Celebration Bermuda grass vs. Tifway 419: Main Differences And Features

If you are thinking of getting Bermuda grass to set up your lawn, then it’s a great choice to go with. However, the difficulty arises in choosing the right kind of Bermuda grass.

Among different choices, the Celebration Bermuda grass vs. Tifway 419 decision is a tough one for sure.

That’s why to ease the choice; I am here with all the things you need to know about these Bermuda grass types. This will surely help you choose the one for your needs.

Let’s get going then.

Differences Between Tifway 419 And Celebration Bermuda Grass

Celebration Bermuda grass vs. Tifway 419

Even though both the grasses types come from the Bermuda grass family, there are slight differences between them. These differences may affect which one you choose for your lawn.

So, let’s check them out one by one.

  • Texture

Both these kinds of grass have their unique texture for the grass feel. With Tifway 419, you will get a bit finer texture that feels slightly different on your feet.

On the other hand, Celebration grasses come with a much softer texture that feels very good when you walk barefooted on them.

Either way, both the texture types have their benefits and drawbacks; it will come down to what you like in your grass.

  • Resistance

It’s essential to consider the resistance of your grass to a different aspect. While both these grass types come with good resistance to weather, insect, and damage, one is just better than the other.

First of all, Tifway 419 has excellent resistance to weeds, wear, insects, and viruses.

Also, they can quickly recover from any damages or injuries, which makes them a perfect choice for sports fields. However, they don’t have the best tolerance for shade.

Whereas, Celebration is supposed to be the best grass for shade tolerance. Along with that, it also comes with excellent drought tolerance, weed resistance, and insect tolerance.

So, if you want to choose one based on resistance and tolerance, Celebration would be a great pick.

Also, if you have a lawn or yard with a too much-shaded area, I think Celebration is the only way to go.

  • Appearance

In terms of appearance, both kinds of grass come with their unique color shades. So, you can choose one based on what you like to see more.

The Tifway 419 usually comes with a lighter shade of green with a fine texture. Even though many people will prefer a darker shade of green on their lawn, some may also like the lime green shade.

Also, they can feel a bit flimsy in some cases, which you should be aware of before getting them.

As for the Celebration grass, you get a nice bluish-green color on the grasses that make your lawn look more appealing.

It also has a soft texture that, paired up with the green color, becomes the perfect combo on your lawn. Watch the visual differences between the two.

  • Cost

Let’s get real here; Celebration grass seems to be the better choice between the two. But the cost of the grass is where people will have a hard time choosing one of them.

Tifway 419 doesn’t cost you that much to even cover up your whole yard or lawn. On the other hand, you will have to pay twice as much to get the job done with Celebration grass.

So, it comes down to quality over price when choosing one between these two kinds of grass.

As you can see, there are several differences between these grasses that can matter when buying one. So, if you are still having some difficulty choosing one, here is how you can decide.

  • First, you have to consider your budget. If your budget is good enough, you can go with Celebration grasses. But if it’s tight, you have to stick to Tifway 419.
  • The second question will be, is Celebration grass worth it for your need? Now, for that, you have to consider your preferences. If you want a deep greener looking grass with a softer texture and have a shaded lawn, then it’s completely worth it.

If you are still having trouble, then another solution is to mix Tifway 419 and Celebration.

You can do it yourself through some research, or you can opt for professionals to get the job done on your lawn.


In short, choosing the right one between Celebration Bermuda grass and Tifway 419 isn’t that difficult. Because in most of the aspects Celebration is a superior grass than Tifway 419.

Except, they come at a high price which is the dictating factor of deciding on these grasses. Also, if you are choosing Celebration grass, you have to make sure if they are worth it for your lawn or not.

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