Pool Ground Cloth Vs. Tarp: Which One To Use For Your Pool?

It is indeed a difficult job to find the perfect cloth protector for your above-ground swimming pool. Often owners of the pools cannot decide which material to use above and which to use below the pool.

Although tarp clothes were initially designed to be used above the pool and the pool ground clothes were meant to be used at the bottom of the pool, they are both used below the pool as a cloth protector of the pool.

There is always an ongoing debate on pool ground cloth vs. tarp. So, let us explore both types of clothes to understand which one is best for which part of the pool.

Before exploring different types of uses of these clothes, let us know about the clothes and their uses in detail. This will help us judge which one to use below the pool or above.

Differences Between Pool Ground Cloth And Tarp

pool ground cloth vs. tarp

Here are some brief differences between the two:

Pool Ground ClothTarp
Made of durable materials.Made of canvas and polyesters.
Offer better protection.Offer bare minimum protection.
Offers protection for the pool liner base only.Multi-functional. Offers protection for both above and below the pools.

There is a huge debate whether to use pool ground cloth or tarp at the bottom of the swimming pool. This difference in opinion comes from various situations at hand.

Some owners think about efficiency, and some consider cost-effectiveness. Again, another debate arises due to the difference in grounds for the installations of the swimming pools.

Firstly, tarps are multifunctional and can be used both above and below the pools. It can also be used for protecting other outdoor things from wind, rain, or heat.

On the other hand, pool ground clothes are only used for the protection of pool liners at the base. It cannot serve any other purposes of the household as the tarp does.

That is why many owners think that tarps are more useful and efficient than pool ground clothes. In fact, it’s better than most other interlocking foam mats under the pool.

But on the contrary, there remains another debate if the tarp sheets are more efficient than the pool ground clothes or not. Here, the ground on which the above-ground swimming pool is placed plays a vital role.

Although tarps are efficient, they can’t perform efficiently in an uneven base. An uneven ground comes with many lumps or bumps.

The lumps underneath the pools are still there, and one can feel them while they are inside the pool. That is why some owners do not recommend using tarps for the base at all.

In such a debate, pool ground cloth wins the battle.

So, both tarps and pool ground clothes have the same thing to offer, but different situations make owners choose either.

The owner of an uneven platform for the pool might consider using pool ground cloth. In contrast, the owner of a good platform for the pool might consider using tarps.

It is basically the type of grounds that need to be considered while choosing the type of protectors for the pool liners at the bottom of the swimming pool.

What is Pool Ground Cloth?

pool ground cloth

Pool ground clothes are made of durable materials such as polyethylene, primarily manufactured for the protection of the bottom of the pool.

The bottom of the pool might get damaged or leaked due to seasonal changes ( heavy rainfall or snow, dryness, etc.), uneven platforms, unwanted creepers or algae, etc.

Other than swimming pools, these mats or clothes can be very useful for spa tubs. Usually, the pool ground clothes come with the pool set, but it is always better to buy them from outside vendors for longer use.

Is Pool Ground Cloth Suitable for Swimming Pools?

Above-ground swimming pools come with a variety of problems. It is also very hard for the owners to maintain the pool as it comes with responsibilities and also a great deal of maintenance cost.

That is why the base of the pool must be a good one in order to protect it from any circumstances.

Pool ground clothes come in handy with the pool set as the extra layer of protection for your pool liners. Usually, the ones provided when you purchase the whole pool sets are not as efficient.

Sand or soil is still considered a better substitute for the base of a pool rather than the pool ground cloth. But other than the ones that come with the pool set, pool ground clothes can be found separately in the market.

These ground clothes have much thicker layers that can be used over the base.

You may look around for opinions and reviews from the owners of above-ground swimming pools who also use pool ground cloth.

This is because pool ground clothes are available in different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The thickness of the cloth is a significant factor in making the differences of opinion.

What Is A Tarp?

tarp for pool

The tarp is a type of large sheet that protects the covered material from water and fire. It is made of strong and durable materials, helping it survive any kind of damages caused by water or fire.

These sheets or clothes are very flexible and robust. Therefore, they are ideal even if you are willing to protect yourself from damaging elements.

They have a thick layer over their body, so anything under them is easily untouched by outside elements.

A tarp sheet is used for different reasons in different places.

You can see these sheets being used during camping to make tents, construction of buildings to avoid damages of the raw materials due to heat or water, and protecting the swimming pools as a pool liner or cover.

Is Tarp Suitable for Swimming Pools?

If you wonder what to put under above ground pool on grass, you should pay attention here. The tarp is widely used in both below and above ground swimming pools.

As a covering for the swimming pool, a tarp is one of the best options recommended by its users as heat, water, or unwanted creepers or algae cannot penetrate it and enter the pool.

A tarp can also be used as the base of the swimming pool, although not many of the users recommend using a tarp in the bottom. As it is multifunctional, many owners find it helpful to use.

The tarp is a strong and flexible sheet, and to some extent, it works as an excellent base for the swimming pool.

But sometimes, due to the uneven platforms of the pool, the tarp may prevent any leakage or damages, but the lumps are still there. You may sometimes feel the lumps of the uneven ground through the tarp.

The use of tarp also has many differences in its user opinions. Some might tell you tarps are better than pool ground clothes, and some might not.

Some ground might be even, and some might not be. Again, some might tell you tarps are better in case of functionality, which would only be true if your pool is placed on an even ground.

This difference is seen due to different types of grounds or platforms for the pool. So, this causes a variety of opinions among users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a pool ground cloth the same as a tarp?

No. Pool ground cloth is made of durable materials and designed to place beneath the pool for better protection. On the other hand, tarps are made of tarpaulin material.

Should you put a tarp under your pool?

Yes, you should put a tarp under your pool for minimum protection but only when you don’t have a better alternative.

Does my pool need a ground cloth?

Yes, your pool needs a ground cloth as a base layer. From interlocking foam mats to tarp, it could be anything.

What is a ground cloth for a pool?

It protects the bottom of your pool liner from various ground particles. It also helps to avoid debris from getting into the pool when someone gets in or out.

Final Words

To make a choice between pool ground cloth vs. tarp, you simply need to judge the positioning of your pool.

If your ground is uneven, you must leave the idea of using tarps and use pool ground cloths or a layer of sand instead.

If your ground is perfectly even, you have the leverage to use any of these but be careful about the thickness if you are using pool ground clothes.

This is how you can decide which pool line protector fits the best for your above-ground swimming pool.

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