Quartz Pool Finish Problems: Causes And Relevant Solutions

Nobody likes a mottled and blotchy finish for their pools. Unfortunately, that’s just one among many Quartz pool finish problems people are facing. 

But most of these issues are not brand specific; they can happen to any brand. Even Pebble Tec finishes have some similar drawbacks.

So, in this article, I will talk about the common pros and cons of the quartz pool finish. Stay with me for a while.

Common Drawbacks of Quartz Pool Finish

Quartz pool finish problems

Did your pool guy say the color will be uniform within a week? But it’s still streaked after 2X daily brushing? 

You are not alone. Here are some of the common drawbacks of Quartz pool finishes:

  • Blotchy/Splotchy Appearance

Apparently, a lot of people are dealing with this problem. Check out some forum threads and you will see it has broken some hearts.

Now, when you see the blotchy appearance for the first couple of weeks, you might be thinking about acid washes as suggested on several forums. 

Acid wash is great but the problem with acid wash is that it will not be uniform sometimes. And it takes a long brushing schedule.

Many people have done it for their Quartz pool finishes and reported this issue. I would recommend contacting your PB and have a look at it.

  • Porous And Etched Surface

When you get rejuvenating visual effects applying muriatic acid, it will break down the top layer of the plaster and result in a porous and etched surface. 

That’s how acid wash works!

You will need a little bit of magnification to observe this but it’s happening. That makes your pool finish subject to a lot more blotching and staining.

So, if you notice a slight color blotchiness after a few months of the acid treatment, it’s safe to assume that the treatment itself was part of the problem. 

Yes, it will make the finish almost new, but it will reduce the total service life of your pool finish as well.

  • Fading Problem

Exposure to chlorine, ice, heat, etc., and alike environmental factors lead to fading of pool finishes. Improper chemical balance is the primary reason that may change the base color of your pool over time.

I would not pin this issue to Quartz finish only since I have seen the same problem with other expensive brands too. For example, Pebble Tec has the same problem too!

Acid washing is a quick fix to this problem but you are already familiar with the problem of acid washing, right? I would recommend sanitizing the entire system with bleach instead.

  • Spalling Issue

When troweling is done wrong, the flakes may fall from the plaster over time. This leads to peeling where it will leave plaster residue in the pool.

That spalling reduces the overall lifespan of your pool finishes.

When your PB rushes or lacks proper experience of troweling, such spalling will occur and your pool will suffer. I have seen people are dealing with the spalling of their Quartz pool finishes.

But in reality, this is not the problem of Quartz, you just made a mistake choosing your PB. You see, your pool needs to be flattened and smoothed before plastering and it requires an experienced Pool Builder. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Quartz pool finish last?

With proper maintenance, it should last 7 to 12 years.

Is Quartz pool finish rough?

Not rough but tough. It falls on the higher side of the Moh Mineral Hardness Scale because of the tough finish.

Can you acid wash the Quartz pool?

Yes, that’s the key finishing process of your pool. You need to wash the entire surface with diluted muriatic acid and neutralize it with soda ash. But follow your PB guidance in this regard.

Is Quartz pool worth finishing?

Yes, for the beauty and resilience of your in-ground pool, it’s worth it. It makes the surface scratch-proof and works better than marcite regarding chipping and etching.

Is Quartz cheaper than Pebble Tec?

Yes, the Quartz finish is cheaper than Pebble Tec but the finish is still great and durable.

Final Thoughts

Out of so many Quartz pool finish drawbacks, people are really upset about the color blotchiness issue. And many experienced PB including pool owners agrees to the fact that acid treatment accelerates the issue.

I would always recommend talking to your PB before you decide to acid wash your pool. Even if your PB recommends acid washing, double-check and you’re your PB about this issue.

Quartz pool finish is a great one to choose but listen to your PB and enjoy your pool!

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  1. Enter ten or fifteen years I drained a pool and I’m currently polishing it but I have noticed some pitting any thoughts?

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