Big Dog Zero Turn Mower Reviews: Is It Any Good And Worth It?

Are you tired of how unruly your lawn looks? Want to make your backyard look nicer? Well, you need the right tool for the job, and there is no better tool than a Big Dog Zero Turn Mower.

Big Dog is a brand specializing in lawn mowers for both home and commercial use. No matter what the use, Big Dog has you covered. This article will go over some Big Dog zero turn mower reviews.

Get a cup of coffee and spend some time reading this article before you decide to buy your mower.

Big Dog Mowers: An Overview

Big Dog zero turn mower reviews

Before we move on to product reviews and such, it is best if you have a clear idea about the product and what it is capable of delivering. That will help you make better use of the reviews.

A zero-turn mower is essentially a regular mower but has the ability to maneuver extremely well. As the name suggests, a zero turn mower essentially has a zero turning radius.

The two drive wheels rotate in different directions to allow this.

Big Dog has a wide range of zero turn mowers at its disposal. Some notable models include the Rex, Alpha, Blackjack, etc. They come with a variety of engines with different capacities as well as a lot of features.

Big Dog caters to both home and commercial buyers. Their wide portfolio has something for everyone’s needs. No matter what you go for, you can go for expert craftsmanship.

Nimble and Nice: The Design

A key highlighting feature of Big Dog Zero Turn mowers is the unique designs that they feature. Almost all the models are designed very thoughtfully to evoke a sense of craftsmanship fitting of a product like this.

The Big Dog zero turn mowers all come with reinforced steel decks in various sizes for almost unmatched durability. The whole deck is foot-operated for extra flexibility and ease of control.

The frame is fully tubular and welded, adding to durability under any conditions. There is comfortable padded seating in all the models, adding to the user-friendly design.

The overall heft of the mower can be quite a bit heavier than many of the lightweight competitors, which are more mobile. But this heft comes with the added durability that is much needed in high-performance machinery.

The designs of Big Dog Zero Turn mowers can be described as contemporary and modern while retaining the basics.

Miraculously Mobile: Features and Handling

are Big Dog zero turn mowers any good

This is arguably where Big Dog Zero Turn mowers shine the most. The concept of zero turn mowers was developed by them.

The idea is to eliminate a turning radius while operating the mower. This makes the job of maneuvering the mower a lot easier.

The steering wheel allows you to rotate the two drive wheels in the completely opposite direction.

While this takes some getting used to, the process is seamless once you get the hang of it.

You can turn your mower at any point and operate a lot easier on your lawn or field.

Find cleaning and changing blades in your mower a hassle? The Big Dog Zero Turn mowers like the Blackjack come with a push-button deck lift.

With the press of a single button, the hydraulic deck will lift itself, and you can mow any lawn or field much more easily and in less time.

Some of the high-end models even come with a removable floor pan. This makes the job of maintenance much easier. If something breaks, you can access and fix things conveniently.

The mowers come equipped with LED lights, an hour meter, and several other improvements. These small features actually go a long way towards making your day-to-day experience operating the mower better.

Bigger and Beefier: Power and Engine

All the design elements and convenient features boil down to one aspect in the end – the power unit running it all. The engine is very important in any mower.

It powers the whole machine and dictates how fast and efficiently you can operate on the whole thing.

Thankfully, Big Dog Zero Turn mowers have powerful Kawasaki engines across their models. Kawasaki engines are known for their reliability and power. The power is also delivered efficiently with minimal loss.

Not all the versions of mowers are fitted with the same engine, of course. Depending on the model of mower you choose, you will get between a 15-24 hp Kawasaki engine on its home mowers.

Commercial mowers come in higher-spec versions with better engines.

All that horsepower is good for anything up to 8mph mowing speed. That is a remarkable performance for machines of this class.

You can get your job done very quickly and save a lot of time even when you’re working in a large area.

Worry Free: Warranty and Reliability

An important factor during any purchase is the consideration of after-sales service. Is the machine reliable? Will it be feasible to fix it if something goes wrong? How long will the warranty cover me?

When you are buying a Big Dog zero turn mower, you can rest easy. Big Dog is known for its reliability. All the components are built to last and withstand difficult conditions.

From the engine to the reinforced deck, everything is solidly built.

If something does go wrong, however, the warranty has you covered. All the Big Dog Zero Turn mowers come with a 7 years/ 500 miles warranty.

This is enough to keep your needs covered for years at an end. Just take your mower to a service center, and they will fix the problem.

Now, before I wrap it up, I want you to watch this great video review on this mower.


So, are Big Dog zero turn mowers any good?

Look, there are quite a lot of mowers in the market. Many of them are even pretty enticing due to the fancy features.

However, reliability and performance are two key areas in any mower, and Big Dog zero turn mower excels in both areas.

Without the right information, it can be quite difficult for you to be fully convinced about a brand or its products.

So, yes, you will be very satisfied with a Big Dog Zero Turn mower, however, as long as you take good care of it.

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  1. Big Dog Alpha is a champ. Cut down the mowing time on my 1 acre lot by half. Why did I ever wait so long to purchase???

  2. Pile of Junk!! Decks rot, and the company runs from their warranty coverage! They are lucky they have a Kawasaki power unit to push this garbage mower around!!

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