Pebble Tec Problems: Contributing Factors And Preventive Measures

A white haze or most commonly known as scaling along with discoloration, algae formation, etc. are some common Pebble Tec problems.

Yes, all these problems can be solved pretty easily like maintaining the water chemistry of your swimming pool and so on.

So, in this article, I will talk about all these common problems of pools with Pebble Tec along with the solution to have a nice pool for you and your family to have endless fun.

Common Problems With Pebble Tec Pool

Pebble Tec problems

Briefly, let’s check those issues first:

  • Scaling
  • Discoloration
  • Rough Surface
  • Popping Up
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • High Maintenance

Apart from the above, there are some other issues. I will cover them all one by one in detail along with relevant solutions:

  • Scaling Problem (White Haze)

People notice this on their pool finish surfaces and it mainly happens due to poor water chemistry (improper pH level, calcium, alkalinity, etc.) of their pools.

The scale build-up will invite other problems. Yes, it can trap debris and dirt and worsen the discoloration of the finish. And to make it worse, they don’t offer removing scale in their warranty.

Now, you have two available methods to remove scale from your pool. The first option is you can go for the chemical treatment.

And the second one is you have to drain your pool first using a garden hose or pressure washer to remove the scale. Yes, you can find many authorized applicators for this purpose.

But regular maintenance like brushing the walls of your pool will keep the problem away for a long time.

  • Pebble Tec Discoloration Issue

This problem makes your pool unattractive sooner than you think! The pool surface can strain because the pool surface is basically porous.

Of course, improper water chemistry is also responsible but frequent straining can also mean the tiles were not installed properly.

You can acid wash your pool surface to remove any discolorations. As for preventive measures, regular testing and treatment of water are required.

Testing water at least once a week is a must and making the necessary adjustment is also recommended if water is found imbalanced.

  • Rough Surface
Pebble finish pool
Pebble Finish Pool

The surface of the Pebble Tec pool is rougher than plaster because of the exposed surface feature. You can blame the wrong installation for this problem (at least that’s what Pebble Tec claimed).

You can find lots of complaints saying the Pebble Tec surface is rough on foot. So, many people have to wear water shoes. Well, these are all true allegations.

But issues like excessive crazing, delamination, rising pH, and harsh environmental conditions will generate pitting and calcium nodules that in turn will cause the surface to become harsher.

To solve this problem, you can go for sanding, shaving, or acid washing. But if the roughness returns quickly, you need to replaster your pool.

  • Structural Cracks

I am not talking about basic surface cracks that might crop up. By structural cracks, I mean cracks in the pool shell. And it happens when you incorrectly design or construct your pool.

So, to withstand the expansive or unstable soil, your pool must be engineered properly and constructed exactly as it is designed.

Failure to engineer it correctly or construct it as per the design will result in leaking water from the pool and structural fail.

  • Surface Cracks

Some people also call these light surface cracks craze cracks. Craze cracks or surface cracks mainly happen due to shrinkage. Due to settling, you may have also noticed such cracks in the plaster of your home.

Among all the problems with Pebble Tec, surface cracks may not lead to water leaking. But you should repair it as soon as possible nonetheless.

Let me explain why.

Apart from the aesthetic reasons, if you leave those cracked surfaces untreated, it will lead to calcium nodules, foster algae, and staining. So, you should replaster FAST!

  • Spalling Issues

Another issue with Pebble Tec is the spalling problem where a thin layer of the plaster surface (1/8 inches or less) peels off like fruit skin from the bottom side.

Several factors may lead to this scenario like over-troweling the surface or making mistakes while troweling timely. If you add too much water while troweling, it can happen as well.

If the spalling has gone too far, you may have to replaster the entire affected area. Or you can simply sand the little spalled area.

  • Huge Cost

It’s a new craze and people are loving it despite having some issues. But Pebble finish pool is so much costly that not everyone has that kind of budget.

That’s probably another reason why pool owners with Pebble Tec finish get angry quickly whenever they notice a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What causes Pebble Tec to come off?

Over time, a smaller loss of pebbles is normal. During the initial curing process, some pebbles may come loose and it’s normal as well.

Is Pebble Tec rough on feet?

Yes, it can a bit rough on the feet if installed incorrectly.

Can you repair Pebble Tec underwater?

If you need a small repair, then you can repair it underwater. But most of cases, you need to drain your pool temporarily to make repairs.

How do you remove calcium deposits from a Pebble Tec pool?

You can use any stain remover or scale remover to get rid of calcium deposits. But if your pool has a tile or concrete surface, you can use a pumice stone to scrub the deposits off.

How much does it cost to repair Pebble Tec?

For simple resurfacing projects, it will cost you around $6K to $7K.

Is Pebble Tec worth the money?

It’s a new trend and more expensive than traditional plastering. But if you consider the longevity and the unique ability to hide the chemical residue of your pool, it’s completely worth your money.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the Pebble Tec problems discourage you. The main purpose of writing this article is to make you informed about this pool.

But if you become proactive regarding maintenance and repairs just like any of your structural properties, you can still give your family the endless joy of having a pool.

And don’t forget the potential increase in the property value!

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