Gordon’s LV 400 Vs. Amine 400: Key Differences And Usage

Weeds are a huge problem for our precious gardens and lawns. Fortunately, herbicides are a simple solution to get rid of them. But not all herbicides can work in the same conditions.

Gordon’s LV 400 and Amine 400 are well-known herbicides that are used by people all over the country. Using herbicides without knowing their differences can prove to be harmful.

So, in this article, we shall end Gordon’s LV 400 vs. Amine 400 debate.

LV 400 And Amine 400 Differences

LV 400 vs. Amine 400

The LV 400 and Amine 400 are different types of herbicides intended for different use cases. We have discussed the basic properties of the two herbicides.

If you are wondering what is the difference between Amine 400 and LV 400, you will find the answer here.

The dissimilarities between LV 400 and Amine 400 are mainly due to their different compositions.

The main differences between these two herbicides can be summarized in the following 3 points.

  • Chemical structure
  • Usage temperature
  • External factors

Let us see how these three matters influence the LV 400 and Amine 400.

  • Chemical Structure

The main difference between the two herbicides arises from the difference between their chemical structures. Gordon’s LV 400 is essentially an ester-based herbicide solution.

On the other hand, Amine 400 is a water-based amine solution that is used as a herbicide.

The ester-based LV 400 is more volatile than the Amine 400. Amines are less soluble in the plant body. Due to their higher solubility, esters can act on weeds more efficiently than amines.

That’s why the LV 400 can kill the weeds between grasses without harming the grass.

The Amine 400 is water-soluble. So, it can be mixed with other products. The LV 400 cannot be mixed with other solutions. LV 400 has higher vapor pressure compared to the Amine 400.

These are the main chemical differences between them.

  • Usage Temperature

Temperature is one of the main differentiating factors of LV 400 and Amine 400. Esters are more volatile, so they don’t work as well when the temperature is very high.

Amines can work in relatively higher temperatures due to being less volatile.

Gordon’s LV 400 is used when the temperature is below 60° F. In the cooler months of the year, you should use the LV 400. If you use ester-based herbicides at too high temperatures, it may cause harm to the grass and work poorly.

The Amine 400 should be used when the temperature is between 60° F and 90° F. The warmer months are suitable periods to apply Amine 400.

So, the temperature should be considered when applying herbicides.

  • External Factors

Factors such as wind drift, wind direction, pressure, and usage area can greatly influence the ability of herbicides. If the usage area has heavy drifts, then the Amine 400 should be used.

If the area has high pressure, Amine 400 is suitable.

For grasslands, LV 400 is more efficient. When there is too much wind speed, the application of herbicide should be paused.

It can be said that whether you need the LV 400 or the Amine 400 depends on the factors of your location.

Different times of the year demand different herbicides. Proper timing is a driving factor for the effective use of herbicides.

If the temperature or pressure is too high, neither herbicide will work. Keep these things in mind when choosing herbicides.

Basic Properties of Gordon’s LV 400 and Amine 400 Herbicides

To distinguish between the two types of fertilizers, you have to know the basic properties of Gordon’s LV 400 and Amine 400.

Let us discuss the properties and use cases of these two herbicides.

Gordon’s LV 400

Gordon’s LV 400

Gordon’s LV 400 is classified as a “solvent-free weed killer concentration”. It is well known and used by professionals and gardeners.

The company claims that it can kill over 90 types of broadleaf weeds. Our testing has proved that it can control almost all the common weeds properly.

The LV 400 is a liquid herbicide concentration. It is usable in small to large-sized gardens, lawns, pastures, and grasslands. It can kill weeds while leaving the grass untouched.

Chemically, the LV 400 is an ester-based solution. That is why Gordon’s LV 400 is absorbed quickly by plants. The LV 400 is best used when the temperature is lower than 60° F. It does not perform properly in warmer climates.

The temperature is an important factor for herbicides. During March, April and May, the weather is cooler. This is the proper usage period for ester-based herbicides such as LV 400.

The optimum working temperature of Gordon’s LV 400 should be mentioned in the label.

Gordon’s Amine 400

Gordon’s Amine 400

Gordon’s Amine 400 is a water-based herbicide concentration. It is effective on small weeds and weeds that are still growing.

The Amine 400 can be mixed with other solutions to increase its effectiveness.

The Amine 400 can be used in lawns, pastures, crops such as corn, and ornamental gardens. It has been tested to control nearly 90 types of weeds. It is to be applied two times per year.

The Amine 400 is chemically an amine and water solution. Amine solutions can be used in temperatures higher than 60° F and lower than 90° F.

Generally, amine-based herbicides are used in larger land areas where wind speed is a problem.

Amine 400 cannot selectively attack the weeds while leaving out the grass. It is less soluble in plants because they are highly soluble in water.

The Amine 400 is preferable to use in the warmer months of the year. Different solutions of the Amine 400 can enhance its usage or effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does LV 400 kill?

Being phenoxy type herbicide, it can kill almost all the broadleaf weeds.

Does amine 400 kill clover?

Yes, amine 400 can kill clover.

What is amine 400 used for?

Amine 400 is used to control all the unwanted broadleaf weeds.

How long does it take amine 400 to dry?

It can take up to 6 to 8 hours to dry after the application.


The Gordon’s LV 400 vs. Amine 400 argument is a long-running one. However, it is true that using either one exclusively will not yield good results.

To properly use these herbicides, you must know what sets them apart.

Your land is precious to you, and you want to keep it free from weeds. Only by utilizing the proper use of Gordon’s LV 400 and Amine 400 can you achieve the ideal result.

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