it does help to have a nice seat and suspension to mitigate all of the bouncings and shaking.

A broader set of rear tires and larger frontier tires with a deck-mounted caster will facilitate in keeping things smooth for you.

At least, it provides a desirable outcome, as smooth as you can get while mowing at ten mph.

  • Price

Now the most critical part, the price. You can choose this mower for $6,500, in line with most other similar zero-turn mowers. If you want a commercial-grade top-notch mower, you’re going to have to spend the money.

As far as the price is concerned, you cannot beat this mower. Of course, you can go for less expensive, and that’s not always a bad thing.

In this case, the company could have given this mower a good look at its price range.

Moreover, being a lawn care expert myself, I am contented to see a mid-range mower called a commercial unit. Over the years, we have had a homeowner model and a commercial model with every reputable company. 

Now, watch this video feedback to understand why it’s a great mower!

Final Thoughts

I hope Exmark Radius E-Series reviews have given you a clear idea of what you can expect from it. Thanks to Exmark for making a machine that will stand up to the challenge without breaking your savings.

If you want to take pride in their lawn or a company looking for a new product, you can go for it. It would be difficult to justify spending the same amount on a lesser machine.

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