Alternatives To Glass Block Windows And Why You Need Substitute

Gone are the days when there was no replacement for glass to have a transparent window look. Acrylic is an excellent replacement for home-style these days. It is indeed a great alternative to glass block windows.

Even though it allows light to enter, it also helps to maintain privacy. Moreover, its pocket-friendly maintenance charges are genuinely a blessing for homeowners.

Apart from their trackless and shining texture, acrylic blocks are remarkable for their durability. But why would you avoid a glass block window?

What Can You Use In Place Of Glass Block Windows?

alternatives to glass block windows

Nowadays, fiberglass material is drawing interest among various applications such as the automotive sector, infrastructures, and fire protection.

Unlike glass, basalt fibers are naturally resistant to ultraviolet and high-energy electromagnetic radiation, maintain their properties in cold temperatures, and provide better acid resistance.

In case you have a bitter experience with glass blocks, you can easily replace them with fiberglass material. Moreover, this material is easily customizable and durable.

Likewise, it doesn’t charge any additional costing for maintenance. As a new-age designer, I always recommend my customers to use the best product and best design.

Furthermore, these products offer performance similar to S-2 glass fibers at a price point between S-2 glass and E-glass.

With these amazing advantages, basalt fiber products are emerging as a less expensive alternative to carbon fiber for products in which the latter represents over-engineering.

Other Substitute To Glass Block Windows

acrylic as substitute to glass block windows

While fiberglass is a good alternative, you can always have a few more options available.

Acrylic is extensively used to produce architectural elements. They are more like other plastic materials; however, not distinguishable from the real thing.

So, why would you opt for Acrylic?

  • The primary reason is it is 70% lighter than glass. Hence, it can be used inoperable windows and door inserts.
  • The ease of installation also contributes to having this block. The pre-assembled panels are fabricated in the factory and can easily be installed without a mason.
  • In addition, you can avail a variety of sizes, and they add a degree of privacy and light transmission at the same time.
  • And most importantly, this material offers versatile application. Be it exterior window wall or kitchen backsplashes, or you can customize for shower enclosure and interior divider.

It is also available in various colors and patterns. From rich pink to subtle green, it adds a dynamic look to your home décor.

Using artificial lights and modern fixtures, you can enhance the overall beauty of the home space.

Is It Worth It To Avoid Traditional Glass Block Windows?

If you are looking for the same texture and finish of glass, you can have fiberglass and Acrylic. But, why? Why would you go for an alternative when you can easily avail glass blocks to have a beautiful home and keep your house dust-free?

You have plenty of reasons to go for the alternatives. Take a glance at the following reason:

  • Because They Are Inexpensive

First of all, block windows are pretty heavy! Even the process of installing the windows makes it rather expensive.

So, it is a costly addition to your home in comparison to standard alternatives. Even you are building a tiny basement using glass; it is likely to cost around $175.

Hence, a single glass block generally costs around $15. Moreover, with the customization and additional color, the cost of the blocks gets higher.

On the top, you need to invest a different amount of installation charges. Sometimes, owners spend extra charges to seal up the edges frequently.

Why put so much pressure on your pocket when you can have a better alternative and cut the cost down?

Be it a shower enclosure or block window; there are plenty of options available in the market. So, instead of choosing a high-cost block window, you can always find better alternatives.

  • Allow Ventilation

Nothing can be worst than this! Ventilation is an imperative aspect of any fixing. The fresh airflow is fundamental to have a healthy lifestyle.

Whether it is a pleasant atmosphere or a grumpy afternoon without ventilation, the entire purpose is incomplete.

Sometimes, you have to open the window if anybody is sick or even for cleaning. Using any chemicals to clean the fumes or air around it can be dangerous to our health.

In case you choose to avoid furnace or air condition in pleasant weather, you can’t even open the fixtures for smooth ventilation.

In contrast to glass blocks, these two materials are available in customizable shapes and styles. Hence, while installation them, you can include adequate ventilation.

  • Suitable In A Warm Climate

Fiberglass is climate-friendly. It works great on a scorch summer day or a chilly winter. Basically, with the changing nature of the climate, it doesn’t react generously.

However, glass absorbs the heat, and the accumulated vapor transforms the interior like a furnace chamber.

Suppose you live in a humid region, glass block windows are a big ‘NO’ for you. Glass blocks absorb and transfer the heat turning the room into a greenhouse chamber.

Moreover, you will need extra money and energy to install air condition. However, for the bathroom, it is not always complimentary to use air condition.

I have received a lot of negative reviews complaining about the stifling heat during summer days. Hence, they had to reinstall block windows.

  • It Doesn’t Allow Privacy

Both fiberglass and Acrylic are semitransparent and allow light transmission. However, it doesn’t interrupt privacy. Hence you can avoid the nosey neighbor and enjoy the freshness of sunlight.

The worst part of glass blocks is that you have to compromise privacy in the name of transparency. It means you cannot use it in the bathroom and bedroom as well.

So, what are the other options? If you are concerned about privacy, you can only use it as a decorative piece of glass shield as a dining or balcony partition.

And, those who end up with the intimidating glass blocks are using curtains in window fixtures.

  • Versatility Of Application

Unlike glass, fiberglass and Acrylic can be installed in a wide range of home applications. You can use it as a partition or exterior window as it allows light to penetrate through another.

If you use it as kitchen backsplashes, it enlightens the work surface and brightens the entire kitchen.

Similarly, it goes perfect as a shower enclosure complementing the ceramic tiles. Moreover, it allows the artificial lights to drench in and provide privacy as well.

In contrast, there are specific limitations when it comes to the application of the glass enclosure. With its high maintenance charge, owners are compelled to have boring styles. On top of that, for privacy, they have to install a curtain separately.

So, you see, glass blocks are nothing but a fancy choice without any added value. In contrast, fiberglass is a clear choice when it comes to durability, look, and cost.

To Conclude

Has this article changed your opinion about glass blocks? I hope you have found the right alternatives to glass block windows. In the age of fashion and fun, try not to limit your choices with a single pattern.

I think if you are not comfortable with my suggestion you can always take a tour to find out your favorite alternative. I am always here to guide to and let you have the best indoor and outdoor look.

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