Cheaper Alternative To California Closets: Are They Worth It?

For people with a tight budget, California closets may not be an option. In fact, the cost is so high that many people are looking for a cheaper alternative to California closets.

Of course, in terms of quality and durability, these alternative closets won’t be the same as California closets. But in terms of finishes and functionality, they are pretty much the same.

So, stay with me for a while, and let’s see what you can get instead of pricey California closets.

Affordable California Closet Alternatives

California Closet Alternatives

Here is a list of its close but affordable alternatives:

  • IKEA Closet
  • EasyClosets
  • Closet Factory
  • Closet Shelving
  • ClosetMaid
  • Solid Wood Closet Systems
  • Container Store Closet System

Both Inspired closets and California closets are expensive. If you have that kind of budget, get any one of them.

But if you don’t want to break your bank account, you can still have a great closet within your budget. Let’s check a few of them one by one:

  • IKEA Closet

In contrast to most popular beliefs, IKEA closets are not so bad in terms of quality, durability, and functionalities. Read some reviews and read some threads on forums, you will understand what I am talking about.

Their closet collection is insanely large and there is no doubt that you will find you desired one.

From Walk-in wardrobes to Wardrobe shelving, Hallway wardrobes, Sliding wardrobes, Hinged wardrobes, Corner wardrobes, Mirrored wardrobes, Children’s wardrobes, Fitted wardrobes, Open wardrobes, and Solitaire wardrobes – your options are just vast!

You can even design your own closet through the IKEA PAX closet system.

But the most interesting thing about IKEA closets is that they will cost you half the cost of a California closet! To me, it’s a great alternative.

  • EasyClosets

You can design your own closet and get it done within a lot less budget than a California closet. You don’t have to be too creative either. Their website is very intuitive with lots of explanatory videos.

If confused, you can also talk to them for professional design help. To me, it sounds a good deal!

  • Elfa Closet

It functions almost like the EasyClosets. Meaning you can design your own closet and get it down within your budget.

They have ready-made closets too. You can get it from their website or you can look for a container store closet system for that purpose.

You can turn any unused space into your own walk-in closet or any design you prefer. It’s great for people who want to match the style of their home interior design.

And no, you won’t need a big fat budget to get your closet either.

  • ClosetMaid

Apart from ready-made affordable closets, you can design your own closet as per your own requirement too. I have read great positive reviews about ClosetMaid and I am confident you will love it!

You can design your own without help from others or you can take professional help to design it for you. No matter what the case, it will cost way lower than the California closets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of Closets By Design?

It varies but the average cost of Closets By Design is between $3,000–$5,000. But for a basic closet system, it will cost you $1,000 on average.

How much does Easy Closets cost?

For only $750, you can get a reach-in closet. For $1,500, you can get a custom walk-in closet.

Are closets by Design worth it?

A custom closet is just great only for your own but for your home value too. So, yes, Closets By Design is worth it.

Are Elfa closets worth it?

For any custom closet, the price tag is hefty! But Elfa closets can offer the same custom design within a much affordable budget.

Final Thoughts

I have no beef against California closets apart from being too expensive. They are definitely the best in terms of durability and quality.

But the cheaper alternative to California closets as mentioned above is doing great too. Do your research to pick the right alternative.

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