Why Are Under Cabinet Can Openers So Expensive Yet You Need One?

They have improved a lot over the past few years and you can do more than just one job ‘can opening’. With improvement comes increased cost!

Apart from that, there are some good reasons why are under cabinet can openers so expensive and I will talk about it in this article.

Stay with me for a while…

Reasons Why Can Openers Are Costly

Well, you are not talking about the traditional can openers you used to see at your grandpa’s house. A lot has changed and improved since then. 

The price tag of under cabinet can openers are so high because of the following reasons: 

  • The Smart Operation 
Black & Decker Spacemaker Under Cabinet Electric Can Opener
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If you compare these modern can openers with the traditional ones, you will see a big difference. Modern can openers offer hands-free operation and this feature is just great to have.

Just place the can in the right position and the can opener will do the rest! That’s the beauty of electric under cabinet can openers!

You will feel its importance only when if it would be absent. It’s just convenient not to have to hold down the can while opening it.

Besides, the hands-free operation, some of them even come with an automatic shutdown feature for better safety in the kitchen!

  • Space-saving Design

The sleek design of these can openers is not what they used to be either. They have a smart and compact design just so that you have a little more space in the kitchen.

No matter how confined space you got there, you can install and maintain them easily. And don’t forget, you can find some under counter can openers that you can install in other places in the kitchen too.

Yes, saving space on your counter is the whole point of having the under cabinet version of such can openers but the compact design of this multi-tool is something you need to praise.

  • Versatile Usages

Today’s can openers just don’t open cans. They do many things like knife sharpening, cutting shopping bags, opening bottles, and so on. 

And there is no size limit of cans too. You can open all the smaller and larger cans easily.

So, you are not just paying for the can openers, you are paying for a multi-tool that can perform more jobs than their traditional counterparts.

  • Made of Quality Materials

That’s what plays the key role in determining the price of the can opener. Usually, they have a stainless steel structure and it’s a must to make them out of stainless steel to make them durable.

  • Easily Maintenance

Life in the kitchen is already tiresome. Cleaning the can openers should be easy and certainly NOT difficult.

No one complained about having difficulty cleaning theirs under-counter or cabinet can openers. And there won’t be any rust or anything from cleaning them using harsh cleaning agents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How expensive are can openers?

The price range of can openers is from $10 to $40 depending on many factors.

Do they make under cabinet can openers?

In fact, there are plenty of multi-purpose under cabinet can openers are out there but my personal favorite is The BLACK+DECKER™SPACEMAKER™.

Does Black and Decker still make can openers?

Yes, and their can openers are widely available across the country.

Do electric can openers have knife sharpeners?

Yes, and not just knife sharpeners; they are packed with various other features to make your hectic life a lot easier.

Who makes the best quality can opener?

A few renowned brands like OXO, EZ-DUZ-IT, Kuhn Rikon, and U.S. Shelby Co., etc. make some best quality can openers.

Final Thoughts

I tried to explain why are under counter can openers so expensive and why they still worth the price considering how easy they make our life in the kitchen.

And they last for a long time! So, this cost will pay off nicely for many years to come. There are plenty of them. Many of them are cheap. 

Get any of your favorites under cabinet can opener within your budget.

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  1. I had one for years and it did the same things that they do now and I paid $49.00 plus tax , vs a counter top that was and is about $30. The truth is that the want to charge more because they can. but when B&D loses their patent there will be a bunch of china made knock off on amazon.

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